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The Best 9Mm Snap Cap


Are you looking for 9mm snap caps that help you practice effectively with your handgun? Here is some useful information about different options to help you make the optimal choice.

Today, besides hunting and defensive purposes, people use pistols for many other purposes such as training, dry fire without damage, etc. Therefore, it is important to find ammunition that is safe from causing casualties and has the same size as real ammo, and 9mm snap caps are a good choice.

9mm snap caps are fake ammo used for checking handguns, safe training, and testing, which do not damage the firing pin and barrel breech. These snap caps are becoming more and more popular, and there are many companies producing them with different designs and materials.

The Best 9Mm Snap Cap of October 2023 – Reviews and Top Rated

SaleRank No. #1
A-Zoom 15116 9mm Luger Precision Snap Cap 5 Pack
  • Teaches safe gun handling, thousands of dry fires without damage
  • Functions just like real ammo - without the noise
  • Offers versatility: training, storage, testing, practice
  • Nine-millimeter Luger Snap Caps
  • Functions like real ammunition
SaleRank No. #2
Tipton Pistol Snap Caps 9mm Luger with False Primer and Reusable Construction for Dry-Firing, Practice and Safe Firearm Storage, 5 Pack
  • Specs: 9 millimeter luger, 5 pack
  • Versatility: Tipton snap caps are useful in a variety of applications, from safely adjusting trigger pull to releasing tension on hammer springs for storage
  • Design: With a false primer that is spring buffered, Tipton snap caps reduce stress on the firing pin and barrel breech when dry firing
  • Convenient: Snap Caps are reusable, making them an affordable option for dry fire training and practicing safe firearm handling
  • Variety: Explore the entire Tipton snap cap line for pistols, rifles, and shotguns
Rank No. #3
A-ZOOM 9MM Luger SNAP Cap, Orange, 10PK
  • Orange color makes them easy to spot and prevents mixing with real ammo.
  • Teaches safe gun handling skills.
  • Will last for thousands of dry firings.
  • Precision machined from aluminum and hard anodized for toughness.
  • You can save up to 40% by purchasing the value pack over standard pack sizes.
Rank No. #4
Steelworx 9mm Stainless Steel Snap Caps/Dry Fire Training Rounds (5X RED)
  • 100% Stainless Steel with rubber core
  • Practice safe loading and firing
  • Protect firing mechanism when storing gun
  • Dimensions and weight of real ammunition
  • In packs of 5, 10, and 25
Rank No. #5
A-ZOOM 9MM Luger Snap Cap, Blue, 10PK
  • Functions just like real ammo - without the noise
  • Teaches safe gun handling, thousands of dry fires without damage
  • Offers versatility: training, storage, testing, practice
  • Hard anodized aluminum construction
Rank No. #6
Steelworx 9mm Luger Stainless Steel Snap Caps (10 Pack)
  • Practice safe loading and firing
  • Protect firing mechanism when storing gun
  • Precision Stainless Steel construction with rubber core
  • Exact dimensions and weight of real ammunition
  • Includes 10 stainless steel caps
Rank No. #7
Steelworx 9mm Stainless Steel Snap Caps/Dry Fire Training Rounds (10x RED)
  • 100% Stainless Steel with rubber core
  • Practice safe loading and firing
  • Protect firing mechanism when storing gun
  • Dimensions and weight of real ammunition
  • Pack of 10 with red tips
Rank No. #8
GUNPANY 12-Pack 9mm Snap Cap Trainning Dummy Round Snap Caps 9mm Luger
  • Dry fires without damage,Comes in a pack of 12PCS
  • Functions just like real ammo - without the noise
  • Precision CNC Made with Aluminum Alloy ,safe storage
  • Our snap caps are Ideal for training, storage, testing, and practice
  • These machined aluminium snap caps are the good option as a training aid
Rank No. #9
3D Print Nation 9mm Brass Snap Caps Dummy Rounds (10 - Pack) 9x19 9 mm Luger
  • Real Brass Case 9MM Snap Caps / Dummy Rounds
  • Will Not Damage Firing Pin
  • Best Firearm Training Aid -Practice Malfunction Drills, Magazine Loading, Reloading Drills, Identifying Trigger Squeeze/ Recoil Anticipation Problems, Dry Fire Practice and More.
  • Not Live Ammo
  • Made in the USA
Rank No. #10
Pink Rhino - 9mm Laser Bullet - Dry Fire Trainer-Integrated Snap Cap for Dry Fire Training
  • Bright red Class 3A (<5mW) laser cartridge 630 - 670nm
  • Works with MantisX, LaserLyte, iTarget, G-Sight, LaserHit
  • Works with all visible laser targets and simulators
  • Activates on fall of hammer or striker, fits any 9mm pistol, single and double action.

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A zoom Action proving Dummy Snap Caps- an appreciated option

It is a product of A-Zoom- a long-standing snap cap manufacturer, commercialized for the first time in 2018. 

The caliber of these snap caps is 9mm, and the weight is only 0.02 kilograms, which is completely suitable for handguns. They come in an easy-to-open package with 5 caps each pack.

These snap caps are made from aluminum, matching SAAMI cartridge dimensions and especially, they having a hard-anodized coat. With this finish, they will be durable and operate smoothly. They are prized by those who have purchased them for their function like real ammunition and their long life. Moreover, snap caps of A-zoom are extremely durable, they are also patented to suffer from three thousand dry fires and still protect the mechanism. Therefore, users can be completely assured of quality when using the product.

This product can be used for teaching safe gun handling, dry firing practices without damaging the firing pin.


  • Long cycling life
  • Function smoothly, like real ammo
  • Make no noise
  • Completely safe


  • Does not work well in Glock (according to the feedback of those who have used it)


This product is an ideal option for people who want safe training, function testing, storage and practice. Remember to pay attention if you use it for Glock.


Tipton Pistol and Revolver Snap Caps- a useful choice with the various application

This product is first manufactured in 2020 by Tipton- a business famous for its products like snap caps, gun vises, and firearm cleaning. Tipton snap caps also have 9mm lugers and 5 packs per package.

Manufactured recently, they have a quite modern design. With the spring buffered, these snap caps can decrease the damage on the firing pin and barrel breech when doing dry firing practice so they can protect the firing mechanism.  

Furthermore, Tipton snap caps can be reusable for practicing handgun handling or function checking, testing… When using Tipton snap caps, people can reuse them many times. Moreover, the product is completely affordable, making it one of the most worth-considering items for customers. 

In addition, they are also highly versatile, from adjusting the activation pull safely to releasing the tension on the hammer springs for storage.


– High versatility

– Convenient design, reduce damage to the firing pin

– Can be reused

– Reasonable price for users

– Vibrant colors to be distinguished from real ammo.


– None


Tipton snap cap is an amazing option for users to do handing practice and safe training without damage to the firing pin because of its optimal design.

Another choice for your handgun from A-zoom

This product also comes from the A-zoom, but it is launched later, in 2019. It has the same caliber size and the quantity of each package as other snap cap products for A-zoom’s handgun.

The first impression of these snap caps is their bright orange color, which makes them stand out, thus completely recognizable from real ammunition. Similar to the previous A-zoom product, these Orange Dummy Rounds have a long shelf-life, which are able to withstand thousands of dry firings. Therefore, users can reuse this product many times, making it an economical choice.

These snap caps are also made from aluminum material with hard anodized, ensuring the product’s durability. These materials not only contribute to its long-lasting life cycle but also help it function smoothly. 


– Orange color prevents mix-ups with real ammo.

– Long-life cycling.

– Made from durable materials.


– Higher price but still considered economical because it is reusable 


A-zoom 9Mm Luger Snap Cap is a safe training tool for people to practice gun handling skills and has incredible durability.

Completely affordable good snap caps

This is a product of ivyTech and first available in the market in 2020. These snap caps are made from 100% stainless steel with a rubber core. This material is longer lasting than those normally used to produce snap caps like plastic or aluminum, making the product more durable.

Different from the three products mentioned above, this one has the same dimension and weight as a real ammunition. In addition, its color and simple design are also similar to a real bullet, making users confused in telling a real ammo apart from these snap caps. 

On the current market, most similar products are packaged according to certain standards, but with this product, customers have a variety of quantity options, including packs of 5, 10 and 25, so people can choose the one that meets their needs.


– Made from stainless steel- which has a long life.

– Low price

– Different packs are offered, giving customers more choices. 


– Color, dimension and weight resemble real bullets, which can cause confusion for customers.


STEELWORX Snap cap is an economical solution for those who are looking for cheap and durable snap caps. However, users should pay more attention not to mistake it for real ammunition. 

Once again, for those who want to practice, check pistols and other safety purposes without damage to the firing pin, 9mm snap caps are an excellent choice for their handgun. Each product has its own strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully, the above information will help you make the right choice.

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