Farewell Relink and Copenhagen

It's a sad day, if there ever was one. Callum is soon leaving us and Copenhagen to move to Canada. He wrote a letter that we thought is worth posting. Going to miss this young man.

Dear Relink,

Thank you. I honestly am so thankful and grateful for my time with you. But it is not the company I should be thanking, it is the people in the company that I should be thanking. It is them who have made it a great place to work for the last 18 months. It is them who have taught me invaluable lessons. It is them who have made me smile, laugh and look forward to coming into work every morning.

The company has changed a lot in my time there. It has pivoted, doubled in size, and has started to get the recognition it deserves. Throughout this journey, from my very first day, I have been shown trust and respect. I remember on one of my first days, we had a planning/strategy meeting. In that meeting, my voice and opinion held the same weight as the other employees. Maybe this is normal, but for me it showed the culture that was being created. One where everybody is equal, where people respect the views of their colleagues even if they disagreed, and it has only improved since then. 

"Everybody is equal; people respect the views of their colleagues even if they disagreed."

None of this could have happened without Ståle. He saw the potential in me and had faith that I would grow and develop with the company. I will forever be thankful for this, and I hope it has shown in my loyalty and hard work. Since then, with the help of my mentor, Bjarne, I have become the proficient worker that Ståle saw in me. Bjarne played a massive role in this. He has patiently guided me through the forest of my missing knowledge.

I have been surrounded by great colleagues, where all I have to do is sit back, observe and listen. They have all set me up wonderfully for the my career, and that is all one can ask for.

It has been an honour.

— Callum

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