A job recommendation engine, via API

We match people to jobs, and provide it as a service. Whether you are looking for applicants to your jobs, or jobs for your applicants, our algorithms are being trained on data streaming in from partners all over the globe.

Marlowe API

Intelligent talent recommendations, integrated into your ATS

Create a new position in your ATS. Let our recommendation engine provide an automated evaluation of applicants.

Use cases


Create a new position in your ATS and let our recommendation engine analyse and score your profiles. As you start interacting with our algorithm, it gets smarter and is able to understand your preferences.


We dig up actionable insights on applicants. Looking at education, positions and experience, you get a high-level, descriptive summary of their fit, based on industry trends and transferable skills.

Go beyond
the CV

Which experience is really relevant and what skills are not listed? By analyzing millions of candidates in similar positions, our recommendations are based on insights far beyond a traditional profile.

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