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Best Buttstock Cheek Riser

If you find the best Buttstock Cheek Riser, you are in the right place! Check out our article to find your answer.

Every time you go hunting, you have to carry a lot of junk, bullets are scattered around, so, the thing you need now is a small bag that can hold bullets each hunting trip. Exactly, the buttstock cheek pad is your great product for you.

Today, we will share some best Buttstock Cheek Pad below, which we believe will be satisfying. Let’s start!

The Best Buttstock Cheek Riser in 2021 – Reviews by Eardex

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1. Canvas and Leather Buttstock Cheek Pad

First of all, we cannot ignore the product which has a high rate by many customers – the Canvas and leather buttstock cheek pad.

 TOURBON Hunting Gun Buttstock Cheek Rest Pad Rifle Ammo Holder - Canvas and Leather


This item could be a reasonable choice for the client who likes the classic plan. It is made of fabric and leather. Additionally, grippy elastic internal surfaces avoid sliding, and secure mounting straps will make you feel awesome. It’s adored since lightweight (as it were 130g), so it’ll not stretch your rifle and shoulder. This product’s particular point is the plan for both right and left hands. Moreover, the cheek is made of anti-slippery calfskin. It keeps the user’s cheek warm within the winter and cools within the summer. Besides, it keeps the cheek un-moving. Consequently, chasing thought will be simpler and more precise


  • Simple traditional design
  • durability
  • Great quality and construction,
  • fits easily and perfectly


  • Color: Only brown
  • non-adjusted

Verdict: If it fits with your rifle, it will be a perfect product. So, please check the dimensions carefully. I promise you will not be disappointed because of its quality and the feeling it’ll give.

2. Buttstock 7 Rifle Stock Shell Cheek Pad

The next product is the Buttstock with 7 rifle shell. With the versatility for both the right and left hand hunters, it is at a high rate in the favorite market.

Rifle Cheek Riser, Cheek Rest Riser for Rifle Buttstock Cheek Pad with 7 Rifle Stock Shell Holders for 300 308 Winmag


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The fabric appears strong, and the cheek rest is the idealized stature. It implies that the moo cost is steady with the product’s tall quality. Distinctive from the others, the 7 ammunition carriers can be expelled. Besides, 3 movable buckle straps are simple to introduce and empty, so they’ll fit most rifles. Besides, the fabric retains dampness like sweat, rain, snow, so you have to wipe to dry and clean. It is simple and keeps the long date term. You will never mind almost the temperature taking off since of the 600D nylon with a non-slippery fabric. It’ll ensure your cheek well.


  • Versatile
  • Adjustable
  • Durable
  • Ambidextrous design – suitable for many rifles


Poorly designed (the strap is long)

Verdict: If you are free to redesign like cutting and sowing, it has enough great features with its low cost.

3. Tactical Rifle Buttstock Pad

The third one is the Tactical Rifle Buttstock Pad from Laundry Pouch. Products trusted by consumers with optimal capabilities compared to products in the low-cost segment.

 Cheek Riser for Rifle Stock, Tactical Rifle Buttstock, Hunting Shooting Tactical Cheek Rest Pad Ammo Pouch with 7 Shells Holder


This item is made of strong 800D nylon with non-slippery fabric. Thus, it leads to the client feeling more confrontation whereas utilizing it with its changelessness.

Other than that, a detachable cheek riser on top can offer assistance together with your characteristic point of view and diminish eye relief. There are 7 cartridges on a separable cartridge holder, 3 movable buckle straps. You’ll evacuate and take it off effortlessly. Twofold sided tape fit with nearly every rifle and the seeker whoever utilized the right hand and cleared out a hand.


  • Ambidextrous rifle cheek riser to fit most rifle stocks
  • High Quality Tactical Holder
  • Tactical Shell Holder
  • Versatile Hunting Accessories
  • Universal Rifle Buttstock Shell Holder

Cons: The straps are long.

Verdict: The price is cheap compared to the quality. Although it is not compact as two before products, it is durable and sturdy. If you can ignore and fix it, you can completely consider it to be an option.

4. Hunting Rifle Buttstock Pad

The last one comes from a Turban store which is named Hunting Rifle Buttstock Pad.

 TOURBON Hunting Shooting Rifle Buttstock Cheek Rest Pad with Shell Holder


It is made of 600D Polyester to 10 shells and 2 pockets, which help you carry papers and little things effectively. The Nylons is lean, but it is made up for a truly great plan and the rubberized cushioning that contacts the rifle stock and the riser. The froth is the genuine primary light point here since it is thick, firm but comfortable.

It is unquestionably fit for trimming if you need it. It is simple to create adjustments with the converse froth squares. It fits incredibly within the ammunition hold, and the take does not come fixed when you pull the ammunition out. These froth cushions’ adaptability gave clients all they require for the perfect cheek stature each time.

The 3 measure EVA froth cheek cushion will offer assistance to keep you on target. Adjustable webbing cinch straps with buckle closure. Different measure froth comb embeds to immovably, legitimately put your head in idealize arrangement with the scope. Besides, twofold Sewed with Web Fortified Edges surface beneath the fold holding the shells, and in this way totally secured perfectly by the fold


  • Durability
  • Adjustable
  • Remove easily to clean.
  • It fits with many rifles

Cons: Only Black color for the Right-hand users

Verdicts: It is a perfect product for you if you are a right-hand user. Unlike others, it fits with a lot of your rifle, so you do not need to cut or re-design. The foam cheek will make you feel your hunt best. What a great product with this cheap price market!


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Final Thoughts

That’s all that we want to share today. We hope this article is helpful for you to find the best Buttstock Cheek Riser.

From this list, we recommend 2 of the best options. First, I believe the Canvas and Leather Buttstock Cheek Pad is a great choice you do not want to skip if you love the basic and simple design of the traditional one but higher quality. Besides, the Hunting Rifle Buttstock Pad makes your hunt more comfortable with its foam cheek and leads to the best result and spoil.

I hope you find suitable products based on our suggestion. If you have any questions, let feel free to contact us. We are here to solve your problem.

In conclusion, thank you for sharing your time to read!


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