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The Best Jebao Wavemakers

Are you looking for a device that will make your aquarium live as if it were in the real ocean? Here is a list of the four best Jebao Wavemaker wave generators ever. Our article will answer your question.

You are an aquarium addict and have bought your house an enormous fish tank. However, have you ever wondered how your beloved fish feel when living in an artificial environment without water waves? And have you ever looked at your aquarium and saw that it was not real and vivid? So now is the time to need a solution to turn your aquarium into a miniature ocean. 

And that solution is called Jebao Wavemaker – a wave generator from the Jebao brand. This device will contribute to a more intense life for your loved fish. Join us to explore the best Jebao Wavemaker types below to choose the right device!

The Best Jebao Wavemakers of February 2024 – Reviews and Top Rated

OW Wavemaker JEBAO 8 Flows – The Real Aquarium At Home

The beginning of the series of top wave generators that we bring is the latest version of 2018: OW Wavemaker JEBAO. OW is an updated template from SW, RW, and WP models. This version is a significant change in the way of innovation and product invention of the JEBAO brand.

This generation adopts an upgraded operating motor set to withstand unnecessary damage. The manufacturer also offers a primary and secondary wireless controller that can be easily connected to pumps. The fixed design via magnetic base makes it more convenient for users to install and maintain the equipment.

In particular, the OW JEBAO wave generator is also designed with eight types of waves with different flow rates and an optional wave direction rotation function that facilitates easy user adjustment. Besides, the producer also focuses on the sound produced. They created a silent design to minimize annoying noises as other generators do. Also, the version offers a one-touch charging mode that will slow the pump for 10 minutes.

With low voltage operation and high performance, the device is a very high flow, low energy consumption, and very safe. Another plus is that the use of anti-wear ceramic shafts will increase the machine’s life, prolonging your service life. This product is compact and comes in a size that makes it easy to choose one that fits your aquarium’s and width.


  • Low noise
  • Compact
  • Multiple wave modes


This product is exactly what many customers are looking for. From the compact size to the excellent features of this wave generator, it is sure to make you satisfied and give a useful review on this product.

JEBAO CP-120 Cross Flow Generator – Super 360 Degree Flow

This product was followed by an early version of JEBAO’s wave-pump invention: JEBAO CP-120 cross flow generator. It is considered the oldest version but also the beginning of the successful chain of wavemakers. Although this model was produced in 2016, it is still no less than its juniors.

The device applying cross-flow technology created another type of flow like a wave generator that reverses the direct injection flow 360 degrees back without any obstruction. From this old version, various flow patterns have been designed to resemble natural water waves. Currents are created from multiple fast and slow speeds that distribute the flow rate evenly throughout the aquarium. Waveform modes can be adjusted manually (4 flow modes: h mode – average speed; w1 mode – pulse mode; w2 mode – normal with 4 ‘to 99 hands ‘; w3- normal mode with 10’ reef mode feed.

Besides, this version also ensures not to disturb the user by applying super-quiet mode, and even the fish feels very peaceful. With the unique control system and compact design, you can easily install, clean, and use the device.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Convenient
  • Strong magnets


Through the reviews and positive feedback on the product, this device has never been hot and impressed many consumers. Plug it in, and set the speed. This gear will work just the way you want.

JEBAO SOW Wave Generator – Super Sensitive Light Sensor

Next place is the special edition SOW JEBAO wave generator. Manufacturer JEBAO has continuously researched the market and learned more methods to upgrade and improve equipment to new heights. Born after OW, SOW also has similar features.

The device allows the user to adjust the fast and slow flow at will while providing a one-touch feed; within 10 minutes, the pump will slow down. You also do not have to worry about the device’s sound because this model keeps the super-silent design much quieter than previous versions. With magnetic brackets, users can easily install, maintain and clean the equipment.

Jebao SOW Wave generator updated in 4 sizes (SOW-4,8,15,20). The device’s most noticeable change is that the engine continues to be significantly improved to resist malfunctions and undue damage.

The distinct function here that we want to say is the integrated night light sensor system that detects the tank lights off by itself and slows down the pump. The product is suitable for both salt and freshwater.


  • High suction power
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use


Every detail is perfect. This device will help your aquarium become more vivid and real. In addition to its full range of premium features, we believe this is an excellent product for aquarium hobbyists.

SLW JEBAO Artificial Wave Generator – Vibrant Ecological Area

To close the journey to find the most fantastic wave generator of all time, we will bring a super vivid version: the SLW JEBAO artificial wave generator. This product is the model that achieves high rankings on the “Pet Supplies” and “Aquarium Water Pumps” shopping charts. With all the features of a perfect wave operator, the JEBAO SLW deserves the Best Waveforming Accessory title.

In general, the SLW JEBAO has an eye-catching black exterior design and compact size that makes it easy for users to install, use and operate. Moreover, the model is also made of ceramic material, which increases the durability of the device.

The manufacturer JEBAO shows that it possesses flexible flow rates and powerful flow despite its small appearance. Besides, the large rotation angle design contributes to adjust the direction of water out. One-touch mode guarantees an extended pump slowdown time of 10 minutes.

This version is released in the market with four types (SLW-10,20,20M, 30) with different models and sizes for you to choose from.


  • Large turbulent flow
  • Easy installation option
  • Easy to use
  • Durable


Overall, everything that the JEBAO SLW delivers is excellent. This device will become the right choice for you when turning your aquarium into a lively, vivid ecosystem in your apartment.

Final Thought

Through the top 4 JEBAO Wavemaker devices mentioned above, we think that you have the answers to your concerns and can come up with the most suitable choice. All the products you have come across are strictly tested thoroughly before being released to the market, so do not worry about product quality.

Having a JEBAO Wavemaker in hand, you can completely turn your aquarium into a real miniature aquarium. With effortless installation with compact design, sleek, we believe you will be delighted with your experience of this product.

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