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The Best Gooseneck Phone Holder

If you are looking for the best Gooseneck Phone Holder, then the right place is. We will provide useful information about the Gooseneck Phone Holder in the article below.

Nowadays, the Gooseneck Phone Holder has gradually become a useful tool, making your work and entertainment activities more convenient and comfortable. You can use the Gooseneck Phone Holder when watching movies, playing games, surfing the web, and various activities in your bedroom, at work, or wherever you want.

The Gooseneck Phone Holder for phones is manufactured with many different designs and materials from wood, aluminum to plastic on the current market. This article will help you find a phone holder that best suits your needs based on many useful criteria.


TOP 4 BEST SELLER Gooseneck Phone Holder in 2021

1. Lamicall Phone Holder Bed Gooseneck Mount 

Phone Holder Bed Gooseneck Mount - Lamicall Cell Phone Clamp Clip for Desk, Flexible Lazy Long Arm Headboard Bedside, Overhead Mount Stand, Compatible


We want to introduce the first gooseneck phone holder from Lamicall. The product has three colors for customers to choose the color they like: black, coated, rose gold. With a caliper made of silicone that can be changed from 0 to 2.36 inches (6cm), the mobile phone holder can securely clamp on item frames such as bed frames, bed headboards, headboard, bedside cabinet, desk, an end desk, and kitchen counter, etc. without scratching the surface of your furniture.

The product measures 33.4 inches (85cm) long; the core is made of high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy that makes the body sturdy enough to hold the phone firmly and bend in any direction customer wants. The product can be used for 4-7″ devices such as Galaxy S10e S10 + S10 S9 + S9 S8 + S8 S7 Edge Note 9 8, LG, Moto, iPhone 12/ 7+/8+,…..


  • Very sturdy
  • The 360-degree rotating clip is handy for the user


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  • Not super easy to adjust.
  •  Be careful when placing the phone in the holder.
  • Compared with similar products, this product has a slightly higher price.

2. Vivi Mao Gooseneck Cell Phone Holder

Gooseneck Cell Phone Holder, Universal 360 Flexible Phone Stand Lazy Bracket Mount Long Arms Clamp for Phone 11 Pro Xs Max XR X 8 7 6 6s Plus and Other 3


The second Gooseneck Phone Holder we want to introduce is Vivi Mao’s product. The product has two simple colors: black and white. Product is used for smartphones with sizes of 3.5 ~ 6.5 inches, such as Iphone7plus/8+/12promax and other smartphones. Its construction made of a high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy makes it just sturdy enough to hold his phone firmly, yet flexible enough to bend in any direction in the line of sight.

What’s more, the stand clamp is 360-degree adjustable, so you can easily adjust the direction to match the most comfortable viewing angle. The base clamp varies from 0 to 2.36 inches (6cm) in thickness, making it easy to attach to various household items. The base made of silicone will also help to use the product without scratching your furniture’s surface. If you receive or use a missing or broken accessory, you can contact us for the most satisfactory solution.



  • Good customer care
  • can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Leave no scratches on the surface when in use


  • Be careful when using because the product is fragile.
  • Compared with similar products, this product has a slightly higher price.


3. Slopehill Gooseneck Phone Holder

Slopehill Gooseneck Phone Holder for iPhone X XR XS 8 7 Plus Samsung Galaxy S10, Cell Phone Clip Holder for Bedroom Desktop Office Bathroom Kitchen


The next Gooseneck Phone Holder we want to introduce is a Slopehill brand. Unlike the previous two products, this product is made from aluminum, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.

The product can be used for electronic devices up to 4.5inch in width, such as Nexus, Samsung Galaxy,iPhone XS, X, 8+,7+… In addition to smartphones, Not only for smartphones but also for desktops. With a product length of 27.5 inches and a 21.5-inch arm that adds 360 degrees of rotation, you can easily adjust the height and rotate the product to suit your needs. The product’s base is made of metal, making it easy to use and does not vibrate like when using a silicon base. Perfect for attaching anywhere such as a table, chair, table, bed, kitchen counter, and in your car.


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  • The base is made of metal, so it’s quite sturdy, doesn’t vibrate when using it
  • You can rotate custom 360 degrees according to the angle convenient to the user.
  • Compared with similar products, the price is lower.


  • Because it is made of metal, it is easy to scratch the surfaces.

4. TryOne Gooseneck Phone Holder

Tryone Gooseneck Phone Holder, Flexible Long Arm Mount Stand Compatible with Smartphones, Max Width 3in, Overall Length 27.5in(Black)


The final product on the Gooseneck Phone Holder list we want to recommend comes from the Try one brand. The product has two simple colors: white and black. It is made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and ABS resin. It is used for smartphones. The product has a maximum width of about 76mm and a thickness of 13mm. Also, it measures 27.5 inches in length and 21.5-inch flexible arms that should fit on a tabletop or a bedhead that is approximately 3 inches in size.



  • Compared with similar products, the price is lower.


  • It is not used for many products because of its limited size.


Final through


It’s all about our list of the Best Goose Neck Phone Racks today. We hope this article will bring you lots of useful information to help you find the product you like. If you are still wondering, we can suggest Slopehill Gooseneck Phone Holder – a variety of products with more than just smartphones; moreover, its price is quite affordable.

Thanks for reading; if you have any questions, please reply.

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