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The Best 11X4X4 Tire

What is the most frequently searched 11X4X4 Tire on the market? 

Concerned about 11X4X4 tires sold overflowing in the market? Worried about the true quality of each item? The 11X4X4 Tires mentioned below may partially resolve your commonly-found concern.

 11X4X4 Tires for no-turn lawn mowers require vehicle weight support, withstand shock in the road, transmit traction and brakes to the road surface and maintain and change travel direction. The tires are made of elastic rubber and filled with compressed air to perform these four basic functions. However, over time, wear and tear occur, the preparation of spare tires or replacement tires is essential. 

11X4X4 Tires are pneumatic tires of choice as a low risk and economical solution for lawnmowers. With the increasing demand for high-performance vehicles, more complex performance and function tires are currently under development.

The Best 11X4X4 Tire of May 2021 – Reviews and Top Rated

Rank No. #1
Stens Tire 160-015 11x4.00-4 Turf Rider 2-Ply
  • Package length:12.0 cm
  • Package width:29.4 cm
  • Package height:31.4 cm
  • Puncture resistant for durability
Rank No. #2
Wingsmoto 4.10/3.50-4 Inner Tube TR87 Bent Stem Also Fits 11X4.00-4, 4.10-4 Tire
  • Brand New 4.10/3.50-4 Inner Tube with TR87 Bent Stem
  • Can Also Fits 4.10/3.50-4, 4.10-4 and 11X4.00-4 Tire
  • This inner tube is made of isobutylene isoprene rubber, which is better in air tightness, elastic damping and aging resistance than natural rubber.
  • Package includes: 1 x Inner Tube
  • Easy to install, take off old one, bolt on tire and inner tube, good to go
Rank No. #3
(Set of 2) 11x4.00-5 Tires & 5.25 Kubota Orange Wheels 4 Ply for Lawn & Garden Mower
  • Tire size:11x4.00-5
  • 5x2.5 Kubota Orange Wheel
  • 4 Ply - tubeless - non-directional
  • PSI: 46 Max Load: 325 lbs.
  • Tire OD: 11 Tire SW: 4; Bearing ID will fit a 5/8" shaft
Rank No. #4
(Set of 2) Hustler Pneumatic Tire Assemblies 11x4.00-5 Fits Raptor and Sport 605133
  • Tire size:11x4.00-5 Smooth ATW-008
  • 5x3 Hustler Chrome Silver Wheel; Hub length: 4.62; Bore ID: .759
  • 4 Ply - tubeless - non-directional
  • PSI: 46 Max Load: 325 lbs.
  • Tire OD: 10.9 Tire SW: 4.05
Rank No. #5
Set of 2 Tire Inner Tubes, 4.10/3.50-5 11x4.00-5 Lawn and Garden, Utility Tire Inner Tube TR87 Bent Metal Valve Stem
  • Set of 2 inner tubes
  • Fits tire sizes 4.10/3.50-5, 4.10-5, 3.50-5, 11x4.00-5
  • For use in wheelbarrows, garden and utility carts, lawn mowers, tractors, hand trucks, trailers, dollies, trolleys, wagons, generators, snow blowers, pressure washers, air compressors, wood chippers and more
  • Made with premium-quality butyl rubber. Heavy duty and durable. TR87 bent metal valve stem
  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. Made in Indonesia.
SaleRank No. #6
Antego Tire & Wheel (Set of 2) Gravely/Ariens Pneumatic 11x4.00-5 Light Gray Assys Replaces 07100124 Fits ZT, ZT XL, ZT X, Zoom, Zoom XL
  • Wheel Size: 5x3 ** Color: Ariens Light Gray ** Overall Hub Length: 4.88” ** Sleeve Id .531” ** Sleeve length 5” ** Bearing Style: .75” precision ball bearing
  • Tire Size: 11x4.00-5 ** Smooth Tubeless ** OD 10.9” ** SW 4.05” ** Max Load: 325 lbs. ** Psi 46
  • Just make the purchase of these assemblies and slide off your old and slide on the new. Easy.
Rank No. #7
(2-Pcs-Set) New 11x4.00-5 Flat-Free Lawn Mower Smooth Tires w/Steel Rim for Zero Turn Lawn Mower Garden Tractor - hub 3"-5" with 3/4" Or 5/8" Bore 114005 T161
  • These tires are Premium classics! They are intended as replacement residential riding lawn mower tires and are turf friendly which make them versatile in both application and fitment. In addition these tires can also be used on other applications such as golf carts and tractors.
  • Save both time and money with reliable, bulletproof HORSESHOE solid flat-free tires. Flat-free tires keep your equipment rolling over the toughest conditions any jobsite can throw at you, eliminating costly and inconvenient flat tires.
  • These flat-free tires are non marking and have the bounce and feel of pneumatic tires without ever getting flat. Load handling characteristics are similar to air-filled tires, except now troublesome flat tires are a thing of the past.
  • Lightweight, solid flat-free tire is mounted onto a 5in. steel rim, with 3in hub via attached metal spacers (4X0.5" + 1x0.25") to create 3.25in., and up to 5in. hubs length. This is the perfect replacement tire for lawn mowers — performs like an air tire with NO FLATS!
  • Before ordering - please read through all our pictures and description to confirm all dimensions (tire size, hub length and axle size) required by your device against wrong purchase & return.
Rank No. #8
Antego Set of Two 11x4.00-5 4 Ply Turf Tires for Lawn & Garden Mower 11x4-5
  • Size: 11x4.00-5
  • 4 Ply - Tubeless - non-directional
  • Industry Standard Smooth Tread
  • Tire Pressure 46 psi / Max Load: 325 lbs. / Rim Size: 5x3
  • OD: 10.55" / SW: 3.94"
Rank No. #10
Trac Gard N766 TURF Lawn and Garden Tire - 11X4.00-4 B/4-Ply
  • Extensive fitment range for today's most popular specialty equipment
  • All purpose tread design makes the N766 versatile-both on and off pavement and turf
  • Heavy duty 4 P.R.-rating helps resist punctures, extends service time, and carries heavier loads

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Marathon 11×4.00-5″ Flat Free Tire – the perfect choice for your lawnmower                         

The first product that we want to recommend to the consumer is a tire made by Marathon. The product is suitable for a wide range of zero-turn lawnmowers.

Marathon tires are made of solid, smooth polyurethane foam with no tread. The maximum load is confirmed by the manufacturer at a fairly high level, up to 300lb. The tire is backed by high-strength steel gold with 1/2 “ball bearings and high quality, durable bushing.

This design makes the process of converting sliding friction into rolling friction of the product more easily, reducing friction when moving, ensuring machine operation in a more convenient way. The manufacturer recommends that consumers not use this tire at high speed on the highway.

Another noteworthy point is the product’s high bounce, along with its ability to handle loads and never falls flat.

It is suggested by those who already bought the product that buyers should check their existing tire and wheel specifications to ensure the absolute fit.


  • Lightweight and durable 
  • The tire is slippery
  • Large bearing and bearings
  • Completely affordable


  • Only sell one piece separately


Customers are supposed to be satisfied with the product. Remember to make sure whatever purpose you are going to use it for; you should carefully check the product’s compatibility with your vehicle. 

 MaxAuto 11x4X4 Tires – Lawn & Garden Tire

The next set of tires on the list comes from MaxAuto, available in the market for the first time in 2019. The MaxAuto brand is a famous brand in the production of specialized tires, so you can put your trust in this product. 

This tire is used to run on lawn and garden with a maximum load of 215 lbs.

The product has a unique pattern design, promising to bring many effective uses. The treads increase the friction of the tire and the ground and do not cause slipperiness when the consumer is operating the machinery while reducing the noise generated by the tire, enhancing comfort. This design also works to cool the tires, drain water and significantly improve the vehicle’s handling performance.

The company also claims its tires are made up of a special rubber formula that is more resistant to wears, aging, and heat than other tire brands.

One point to keep in mind when choosing this product is that the supplier will send you tubeless and wheelless tires.


  • Durable
  • Good resistance to abrasion, aging, and heat
  • Unique design
  • Sold in pairs
  • Reasonable price


  • None


  • This will be a tire product that makes you satisfied both in appearance and quality. Remember to carefully check the specs before adding them to your shopping cart.

MARASTAR Smooth Universal Mower Tire Assembly – an ideal selection for your vehicle.

This is a product from MARASTAR for the purpose of replacing lawn mower front tires. Designs of the product are created with the primary purpose of providing bounce and load capacity. The wheels are made of solid gray with a 3.4 inch Centered Hub and 3/4 “iron bushings.

The outstanding point is in the versatile converter with nylon pads, steel washers and 2 layers inside the tire that bring the load-bearing capacity of this product up to 300 lb.

The air-filled tires maintain stable tire pressure, increasing the tire’s sensitivity when you have to overcome obstacles, thus maintaining tire durability.

This MARASTAR tire is not recommended for highway use.


  • Lightweight, durable
  • Flat tire
  • Integrated adapter to accommodate alternative hub lengths
  • Use bearing steel rim


  • None 


  • The product is a low-cost, hassle-free option for you to repair or replace your lawn mower tires. Remember to prioritize checking product compatibility.

Universal Fit Flat Free 11×4.00-5 Lawn Mower Tire – another option comes from MARASTAR

The final product that we suggest in this article is an item from MARASTAR. The product is sold in pairs, making it more cost-effective than buying it individually.

This is still the company’s trademark pneumatic tire. The product continues to inherit the design and useful functions as mentioned above.

The wheels are composed of high-strength black steel with a central hub and high-load bearing bushes. A versatile convertible is still incorporated in this tire version, including iron bushings, nylon gaskets, and steel washers, increasing compatibility with zero-turn riders while increasing sharpness and responsiveness and durability for tires. The load capacity of this tire is maintained by MARASTAR at 300 lb thanks to the lightweight flat free design mounted on a high-load steel rim with ball bearing or bushing.

Use for highways is prohibited in this product.


  • Completely affordable
  • High load capacity
  • Optimal bounce
  • Suitable for a wide variety of non-turn lawn mowers

Cons: none 


  • It is an economical solution for those looking for a low-price product with quality assurance. The size of the product should be taken into account before purchase.

The quality of the tire not only determines the durability of the tire but it also affects the safety of the user. Four different products are described in detail with their strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully, the information provided in the article would partly help you in your purchase decision. 


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