We transform the way people are matched to jobs

Our machine learning technology matches applicants to jobs and jobs to applicants. Sold via API, it helps recruitment platforms provide advanced scoring and matching capabilities.

Marlowe API

Meet Marlowe: our AI-fueled wingman

Tired of manually assessing candidate profiles? Let Marlowe do the work for you. Marlowe adds analysis and scoring capabilities to your ATS, saving you time and neurons.

What Marlowe Does


Our recommendation engine uses machine learning to understand the match between people and jobs. It analyses and scores profiles and the more you interact with it, the smarter it gets.


Looking at past education, positions and experience, Marlowe provides a high-level summary of a candidate's fit, quickly allowing you to narrow down your search.

Go beyond
the CV

Hiring for a position you're not familiar with? No problem. By analysing millions of candidates in similar positions, Marlowe provides insights based on industry trends and transferable skills.

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