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Best Dog Teeth Wipes

If you are a dog lover, you do not have time to get your pets to the spa. Do not worry; you can take care of them at home using The Dog Teeth Wipes. This Dog Teeth Wipes helps your dogs to have better teeth, happier life, and do not worry; it is safe. Here is the list of the best Dog Teeth Wipes in 2021 we want to introduce for you.

Top 4 Best Dog Teeth Wipes in 2021 – Reviews by Eardex

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1. 100 Presoaked Pads in Natural Tooth Cleaning Solution Bad Breath, Plaque and Tooth Decay Gone -Dog Tooth Wipes of Petpost


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Our first choice belongs to the Dog Teeth Dental Wipes of Petpost. Many dogs refuse to take care of their teeth because they dislike the wipe’s flavor. However, with Fresh mint and apple flavor, your pets will frequently brush their teeth. These flavors are safe for your pets with no bleach or harmful chemicals.

Petpost | Dental Wipes for Dogs - Bad Breath, Plaque and Tooth Decay Gone - 100 Presoaked Pads in Natural Tooth Cleaning Solution


Thanks to Luxurious Soft Cotton Wipes, you can easily get this wipe into your dog’s mouth without hurt. By using natural and recyclable ingredients, you can take care of your dogs and protect your environment. This product is manufactured in the USA, so you can rest assured of this product’s quality. The Dental Wipes of Petpost is a wonderful solution nowadays.


  • Enjoyable flavors: Fresh mint, Apple
  • Easy to use
  • Natural and environmental protection ingredients


  • Use only for 8 weeks or older dogs


Verdict: This product makes the cleaning process easy with only one step and attractive flavor for your dogs.

2. GARYOB Animal Dental Fingers Wipes, Pads for Dogs and Cats – Oral Cleansing Teeth Wipes

The following product we want to share is Pet Dental Fingers Wipes of GARYOB. With unique Oral Design and fitting with our fingers, you can easily put your finger on every corner of your dog’s mouth. You can feel these teeth truthful, which supports you brush them cleaner.

GARYOB Pet Dental Fingers Wipes, Oral Cleansing Teeth Wipes Pads for Dogs and Cats - Optimize Oral Health, Freshen Breath- 50 Wipes


With the peppermint fragrance and moist wipes, it is not hard to remove stains and bring fresh breath for your dog. Only by easy and simple dental care with GARYOB Dental Fingers Wipes will your pet have bright teeth, fresh breath, and a happy smile.



    • Easy to clean with Oral Wipes
  • Suitable for Dogs of All Age
  • Peppermint fragrance


  • No disadvantage at this time


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Verdict: If you are stress because your dog does not want to brush his teeth, these finger wipes can help you solve this problem.

3. Petkin Plaque Toothwipes New Mint Cleans teeth, gums, fresh breath, plaque & tartar

The next product in this list is Toothwipes of the Petkin brand. These moist wipes are made from baking soda, ceytlptidinium chloride (CKC), and mint flavor, helping your dog’s teeth become brighten and fresher breath. With a Compact design with only 15.52 Ounces, you can leave it in your bag and take it out at any time.

 Petkin Plaque Toothwipes Fresh Mint 2 Packs of 40 wipes - Cleans teeth, gums, plaque & tartar, freshens breath. Tooth wipe for cat or dog. (2-Pack)


With 2 packs (40 wipes once packs), you can save a lot when you buy 2 packs one time.

This product is made in China, although the design belongs to the USA. So you need to think about the quality before purchasing it.



  • Easy to use and carry
  • Compact design



    • The Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CKC) is considered as not good for dogs
    • Produced in P.R.C
  • Suitable only for dogs in 6 weeks or older


Verdict: If your pets can use baking soda and CKC, you can consider this product.

4. Gum Pet Wipes and Pet Tooth for Dogs and Cats, Peppermint Oil Infused John Paul Pet Dispenser Sheets


Last but not least, we want to share the Pet Tooth Wipes from the John Paul Pet store with you. This wipe’s outstanding feature is flavorless with ingredients derived from nature such as aloe and chamomile, sweet almond, tea tree, peppermint,….

Along with Tested on Human-Balanced PH for pets, John Paul Pet believes this wipe can clean a dog’s teeth quickly, remove smell breath, bring safety and comfort for your pet.

John Paul Pet Tooth and Gum Pet Wipes for Dogs and Cats, Infused with Peppermint Oil, 7" x 7" Sheets in 45-Count Dispenser


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The sodium bicarbonate helps clean debris from teeth and peppermint oil as the teeth protection prevents bacteria and brings comfortable fragrance.

With the size 7×7 sheet, This product can fully cover your hand, and you won’t have to worry about the dog’s drooling or plaque getting on your hands. 


  • Use easily, quickly remove plaques
  • Large sheet (7×7)
  • Natural ingredients, soft and gentle with your dogs
  • Safety with Test on Human-PH balanced with dog


  • Peppermint flavor is too strong and not dog’s favor
  • 7×7 sheet is too big with small dogs
  • Some dogs have strong relations with these wipes


Verdict: If your dogs love peppermint flavor, this product is a good choice. If you still want to try this wipe, do not worry; you clean it fast enough, and your dog does not feel anything.


Final Thoughts


That’s is all the best Dog Teeth Wipes we want to share today. We hope that this article is useful for you to find the best suitable Teeth Wipes for your furry friend.

From the list above, we would love to suggest you the Dental Wipes for Dogs of Petpost. We highly recommend this product because of its enjoyable flavors with dogs. These wipes have Fresh mint and Apple flavor, which most dogs love this flavor.

Besides, Pet Dental Fingers Wipes of GARYOB is a good choice for your pets. Thanks to the Oral and finger-shaped, you can quickly and easily put your finger into the dog’s mouth to clean.

We hope you can choose the best wipe for your pets. If you have any concerns, please contact us; we are delighted to answer them. Thank you for reading.


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