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The Best Halal Jello


Quarantine has made you feel so bored and want to find new easy-to-make homemade recipes to kill time during this period? Halal jello is not a bad idea.

With a spread of complicated developments of the COVID-19 epidemic, the coronavirus has prompted many countries worldwide to take measures to stretch society and call on people to work from home. For this reason, to be positive and joyful, cooking has become a favorite pastime for many people. In this article, we will recommend Habol Jello, which is an easy-to-make dessert for everyone, even amateur cooks. It is also low-calorie and healthy that will not make you overweight in this period.   

The Best Halal Jello of June 2021 – Reviews and Top Rated

Rank No. #1
Mix 6 Assorted Gelatin Dessert Jello Halal 2.8 oz/80gm each - Pack of 6 - جيلية حلال مشكل من 6 نكهات
  • 6 Mix of Assorted Gelatin Dessert Fat Free : Mulberry, Pineapple, Cherry, Lemon Apricot and Banana
  • Halal Gelatin
  • جيلو حلال مشكل 6 نكهات: توت الشامي، أناناس، كرز،ليمون، مشمش و موز
Rank No. #2
AHMED Halal Jello Vegetarian Crystal Jelly, Lychee, 85 Gram (Pack of 12)
  • 100% Halal, gelatin-free
  • Originally from Pakistan
  • Net Weight: 2.99oz (85g)
Rank No. #3
Strawberry Gelatin Dessert Jello Halal 2.8oz/80gm each - Pack of 6 - جيلية حلال بطعم الفراولة
  • Strawberry Gelatin Dessert Fat Free
  • Halal Gelatin
  • جيلو حلال بطعم الفراولة
Rank No. #4
Ahmed Foods Blueberry Jelly Crystal, Instant Set Jello 70g (2 Packs) - Certified Halal
  • Certified Halal
  • Ahmed Foods Blue Berry Jelly Crystals - Instant Set Jello
  • 2 Packs of 70g (2.46oz.) Each.
  • Product of Pakistan
  • Ships within 24 hours by SNZ Enterprises (during week days & Saturdays)
Rank No. #5
Mulberry Gelatin Dessert Jello Halal 3.oz/85gm each - Pack of 6 - جيلية حلال بطعم التوت الشامي
  • Mulberry Gelatin Dessert Fat Free
  • Halal Gelatin
  • جيلو حلال بطعم التوت الشامي
Rank No. #6
Apricot Gelatin Dessert Jello Halal 3.oz each - Pack of 6 - جيلية بطعم المشمش حلال
  • Gelatin Dessert Fat Free
  • Halal Gelatin
  • حلال جيلو بطعم المشمش
Rank No. #7
Pineapple Gelatin Dessert Jello Halal 3.oz/85gm each - Pack of 6 - جيلية حلال بطعم الأناناس
  • Pineapple Gelatin Dessert Fat Free
  • Halal Gelatin
  • جيلو حلال بطعم الأناناس
Rank No. #8
Ahmed Foods Peach Jelly Crystals, Instant Set Jello 70g (2 Packs) - Certified Halal
  • Ahmed Foods Peach Jelly Crystals - Instant Set Jello
  • 2 Packs of 70g (2.46oz.) Each.
  • Certified Halal
  • Product of Pakistan
  • Ships within 24 hours by SNZ Enterprises (excl. Sundays)
Rank No. #9
AHMED Crème Caramel Halal Jello Jelly, 85 Gram (Pack of 12)
  • 100% Halal, gelatin-free
  • Originally from Pakistan
  • Net Weight: 2.99oz (85g)
Rank No. #10
Lemon Gelatin Dessert Jello Halal 3.oz/85gm each - Pack of 6 - جيلية حلال بطعم الليمون
  • Lemon Gelatin Dessert Fat Free
  • Halal Gelatin
  • جيلو حلال بطعم الليمون

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Bakol Jel Natural Vegan Dessert Mix

Initially, the first product to come to the top of the list today is the Bakol Jel Natural Vegan Dessert Mix from the Bakol manufacturer. To bring healthier food to customers, the Bakol brand has produced this low-calorie gelatin with no added refined sugar, the culprit causing tooth decay, dental diseases, and increasing the risk of obesity in children. This nourishment’s ingredient is said to have natural and vegan elements for not only people who are having a healthy or keto lifestyle but also appropriate for vegetarians and fruitarians. However, there are many divided opinions about its ingredients, whether fully healthy and keto or not. 

You can enjoy this dessert after your main course if you follow the manufacturer’s recipe. It only contains 80 calories in total. This figure is acceptable for a light meal. If you wonder without sugar whether this food is luscious, then the answer is yes! The Bakol Jel Dessert is made from natural sugar found in fruits, and with its original jelly texture, this light meal will light up your taste buds! There are multiple fruit flavors for you to choose such as lemon, orange, strawberry, etc. Moreover, this is an easy-to-make dish that will spark your child’s interest in the cooking session. Because this Bakol Dessert has no artificial ingredient, its smell is strange.


  • Healthy dessert
  • Low calories
  • Delicious and appetizing
  • Vegetarians and fruitarians can use


  • mixed opinions about its ingredients
  • Strange smell


If you are in a sweet craving period, this product is a great choice to have both a healthy and tasty meal. 

Simply Delish Natural Jel Dessert

The Simply Delish Natural Jel Dessert is a second option we recommend to you. Like the Bakol Jel Dessert, this product does not include artificial sugar and other harmful preservative ingredients. The Simple Delish Dessert is a solution to all parents’ concerns and apprehension about their children’s gluttony, obesity, and developmental problems. The manufacturer has created the product without harmful substances such as gluten, cholesterol, trans fat, etc. And this has been certified by the Kosher and Halal for you to count on. Most notably, without lactose, Simply Delish’s product is an optimal choice for people with lactose intolerance. The product is sweetened with stevia blend – a candy leaf used in medicine as a heart tonic, lowering blood pressure, relieving heartburn, and sugar carving for people with diabetes. Accordingly, this dessert only contains six calories per pack of gelatin, so you can have a delicious snack without feeling guilty about your diet.

Moreover, with this healthy gelatin, you can freely create recipes and make desserts in your way. There are numerous recipes for you to follow and experience. However, some people will not be accustomed to consuming this product because it is sugar-free.


  • Has been certified
  • Non-preservative and no detrimental ingredients for your health
  • Low-calories
  • Several recipes


  • Some people will not like its taste 


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Overall, though containing natural sugar, the Simply Delish Dessert might not be a cup of tea for some people. This product can be an option for those having lactose intolerance.

Ahmed Foods Blueberry Jelly

Let’s come to the third option for you today! It is the Ahmed Foods Blueberry Jelly from the brand name Ahmed. The first thing that impressed customers when looked at is its marine blue packaging, making you feel relaxed and refreshing. With a very distinctive blueberry flavor, this light meal will stimulate your taste buds and immerse you in it. This Ahmed Jelly will not take a lot of time to make this dessert. When you boil and pour the mixture into a mould, the gelatin will coagulate instantly to become chewy and brittle jelly candies! Like the Simply Delish Dessert. This Ahmed Foods Blueberry Jelly also has been approved by the Halal; thus, you do not have to be anxious about its origin ingredients.


  • Cute aquamarine packaging
  • Yummy taste
  • Chewy jelly 
  • Approved by the Halal


  • None


This Halal gelatin is easy-to-make for you to kill time while quarantining. If you like the blueberry flavor, this Ahmed Jelly will light up your taste buds!

Agar Powder

From LIVING Jin Store, the Agar Powder is saved the best for the last. There is no doubt about its popularity as this product has been a bestseller and highly appreciated. This Agar Powder is a 2-in-1 product used to cook or even be an organic skincare cosmetic. Yes! We are not making mistakes here! This product from the LIVING Jin Store can be applied as a skin mask in your daily routines for hydrating, an excellent alternative for chemical skincare face masks. Notably, the Agar Powder is made full of natural resources like seaweed, and using the origins ABG as be known are provided a high volume of collagen found in the skin, bones, etc. There are several minerals in one pack, such as dietary fiber, calcium, iron, and it is non-saturated fat included. Thus you can use this powder to make a healthy and delicious dish for your nourishing light meal with numerous homemade recipes for you to follow. This Agar Powder has been accepted by the UK Vegan Society for its vegan and you can get your refund if this powder does not satisfy you.


  • Bestseller powder 
  • It can be used for many purposes
  • Natural resources 
  • Certified by the UK Vegan Society
  • You can get a refund if it does not please you


  • None


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It is undeniable that this product has put its name on the map for its premium quality and various uses. This powder is an optimal option for those having a weight loss diet but still want to have some sweet and low-calorie dessert.

To sum up, we hope with this information, you can find your favorite gelatine products to make your own healthy and luscious dessert during your free time. 

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