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Our mission is to simplify purchasing decisions.

About RelinkLabs.com

Relink is an American, AI backed, technology startup transforming how people identify their next shopping and buying decision.

Think about it! The whole process of matching people with jobs is just not optimal. Over centuries of socialisation, this process has been optimised into people making manual connections between pieces of text: a job description, a profile and a job application.

The mere limitations of human data processing capabilities are a major showstopper. Let’s face it, a human cannot read through millions of documents in seconds.

At Relink we use machine learning algorithms to optimise the process of initial matchmaking. Looking at millions of different events, our recommendation engine is constantly improving its understanding of what a good match actually is. Just like Netflix recommending movies based on your preferences, our technology recommends people to jobs, and jobs to people. We deliver this technology as a service.


Our mission is to transform the way people are matched to jobs. We do this by developing and constantly training machine learning algorithms to understand what a good match between a profile and a job actually is.


Being a “data first company,” data science is in the front seat of all product development processes. At the core is our recommendation engine. Built on bleeding-edge technologies, it is constantly being trained on data streaming in from partners all over the globe.



Our technology is distributed as a service via APIs, giving our customers AI-fueled recommendation capabilities right into their systems. We help our customers all the way from integration to production and operations.


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