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The Best Electronic Chess Computer

Improve your chess skills at a faster speed with Electronic Chess Computer

With a powerful improvement, playing chess with Electronic Chess Computer always gives you an enjoyable experience like playing on a traditional chessboard.

In the past, with the existence of hundreds of online chess tools and websites, the birth of the Electronic Chess Computer gradually fell into oblivion. However, with the new design and exciting advanced upgrades, the Electronic Chess Computer has shown everyone a strong resurgence.

Playing online chess on the digital screen lacks the physics of a chessboard and realistic chess pieces. Today Electronic Chess Computer has a design that includes a 2-dimensional physical chessboard, real chess pieces, and a display with function keys. The entire chessboard with moves is displayed before your eyes, not just in front of the computer screen with mouse clicks. When connected to your computer, Electronic Chess Computer can allow you to play famous chess games or duel with your friends from a distance. It’s interesting because you now have all the experiences and the most authentic feelings with it.

The Best Electronic Chess Computer of October 2021 – Reviews and Top Rated

Rank No. #1
DGT Centaur + Carrying Bag - New Revolutionary Chess Computer - Digital Electronic Chess Set
  • Chess computer Centaur is a beautiful chess board that adjusts to your level of play - With bag included
Rank No. #2
DGT Centaur- New Revolutionary Chess Computer - Digital Electronic Chess Set
  • Chess computer Centaur is a beautiful chess board that adjusts to your level of play
  • Impressive looking weighted pieces and on board lighted display within the squares themselves
  • Engage you in a fully contained, highly-tactical chess play experience
  • Whether you're a beginner, strong player, home or club player, Centaur will adjust to your level as you play
  • Board Size: 17.5 x 15.8" (444.5 x 400.5mm) Square Size: 1.9" (48 x 48mm) King Height: 3 3/8” (86mm)
SaleRank No. #3
iCore Electronic Talking Chess Computer Set, Magnetic Travel Voice Chess Academy Boards Sets, Checkers Set Chessboard, Portable Board Games, Computer Chess Practice Tactics for Kids Adults
  • ✿ 12 chess modes plus 30 unique chess levels to choose from.100 preset chess exercise allows you to practice your skills.
  • ✿ 8 challenging brain games! Chess, Checkers, Reversi, Halma, 4 In-A-Row, Fox & Geese, Northcote's Game and Nim.
  • ✿ Chess tutor! Teaching voice system. Talks warning of threats to your pieces. Voice announcement of legal moves.
  • ✿ Talking Chess & Games Computer for 1 or 2 players. Sensory chess board and large LCD screen with adjustable contrast.
  • ✿ Package contains: Board, Black and white chess pieces, Checkers pieces with a storage case.
Rank No. #4
Chess Champion | Electronic Chess Board by Millennium Chess | For Beginners & Improving Chess Players | Model MIL800
  • CHESS + 7 ADDITIONAL GAMES. In addition to chess, the M800 it includes the following classical games: Draughts, Reversi, Chinese checkers, Connect Four, Nim, Fox & Geese and Northcote mind games. Great for Beginner Chess Players.
  • ON THE GO. The games computer can be run superbly on batteries and has a practical compartment for pieces in the bottom - in this way you can also use this device as comfortable chess computer.
  • COMFORT. The particularly smooth-running chess board ensures maximum gaming fun! A large, illuminated LCD screen provides help, learning and control functions. With 13 languages for all menu and help texts as well as the operating instructions, the right language is available for (almost) everyone!
  • CHESS FEATURES. The device naturally masters the special rules in chess: Castling, pawn promotion and en passant capture. It has a comprehensive library of openings as well as a status memory so that you can interrupt your game at any time.
  • POWER SUPPLY CONNECTOR Thanks to the power supply connector for the optionally obtainable Millennium 811 power supply, you can connect the Europe Chess Champion to the power supply system in very many countries.
Rank No. #5
Croove Electronic Chess and Checkers Set with 8-In-1 Board Games, For Kids To Learn and Play
  • 12 chess modes and 30 unique chess levels to choose from. 100 preset chess exercise allows you to practice your skills
  • Magnetic, sensory chess board and large LCD screen with adjustable contrast
  • Includes 8 challenging brain games, Chess - Checkers - Reversi - Halma - 4 In-A-Row - Fox & Geese - Northcote's Game and Nim,
  • Package contains Board, Black and white chess pieces, Checkers pieces and a case for the pieces when not in use. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • If computers malfunctions due to electrostatic discharge or other electrical disturbances, or when batteries are inserted. There is a "Red RESET SWITCH" in the back of the item push and press down for about one second. This resets the computer, clears its memory and returns it to normal operation.
Rank No. #6
Top 1 Chess Set Board Game, Electronic Voice Chess Academy Classical 8 in 1 Computer Voice Teaching System, Teach Chess Strategy, Chess Sets Games Lovers
  • ⚜️ FAMILY FUN GAMES: Electronic chess set to improve all of your logic skills and brush up for your next competition, Kids or Adults can Play Against. Keep the whole family entertained with this Chess Computer.
  • ⚜️ BOARD GAMES FOR KIDS: Electronic chess boards are an innovative way of learning how to play chess. chess for kids helps to educate and entertain, electronic games provide hours of a family fun time.
  • ⚜️ PROFESSIONAL GRADE & DEVELOPED: You can play against this Favorite Board Games Chess set or even use to play against another player in the real-time face to face. This is the best single-player experience out there today.
  • ⚜️ BENEFITS OF LEARNING CHESS: Logical thinking skills, Decision-making, problem-solving and understand that all behaviors have consequences. Develop your spatial perception by playing chess increases intelligence.
  • ⚜️ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you don't see results within 30 days, simply return your product for a refund. Free delivery on eligible orders
Rank No. #7
Chess Genius PRO | Electronic Chess Board by Millennium | Beginner to Advanced | Batteries Included | Model MIL812
  • CHESSGENIUS PRO ELECTRONIC CHESS BOARD IS FOR BEGINNERS TO EXPERT PLAYERS with an ARM Cortex M4 / 120 MHz processor and 160 KB of RAM, this is the most powerful chess computers of all time
  • CHESS COMPUTER PLAYING STRENGTH OF OVER 2200 ELO (International tournament standard), with opening moves library choices: The Classic London Book (approx 57,000 positions) and the Modern Book (more than 100,000 positions), or select no book and the chess computer calculates the move itself.
  • MILLENNIUM CHESSGENIUS PRO CHESS COMPUTER HAS A VERSATILE ANALYSIS MODE (text displays and electronic chessboard display), display analysis of positions, main variants and move number. Set up any chess positions easily for play or analysis
  • BUILD CONFIDENCE: custom tailor the playing strength, options and exercises to suit virtually any skill level. The chess computer integrated chess trainer also makes it well suited for beginners and novices.
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED (No AC Adapter) DISPLAY WITH BACKLIGHT IS 1.5 X 1.75. Actual board size measure 7.9 x 7.9 inches. Multilingual, text based user interace in 7 Languages: German / English / French / Dutch / Spanish / Italian / Russian
Rank No. #8
Chess Genius | Electronic Chess Board by Millennium | Play Chess at Any Level | for Beginners and Improving Chess Players | Model MIL810
  • Improve your chess with the chess computer BUILT ON THE FAMOUS CHESS ENGINE CHESSGENIUS BY RICHARD LANG | Great for Beginner Chess Players.
  • TAKE IT WITH YOU. Convenient, portable, 11” size makes the chess COMPUTER EASY TO TAKE ALONG ON TRAVELS with included long-lasting AA Batteries and power saving mode.
  • To make moves, press lightly on the squares with MILLENNIUM’S UNIQUE HIGH SENSITIVE TECHNOLOGY, while lighted LCD screen shows chess moves, current position, and menus.
  • Play levels suitable for all levels from first time players to expert tournament players. TAKE BACK MOVES, OR SEE SUGGESTION FOR BETTER MOVES.
  • KEEP YOUR MIND ACTIVE WITH ENDLESS CHESS ENJOYMENT by adding AC power adapter (available separately) for at home play.
Rank No. #9
IQ Toys Electronic Teacher Board Game, Interactive Voice Master Teaching 8 Games Including Chess, Checkers, and Reversi. Play Against the Computer or a Partner
  • Magnetic, Talking Chess and Games Computer for 1 or 2 players. Sensory chess board and large LCD screen with adjustable contrast.
  • 8 challenging brain games! Chess, Checkers, Reversi, Halma, 4 In-A-Row, Fox & Geese, Northcote's Game and Nim.
  • Chess tutor! Teaching voice system. Talks warning of threats to your pieces. Voice announcement of legal moves.
  • 12 chess modes plus 30 unique chess levels to choose from. Also 100 preset chess exercise allows you to practice your skills.
  • Package contains: Board, Black and white chess pieces, Checkers pieces with a storage case. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
Rank No. #10
The King Performance | Electronic Chess Board by Millennium | Play Chess Computer at Your Level | ChessLink Bundle | Model M830-M822
  • The King Performance – ChessLink Bundle is the PERFECT COMBINATION OF THE WORLD OLDEST GAME PLAYED ON AN ATTRACTIVE WOODEN BOARD with the Internet connectivity of the ChessLink.
  • Premium Playing Experience Easy play with smooth-running, PRESSURE SENSITIVE MOVE INPUT BOARD in a comfortable size of 15 x 17 inches. Moves are instantly visible with 81 LEDs around handcrafted wooden chessmen.
  • Online Experience with combined ChessLink. CONNECT ONLINE WITH YOUR FRIENDS VIA HIARCS OR USE THE CHESSLINK APP (only for google currently) to connect to world famous chess platform Lichess.
  • Queens Gambit or any other classic chess opening books are available with the The King software. THE KING PERFORMANCE OFFERS AN EASY TO PLAY “COMFORT” MENU for a quick game or an “expert” menu for a variety of extra features
  • Adaptive Gameplay The King Performance offers four different modes which will be AUTOMATICALLY ADJUSTED TO YOUR PERSONAL CHESS SKILL (available after your download the latest The King Performance Update)

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Digital Electronic Chess Set

DGT Centaur is a beautiful chessboard that can be adjusted according to your playing level. There is no need for a tablet or computer screen; you can play chess naturally with intelligent automatic sensing technology. The chess pieces are designed impressively and heavy-weighted like a real one. The illuminated screen on the chessboard in the squares itself will draw you into the exciting high-tactical experience for hours.

The e-paper screen has nice and smooth contrast, is easy to see with a wide viewing angle in any light. You can view chess pieces moves, see hints, scores, clock, and other settings on this screen. The battery inside the machine can be recharged. It is frustrating if you are starting to play chess with difficulty in the first place. So this chess calculator has three levels to choose from, Friendly, Challenging, and Expert. In the friendly game mode, the machine will automatically adjust the ability to play chess best suited to the user’s level. Even as your skill improves, the difficulty level of the device will also increase. Therefore, you will get the feeling of playing chess with real people, not playing with the machine.


  • There are many levels of playing
  • the screen and led lights are displayed beautifully
  • It brings about the feeling of playing happily


  • Not compatible with computers or play online
  • The chess piece can be slipped from its position

M810 ChessGenius

The product is designed based on the computer software that defeated world champion, Garry Kasparov. It is suitable for both Grandmaster Expert Tournament players and beginners with adjusted levels and a chess trainer to improve your chess playing skills. The machine will not classify specific moves, but it criticizes poorer moves and suggests more suitable ones.

The chess pieces are 2.25 inches tall and can be attached to the machine’s electronic chess board thanks to the magnetic design. You can set up a chess position on the board using the location setting option to play or solve from there. The device has an auto-power-off mode that saves battery power when there is no activity and automatically saves the game. You can choose the right language from 7 languages: English, Russian, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Italian.


  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • There are many levels of smart playing


  • Not connected to the computer
  • The chess piece compartment is not well designed

Portable Chessboard Tournament for Kids and Adults

This product has 12 chess modes and 30 unique chess levels for players to choose from. In fun levels, there will be five fixed levels for new players. Chess is not an easy game. It takes concentration and good strategy. So with 100 built-in chess exercises built-in to let you practice your chess skills at all times, improving your skills and strategic thinking.

Along with eight difficult brain games: Checkers, Chess, Reversi, four-in-a-row, Northcote’s Game, HalmaFox & Geese, and Nim, you will have fun and entertaining moments. If you are a beginner, don’t worry. Electronic chess academy will help you:

  • Teaching voice systems.
  • Alerting conversations about threats to your chess pieces.
  • Voice announcements about legal moves.

The LCD screen on the machine is large with adjustable contrast. The chess pieces have a magnetic design with a carrying case. This kit is compact, so you can easily carry it with you so you can practice or fight against the machine or other players anywhere. 

Do you intend to teach your kids how to play chess without knowing how to start? This product is the best educational gift ever.


  • Compact modern design
  • intelligent integrated features
  • many suitable game modes


  • none

Electronic Voice Chess Academy

It is a set of games for children over seven years old and adults. It incorporates eight classic games: Chess, Checkered, Reverse (comparable to Othello), four In-a-row (equivalent to Connect 4), Halma (Similar to Chinese Checker), Fox & Geese,Nim, Northcott’s Game with corresponding game pieces. This product improves logical thinking skills: decision making, problem-solving, and understanding that making a right or wrong move has consequences. The chessboard space with the large LCD screen displays moves to help you increase your intelligence and imagination. The electronic chess board helps your kids be entertained and learn to play chess creatively, educationally, giving your family fun moments.

This product is currently the best single-player experience because you can play against a machine or other player in real-time. The chess function has many features: levels, practice, time setting, etc., to ensure the player does not get bored. It has 5 Play Styles Set the computer’s response to Normal, Active, Flexible, Passive, or Very Passive to define its playing styles that mimic human opponents. This game board also has a step-by-step voice guide for your kids about chess rules, skills, and strategies when they’re just getting started. When chess assistant mode is enabled, the system will alert you to your opponent’s dangerous moves or your bad moves. Of course, you can set the appropriate level of help to low, normal, or high.


  • The sound through voice is hilarious
  • compact, sturdy
  • easy to use


  • none

Classic chess sets can be tedious. You can choose for yourself an Electronic Chess Computer. 

It will be the best and most exciting chess practice toolkit with many updated features and smart designs. Not only that, Electronic Chess Computer will stimulate the kids in your family to learn to play chess, to develop intellectual and creative thinking. Your family will always have a great time entertaining together.

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