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The Best Manikin Head Stand

Manikin Head Stand is an indispensable item in the hairstyling industry. This product is a manikin head holder product that helps novices easily balance hair for styling.

It can also use as a hairstylist at the salon. However, manikin has many types with many different features. Depending on the need to use or choose the best one, consumers still have a few doubts about owning a Manikin Head Stand.

This article will introduce you to the Manikin Head Stand 2021 to satisfy your requirements so far. Let’s check it out!

TOp 4 Best MANIKIN HEAD STANDs in 2021 – Reviews by Eardex

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1. Teen Wig Mannequin Head Stand, 2 Pack Cosmetology Mannequin Head Holder Clamp Mannequin Head Stand Black

The first product on the list comes from Teenitor. This manikin holder gives you a high working standard that is strong enough. It is ideal for styling or displaying a manikin top hat. 

 Teenitor Wig Mannequin Head Stand, 2 Pack Cosmetology Manikin Stand Mannequin Head Holder Clamp Black


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This product makes hard plastic, compact, simple to use without worrying about the moved manikin head. The manikin head is fastened, clamped merely on a flat surface. The stand’s size is relatively small, so you can take it anywhere or take them apart. However, this stand does not support clamping on round or inclined boards.


  • Small in size, easy to use
  • The handle is sturdy, does not slip.


  • The knob is a bit small.
  • Plastic is brittle


If you are wondering about other racks because they are bulky and difficult to transport, this is the ideal rack to fix it.

2. Stand Canvas Block Training Doll Manikin Head Wig Stand for Cosmetology Hairdressing GEX Multifunction Manikin Tripod (Camera) (Black).

The second product we want to share with you is from GEX Worldwide. This manikin is a new, high quality, beautiful and convenient product, suitable for those studying cosmetology or practicing cutting, braiding, knitting. It is ideal for students, hairdressers, lounges, home users, etc. It features a new, effective design; three tripod link iron panels make premium aluminum alloy for improved tripod mount’s long-life stability. 

GEX Multifunction Mannequin Tripod (Camera) Stand Canvas Block Training Doll Manikin Head Wig Stand for Cosmetology Hairdressing (Black)


This manikin holder is light and compact. It can also be folded very small, so you can take it wherever you want. This manikin stand is also height-adjustable, with various requirements. Students can sit on the chair and practice hairstyling: maximum height up to 59 inches and a minimum of 23, 5 inches. The upper part can be adjusted 360 degrees to be compatible with manikin heads. The supplier also offers you a bag with GEX for you to travel, take exams, say that it is ideal for teaching heads and other hairdressing equipment.


  • Can use the versatile for a variety of purposes
  • Easy to install, sure
  • Reasonable price


  • The frame is easy to come off


This product brings a lot of conveniences. With the adjustable length, you can stand or sit styling.

3. Mannequin Head Stand MEIBR Adjustable Wig Stand Tripod

The next product on the list is from MEIBR. This manikin stand has an advanced anti-slip platform; the manikin head’s tripod leg will stand firmly on level ground, keeping the manikin head from slipping. 

Mannequin Head Stand MEIBR Adjustable Wig Stand Tripod for Hairdressing Training,Cosmetology Mannequin Training Professional Metal Support Tripod (Black)


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Plus, you can rotate the top to serve your purpose. This manikin stand has height adjustment, adjustable tripod mount, and bar length (from 32.8 inches to 53.5 inches) to suit your needs to allow students to sit on a chair and practice hairdressing. Furthermore, the rack’s top has a diameter of 0.8 inches, with this size suitable for most types of manikin head

Well, this product also comes with an extra bag to hold the shelf for you to carry anywhere you want.


  • Solid base
  • Adjustable height
  • Suitable for many types of the manikin head


  • When it is at its highest height, it wobbles.
  • Many points are loose.


MEIBR certainly will not disappoint you with the features it offers. With its mid-range price tag, its utilities are very affordable.

4. Wig Stand Tripod with Non-Slip Base Adjustable Mannequin

The third Manikin Head Stand you should not miss is from QISHI YUHUA. It is made of high-quality metal material, sturdy, not susceptible to rust and not peeling, more robust, and much lighter. It is soft and portable but can withstand the highest weight of 22 lbs. 

 Wig Stand Tripod with Non-Slip Base Adjustable Mannequin Head Stand with Hook Heavy Duty Manikin Head Tripod


This manikin stand has an advanced anti-slip platform; the manikin head’s tripod leg will stand firmly on level ground, keeping the manikin head from slipping. It has four expandable sections from 18 “to 55” and is more comfortable to transport or store to suit specific height needs. Besides, the two sides of the legs equip with two sea bug pads for easy access

Thanks to excellent quality, the tripod stand locks are more comfortable to open and close. The wig’s head support makes of a light alloy but sturdy enough to hold the manikin tip, and its strength will be much more consistent. Plus, the manikin stand will come with a nylon bag that makes it easy to carry around.


  • The stand is very sturdy.
  • An additional weighting hook at the bottom of the wig stands center design to hang the styling tools while enhancing stability by adding weight to the tripod.


  • The price is relatively high.


This manikin is a great product that you cannot ignore. With premium-quality, however, the price is also worth it. It will help you.


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That is the end of The Best Manikin Head Stand 2021 list. We hope that this article is informative and exciting.

From the above list, there are two products we want to recommend. The first one is from QISHI YUHUA Brand because the product functions are excellent, and it receives much positive feedback from customers. The second one will be MEIBR Brand due to its high flexibility and stable quality.

After this article, we hope you can find the best Manikin Head Stand for yourself. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!

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