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The Best Hdmi Microscope

What is the best HDMI Microscope on the market?

On the market, there are several HDMI Microscopes from various manufacturers. If you wonder which one is the most suitable, follow us and find out.

A digital microscope includes a digital camera designed with an optical microscope, but there is no need for oculars. A sample image is observed and directly analyzed on an electronic screen. Digital microscopes could also be traditional stereo or a compound microscope with oculars, but they are also designed with a camera to store microscope status feedback information, camera set points.

Digital microscopes are suitable tools for research and development (R&D), production and testing, quality assurance and control (QA/QC) analysis and recording of samples and parts, as well as malfunction analysis (FA).

HDMI technology (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) brings a range of crucial advantages to digital microscopy, including better signal integrity, richer color definition, higher bandwidth capability, and protocols for encryption and video in high definition. Below, we recommend you four HDMI microscopes.

The Best Hdmi Microscope of June 2021 – Reviews and Top Rated

Rank No. #1
Mustcam 1080P Full HD Digital Microscope, HDMI Microscope, 10x-220x Magnification, to Any Monitor/TV with HDMI-in, Photo Capture, Micro-SD Storage, PC Supported
  • This high-tech while easy to use HDMI Digital Microscope provides 1080p video crystal output directly.
  • It adopts top quality image sensor and corresponding glass microscopic lens, ensuring the best image quality in the digital microscope field.
  • It outputs stunning video image, so user can share full HD microscopic image with others easily, useful for students, collectors, hobbyists, testers etc to explore the microscopic world, especially useful for school teachers to share microscopic image with students
  • It supports photo capture and Micro-SD card storage; it can also work on PC (Measurement function while working on PC).
  • We are a HDMI certified member, ensuring that we have paid royalty to the organization and can use HDMI legally.
Rank No. #2
14MP HDMI Microscope Camera Remote Control Kit for Industry Lab PCB USB Output TF Card Video Recorder +180X C-Mount Lens + Big Stereo Stand +144 LED Light
  • 14 megapixel Panasonic sensor 1/2.3 inch; Model: Camera with HDMI USB2.0 two output
  • Transverse and vertical line: Support multi-color, 5 pcs of transverse lines/vertical lines, movable
  • Image resolution: 4320*3240 (for TF card) 1920 *1080 @ 60FPS(for TF card);1920x1080 (for USB)
  • Video format: MP4(for TF card) ; Image format: JPG; USB Video resolution: 1920 *1080 @ 30FPS
  • Parameter can't adjust for USB out, PC Support: WIN7/8/10/XP, MAC System, MAC user pls contact us to get the new measure software; this camera set is made up of separate items, if a part of them can't work well for you, pls do not return it directly, just feel free to contact us, we will help you solve probelms or send you replacement part, thank you.
Rank No. #3
LINKMICRO Digital Microscope 4K HDMI Precision High Definition 14 Million Pixels Ultra HD Photo Record Soldering Parts Inspection PC Repair Metal Stand Remote Control LED Light 1 Year Warranty
  • [4K high-definition industrial level] 14-megapixel UHD lens, ultra-high-definition 3840x2160 resolution, deep depth of field, producing realistic 3D effects. It supports HDMI output, and you can get high-definition industrial-level image quality on a 4K monitor.
  • [Ingenuity to enjoy work and observation] A larger work space can be secured with an ultra-large metal base and an objective distance of 50 mm to 290 mm, making it ideal for soldering, PC and mobile repair work, etc. In addition, you can take pictures and videos of observation objects, and save and play them on a maximum 32G SD card (sold separately). You can easily enjoy observation and work.
  • [Ingenuity that makes your eyes to observe comfortable] With HDMI output, you can micro objects that are invisible to the naked eye, such as soldering points, the details of parts, etc. By matching the side lights, you can adjust the light rays that hit the observation object more naturally and easily. The HDMI output will relieve your eyes from tiredness. With a remote control, it is ideal for many people to repair and observe.
  • [Durable product structure] Equipped with a durable metal stand structure, an ultra-large work space, and a UV lens, the lens can be protected from scattered solder residue and smoke generated during work and repair. It is ideal for industrial work environments such as soldering, repairing watches and parts, and is also applicable to various applications such as jewelry appreciation, stamp and tag research, biological observation, and free research.
  • [Reliable Guarantee] With a PDF version of the Japanese instruction manual, a 30-day return refund / exchange warranty, and a 12-month free replacement & repair warranty. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. Please be assured that we will contact you in English within 24 hours.
Rank No. #4
HAYEAR 16MP HDMI 1920x1080P Resolution Digital HD Microscope Camera 5X- 300X Magnification Optical Lens Bracket with Illumination Portable
  • Image sensor: SONY CMOS 1/2.9; Pexil size: 2.85 × 2.85μm
  • Video output: full hd 1080p ( via HDMI), 720P( vis USB); Image resolution: 4608*3456( via HDMI)
  • Industry CMOS Camera. It can Show the live image directly on any HDMI monitor or Projector via HDMI ports. For usb output, the parameter can’t adjust and the remote control can’t application.
  • solid base plate, made with high quality aluminium, it is durable and practical, as well as the beauty appearance
  • PC Support: WIN7/8/10/XP MAC System, MAC user pls contact us to ger the new measure software
Rank No. #5
HAYEAR 4K UHD HDMI Microscope Camera Industry Digital USB C-Mount TF Card Video Record 100-240 Plug High Speed for Precision Soldering Repair Tiny Objects Analyze
  • effective pixels: SONY IMX CMOS 1/2.3 4K sensor; Pixel Size:1.55 × 1.55μm
  • Resolution: 4K/2K/1080P (HDMI ) 1080P(USB); Image resolution: 4608*3456 (HDMI)
  • the camera make of high quality aluminiium alloy and circuit board, it is durable
  • HDMI output connect the power supply and hdmi line to monitor; USB output only connect the usb line to pc is ok, PC support Windows XP/7/8/10 system
  • this is mainly a hdmi camera and the parameter and remote controller is only available for hdmi output
SaleRank No. #6
Andonstar AD407 3D HDMI Soldering Digital Microscope with 4MP UHD and 7 inch Adjustable LCD Screen USB Video Microscopes for Phone Repairing SMT SMD DIY
  • The parcel will be shipped from WC, you will receive parcel in 5-7 business days.
  • 1080( 60f/s) and has HDMI output,High object distance,depth of field is quite well.
  • UV filter, protect the lens from being dirty or damaged during soldering.
  • 7 inch adjustable screen, 4 MP image sensor, industrial lens, image is very clear and give you great view experience.
  • Adjustable stand, the microscope stand can move backward and forward, providing enough soldering working space.
Rank No. #7
HAYEAR 34MP HDMI USB HD Digital Industry Video Microscope Camera+180X C-Mount Lens+144LED Light+Big Boom Stand Universal Bracket
  • Image sensor: 34 megapixel Panasonic CMOS sensor 1/2.33 inch
  • Image resolution: 5200*3900 (for TF card) 1920*1080 @ 60FPS(for TF card)
  • HDMI Video resolution: 2K @ 30FPS ,1920*1080 @ 60FPS; USB Video resolution: 1920*1080 @ 30FPS
  • 34mp image resolution and remote control is only available for hdmi output, for usb output the image resolution is 2mp. also for usb output the parameters can't adjust. this specification also apply to all camera with HDMI USB2.0 two output.
  • hdmi can't connect to the computer because the hdmi signal of pc is output signal, if you have any problems or doubt pls feel free to contact us
Rank No. #8
HAYEAR 34MP 2K HDMI USB Digital Video Microscope Set Electronic Camera Stereo Table Stand Can Go Up Down and Forward Movable 144 LED Light Lamp (180X C-Mount Lens)
  • Image sensor: 34 megapixel Panasonic CMOS sensor 1/2.33 inch
  • Image resolution: 5200*3900 (for TF card) 1920*1080 @ 60FPS(for TF card)
  • HDMI Video resolution: 2K @ 30FPS ,1920*1080 @ 60FPS; USB Video resolution: 1920*1080 @ 30FPS
  • PC Support : Windows XP/7/8/10 system, parameter and remote control can’t adjust for USB out
  • if your monitor is 1920*1080 but connect the camera can't display as this, pls don't worry, this is normal situation due to some model monitor can't compatible with the camera directly, pls kindly contact us, we will send you a file to upgrade and solve problems, also if you have any other problems during the operation also pls feel free to contact us, we are always on your assistance and help you solve the problems
Rank No. #9
HAYEAR 14MP HDMI USB Industry Microscope Kit Camera Set Remote Control 100X C-Mount Lens Video Recorder 40 LED Ring Light
  • 14 Megapixel Panasonic sensor 1/2.3 inch
  • Model: Camera with HDMI USB2.0 Two Output Remote Control
  • Image resolution: 4320*3240 (for TF card) 1920 *1080 @ 60FPS(for TF card);1920x1080 (for USB)
  • Video format: MOV(for TF card) ; Image format: JPG; USB Video resolution: 1920x1080 @ 30FPS
  • USP Port PC Support : Windows XP/7/8/10 system, parameter and remote control can’t adjust for USB out
Rank No. #10
HAYEAR Full Set 34MP 21MP 2K 1080P 60FPS Full HD HDMI USB C-Mount Electronic Industry Microscope Camera Kit for PCB Repair Portable
  • 34 megapixel Panasonic CMOS sensor 1/2.33 inch
  • Image resolution: 5200*3900 (for TF card) 1920*1080 @ 60FPS(for TF card)
  • HDMI Video resolution: 2K @ 30FPS ,1920*1080 @ 60FPS; USB Video resolution: 1920*1080 @ 30FPS
  • table stand is all alloy aluminum, solid base plate, very high quality and easy to carry
  • USB PC Support : Windows XP/7/8/10 system, parameter and remote control can’t adjust for USB out

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Andonstar AD407 HDMI Microscope 

The digital microscope AD407 has a 7-inch screen that provides you clearer images and videos with less delay. Its output video can be UHD2880x2160 24FPS, HD1280x720 120FPS or FHD 1920×1080 30/60FPS. AD407 has an HD Sensor with 4 megapixels. The monitor and stand can be adjusted to help you obtain a larger workspace, maintain a comfortable working position, and provide a real visual 3D effect. Moreover, AD407 is designed with a good-looking and wear-resistant metal lens. It has a good depth of field. Two led lights are adjustable by pressing the dimmer switch.

The output from HDMI is supported. It is possible to attach the microscope to a bigger monitor. It’s super convenient for your demo. You can take photos, image reversal, film videos, zoom out, zoom in, and other basic operations using both the buttons ( which are on display) or wireless remote control. The AD407’s UV filter is of high quality and could protect the lens from the damage of smoke, dust, and heat. 


  • UV filter.
  • Adjustable stand.
  • HDMI output.


  • AC power supply.

Verdict: An AC power supply isn’t compatible with the European format. Hence, you may need to purchase an additional adapter.

HAYEAR HDMI Microscope 

The next product is Hayear HDMI microscope. This product from Hayear has a 1/2.3 inch Panasonic sensor with 14 megapixels. The camera is equipped with an HDMI USB2.0 and two outputs. It also supports multiple colors with five pcs of vertical lines and transverse lines. Best of all, it is movable. The image resolution output for the TF card is 4320×3240 and 1920×1080 @60FPS, while the one for USB is 1920×1080 @30FPS. And the video and image format output for the TF card is MP4 and JPG.

Furthermore, parameters for USB out can’t be adjusted. The PC that this product can support is WIN10/8/7/XP and MAC System. You can contact the producer to get the latest measurement software. This camera package consists of different products. If any part of them can not work for you, you can contact them to solve your problems or ask for a replacement part.


  • Panasonic sensor with 14 megapixels. 
  • Multi-color support. 
  • Camera with HDMI USB2.0.


  • Unchangeable parameter for USB out.

Verdict: Due to USB’s unchangeable parameter, you have to edit everything before taking it out. It is quite inconvenient for USB out.

Mustcam HDMI Microscope

The third one is HDMI Microscope by Mustcam. The HDMI Digital Microscope directly provides video crystal 1080p output. It uses a top-quality picture sensor and matching microscope lens made of glass to achieve the highest quality image in the field of digital microscopes. It produces impressive video images. Therefore, users could easily share full HD images with others, extremely useful for students, testers, collectors, hobbyists, etc., to discover the microscopic realm, particularly helpful for school teachers to share their microscopic images.

 Besides, this HDMI microscope enables photo capture and storage of Micro-SD cards. It can also run on PCs (working on PC while measurement function). They are a registered HDMI member, meaning that the company has paid royalties and could use HDMI legally.


  • Stunning video image output.
  • High-quality image sensor.


  • Short cord.

Verdict: It’s quite inconvenient when using short cords. You can not take it too far from the plug.  

Linkmicro HDMI Microscope

The last one we bring you is Linkmicro HDMI Microscope. This HDMI microscope supports multimedia output interfaces including TV, HDMI, PC output (Windows 10/8/7/XP system), but you must install free measurement software. This advantage will enable you to watch on a large display, freeing your eyes completely. There is no need to look at the lens anymore. You can take images and videos of the object of observation, save then play it on a maximum (not included) 32G SD card and observe it with a maximum exaggeration of 260x. You can enjoy work or repairs comfortably, with a greater depth of field and practical 3D effects. You could automatically change the display when you want to adjust the direction of the figures on the observation subject, without reversing the observation’s direction of a subject from a fixed location.

Thanks to the excellent sensation of the metal body, the objective distance and concentration can be smoothly modified. The robust frame shields the item body from tasks such as welding. You can remotely take photographs and videos, zoom out, zoom in, adjust the screen brightness, rotate pictures, etc., with optical remote control. When using the microscope, you need to avoid damage to the observation subject’s condition. It is also easy to fix and track many individuals at the very same time.


  • Multimedia output interfaces.
  • Free PC measurement software.
  • Quality accessories.

Cons: None

Verdict: Linkmicro HDMI Microscope is very good at images and video analysis. It is also easy to switch between multi-screen due to multimedia output interfaces. Very useful and efficient!

Final thought

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All the above information is the best one to bring to you. Every HDMI microscope shares some functions in common, but they still have features that could match particular tasks. We hope you find our information useful to find an ideal product to support your job!

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