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The Best Gundam Planet Nippers


Gundam planet nipper is an indispensable tool for any Gunpla player. If you are looking for a good nipper that can meet your needs, do not ignore this article. 

Gundam Planet Nippers are indispensable cutting tools for those interested in Gundam. This is the tool that you use the most when you experience Gundam. 

Some people believe that it is possible to cut or break the model with their hands instead of using Nipper, but for small and thin parts or transparent pieces in the Gundam assembly, using hands to break can inadvertently break and damage them. Therefore, Nipper is important. Nowadays, there are many types of Gundam planet nippers with different quality; users can choose their own nippers based on the information from the product descriptions below.  

The Best Gundam Planet Nippers of February 2024 – Reviews and Top Rated

SaleRank No. #1
TAMIYA Sharp Pointed Side Cutter NO.123 (74123)
  • Thin, pointed blades ideal for removing delicate plastic parts from sprue.
  • Tamiya Quality and Precision
  • Blades are made from quality Chrome-Vanadic Alloy.
  • Hand-Finished for optimum sharpness.
Rank No. #2
GodHand Blade One Nipper GH-PN-120 For Plastic Models
  • Precision nippers specially for cutting plastic models.
  • Easy to handle single-edged nipper.
  • Flat and thin blades.
  • Cutting ability: Limited under 3.0mm
  • Structure of single-edged blade
SaleRank No. #3
GodHand Nipper PN-125 GH-PN-125 for Plastic Models
  • Nipper PN-125 is standard nipper.
  • Nipper PN-125 does not have special spec, but it is "all-purpose nipper " because anybody can use in any occasion.
  • Instead, compare with Ultimate Nipper which is very ultra- thin single-edged, no need to be worried about breaking. Perfect for beginner.
  • Perfect for the first nipper you have.
Rank No. #4
Bandai Hobby - Gundam Seed Mobile Ginn, Bandai Spirits Hobby MG
  • The Mobile GINN, the iconic mass-produced units from the Cosmic Era, will be available in the MG form for the first time based on designs created by mechanic designer Junichi Akutsu!
  • Utilizing the ZAFT ZGMF frame introduced in the MG Zaku Warrior, this and upcoming products will replicate the common parts of mass produced suits from ZAFT
  • The flexible movements of the backpack thanks to an inner frame have been recreated with a wide range of articulation and arnaments based on new interpretations will be included
  • Kit includes: Heavy Blade, 76mm Heavy Assault machine gun, Magazine rack, 2 missile pods, 4 hand part sets(left/right), 3 hand expression parts, 1 set of foil and marking stickers
  • Only product with affixed official Bluefin label has been thoroughly tested for safety and meets all North American consumer product safety regulations and entitles the purchaser to product support assistance
SaleRank No. #5
TAMIYA Sharp Pointed Side Cutter
  • Chrome-vanadic alloy
  • Hand-finished for optimum sharpness
  • Ideal for removing delicate plastic parts from spree
Rank No. #6
stedi 4.7-inch Model Nipper, with Sharp Thin Blade and Blade Case Plastic Model Tools, Sprue Cutter for Gundam Building Repairing and Fixing, Black
  • THIN BLADE DOUBLE FOUR-PORT DESIGN: The advantage of the thin blade is that it can be close to the part, thereby reducing the grinding time and the strength of shearing.
  • HIGH-QUALITY STEEL: Using high-quality high-carbon alloy steel, the overall heat treatment improves the hardness and brings an extraordinary cutting feel.
  • COMFORTABLE AND NON-SLIP: Each model takes a certain amount of time to assemble. stedi model pliers handles are compact in design, matte in texture and non-slip, and are comfortable for long hours of operation.
  • Easy To Use: the spring resilience is moderate, which makes the shearing operation easier and labor-saving. At the same time, the limit latch can effectively avoid excessive force and damage to the jaws.
  • GOOD HELPER: stedi model tool is an excellent tool for model hobbyists who focus on building modeling kits. It is a great helper for mode enthusiasts around the world, but it is only applicable to plastic models less than 3mm. It is not the flaws,it is ultimate.
Rank No. #8
Beaditive Single Blade Nipper for Plastic Model - Plastic Sprue Cutter - Gunpla, Gundam Model, Scale Model Building
  • Ultra Thin, Sharp Single Blade Design: To remove delicate parts from the spruce will be like a hot knife through butter, literally.
  • Minimal Whitening on The Part: The nipper leaves the most smooth, clean cut, saving you tons of time trimming, sanding, and buffing the cut afterward.
  • Hardened Chromoly Steel Blade: The blade is hardened to 58+ HRC with the extra heat treatment process to ensure its sharpness and durability.
  • Cutting Capacity: Plastic sprue (PS, PP, ABS, PE) ø3mm or under
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with 1-Year Limited Warranty: We will replace the nipper if it breaks when used as instructed.
SaleRank No. #9
Valtcan Prime Sprue Cutter for Model Kits Thick Nipper
  • Flush Cut Diagonal Nippers: Cutting Pliers for thick plastic pieces and plastic trees. Remove plastic parts from trees. Leave 1mm between parts and tree for best results.
  • Reliable Model Kit Nippers with spring - Cut your build time in half. Cut close to parts and cut nubs with minimal to no visible nub marks. Valtcan logo on sprue cutter snipper
  • Sharp and Precise Cutting Hobby model Kit nippers: High quality Japan steel provide Straight smooth cuts without tearing.
  • Rubber handles provides you with secure grip and full control when cutting even the smallest and delicate model parts. Durable and lightweight construction for intensive model kit building sessions. Pin on side limits over extensions of pliers.
  • Quick spring release to remove parts and Finish all your Gundam model kits in record time. Note* Pin on side helps to stop plier from over extending. Oil lubricant residue may cause some discoloration to pliers after long storage - just wipe with soapy damp towel to remove rust and excess oil.
SaleRank No. #10
IGAN-170 Wire Cutters, Precision Electronic Flush Cutter, One of the Strongest and Sharpest Side Cutting pliers with an Opening Spring, Ideal for Ultra-fine Cutting Needs.
  • Sharp and strong: IGAN precision wire cutter has an 11mm long heat-treated carbon steel jaw with angled head design
  • Professional flush cutting snips:Apply to electrical work, jewelry making and daily use.suitable for shearing copper and soft wire up to 18 AWG (1 mm)
  • Compact design with open spring:it is ideally sized for working in small spaces and help you to save force.
  • Environmentally friendly and comfortable grip: Made of TPE mateial,it has non-toxic and tasteless properties,and provides a rubber-like texture .
  • Suitable for cutting small wire,vape wire ,tie wrap,beading wire,zip ties,plastic and more. To ensure the durability of the cutters, do not use it to cut hard or big gauges wires.

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Beaditive Single Blade Nipper- an ideal nipper for users:

This nipper has an ultra-thin blade design that is extremely sharp. The blade can eliminate delicate parts, the smallest details from the spruce with high sensitivity and precision. Moreover, it also leaves the cleanest and smoothest cut, helping users save time trimming or polishing the cut while still ensuring the model’s aesthetics. 

Additionally, the chrome steel blade is solidified to 58 + HRC with heat treatment, making the blade sharper and more durable. It is capable of cutting plastic fibers with a diameter of 3mm or less such as PS, PP, etc., ensuring that it is suitable for handling residual nub marks on the parts. 

Furthermore, the plier has a built-in blade stopper so that the blade does not break when the force is exerted too strong. The handle is coated with vinyl resin for the user’s comfort. The tool also has a rubber cap to keep the blade from getting damaged when not in use.


  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Sharp and durable blade
  • Leaves smooth and tidy cuts
  • Convenient design
  • Reasonable price


  • None


With the ability to cut sharply and clearly, this item is rated for excellent quality at a reasonable price.

Another great choice of the cutting tool from a Japanese manufacturer:

This is a product from a Japanese brand – GodHand. This brand is known for its quality and very durable nippers. Unlike other fliers, this nipper has no cutting function; the main function is to hold and blend small details in plastic models.

This item has the function of replacing tweezers. It is a handy holding tool, which can hold the smallest parts that ordinary tweezers cannot. Therefore, users can conveniently hold, push and process small and difficult-to-hold parts in the model with this tool.

In particular, this is not an ordinary cutting plier, but it is a tweezer-type nipper mainly used to hold small details in the models.


  • Can hold and flex the smallest details
  • The nipper design is easier to hold than conventional tweezers
  • Compact size


  • High price
  • Can cut soft plastic if you use a lot of force (according to customers’ feedbacks)


This is the ideal nipper for those who have trouble with original tweezers when assembling Gundam models. However, you should be careful not to use too much force so as not to accidentally cut soft plastic parts.

 An amazing nipper you should not miss:

This is another nipper product from GodHand manufacturer. Different from the previous items of the same manufacturer, it is produced to specialize in cutting plastic models. 

Blade One Nipper is ideal for beginners because of its easy-to-hold design and adjustable blade angle, allowing users to cut plastic up to 2mm. Moreover, it also has a fairly resilient base that makes it safe to open and close with a weak force. 

In addition, the stopper prevents the blade from breaking due to excessive force, providing safety to users. With a thin and plump blade, this nipper helps cut parts easily and leave the cut tidier, so your Gundam model will have high performance. 

However, please note, this item is only for cutting plastic with a diameter of 3mm or less and is not used for cutting unsupported materials such as metal, resin, etc., so as not to damage the blade.


  • Easy to use, especially for beginners
  • Smooth and neat cuts
  • Designed for convenience and safety
  • Durable


  • The price is quite high


Despite its high price, it offers a great cutting experience for those who play Gundam. Therefore, it is a worthy product for the money.

A perfect option with an average price:

WISERPRO Nipper is made of Chrome steel, ensuring the durability of the product even when used for a long time. In particular, the nipper is also designed one-slide with an edge of only 0.01 inch, which is different from other current model nippers.

This tool can also be used to cut plastics such as PS, PP, PE, or ABS with perfect precision. However, it is suitable with these plastics with a maximum diameter of 0.12 inch and transparent PS plastic of 0.08 inch, so you should not misuse it so as not to damage the blade. 

With the sharp blade, the cut is exact and smooth, leaving no extra fragments which may affect the model’s aesthetics. Besides, the nipper is packed with a protective cap, which ensures that the blade is not much affected when stored in the toolbox. Moreover, the handle is designed to provide a comfortable experience for users.  


  • Excellent design
  • Comfortable handle
  • The cuts are neat and beautiful
  • Sharp and sensitive blade
  • Useful protective cap
  • Durable
  • Reasonable price


  • None


This nipper has received a lot of positive feedback from those who have experienced it. It is rated as one of the products with a reasonable price and the best quality.

To sum up, for Gunpla players, the Gundam Planet nippers are an important tool, helping to create models with high aesthetics. The four nippers above all have their own pros and cons, but one of them can certainly meet your needs. Therefore, do not hesitate and give it a try. 


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