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The Best Mega Bubble Leak Detector

What is the best Mega Bubble Leak Detector in 2021?

Looking for a Mega Bubble Leak Detector but do not know which one to buy yet? We are going to introduce some of the best products on the market in this article.

You probably have read somewhere, maybe on the Internet, on the news, or someone told you, about some gas explosion. These incidents are catastrophic, as they cause a lot of damage to human lives or assets. But do you know that most of the household gas explosions happened due to just a small gas leak? Therefore, detecting and fixing gas leaks in your house is very important. Even when gas leaks were too small to cause any damage, they could still reduce your household equipment’s efficiency and wear them out quicker. So how to spot leaks when you suspect there is one? The mega bubble leak detector is the answer. It is a special chemical that will spawn bubbles when applied to leaks. Just use them on where you think the leakage might be. If there are bubbles, that spot is leaked. Very simple!

Which one will suit you best as there are many products available for sale on the Internet right now? Let’s go through some of the best products one by one.

The Best Mega Bubble Leak Detector of June 2021 – Reviews and Top Rated

Rank No. #1
Oatey 45801 Hercules Mega Bubble Leak Detector, 8-Ounce
  • Detects even the smallest gas leaks.
  • Produces large, blue, long-lasting bubbles.
  • Clings, even to vertical surfaces.
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive formula.
  • Detects even the smallest gas leaks; Produces large, blue, long-lasting bubbles
Rank No. #2
Oatey 45802 Hercules Megabubble Leak Detector, 32-Ounce
  • Detects even the smallest gas leaks
  • Produces large, blue, long-lasting bubbles
  • Clings to vertical surfaces
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive formula
  • Produces large, blue, long-lasting bubbles. Detects even the smallest gas leaks
Rank No. #4
Nu-Calgon 4182-24 Gas Leak Detector Spray Bottle, 1-Quart, Blue
  • Cal Blue(R) Plus, Noncorrosive, Oxygen-Safe, Liquid Spray Bottle
  • Cal-Blue Plus has outstanding freeze-protection down to 5F
  • Cal-Blue products are the complete gas leak detector
  • Model number: 4182-24
Rank No. #6
Rectorseal 65554 8-Ounce Bottle Better Bubble Leak Locator
  • It is the newest and most advanced leak locator formula
  • It detects leaks of refrigerant gases, air, oxygen, and most other gases
  • Its thick formula can be used at various temperature and pressure applications
  • It is biodegradable
  • It will not corrode metal surfaces or attack plastic or rubber
Rank No. #7
Camco - 10325 Gas Leak Detector w/ Dauber
  • Bubbles at the site of the problem when gas is escaping
  • 8oz. Bottle
  • Dauber included
  • Protect your RV from gas leaks
  • Application is easy with included dauber
Rank No. #8
CC091 Propane Methane and Natural Gas Leak Detector, Portable Combustible Gas Detector Sniffer to Locate Gas Leaks of Sewer Gas Gasoline LPG LNG Fuel, w/ Flexible Sensor Probe, Audible & Visible Alarm
  • DETECTS A WIDE RANGE OF COMBUSTIBLE GASES: CC091 Gas leak detector for home is suitable for detecting natural gas, propane, methane, sewer gas, industrial solvent, alcohol, toluene, fuel gas including gasoline or kerosene, flammable gas like butane, coal gas, ethane, LPG, LNG, and other combustible gases.
  • SUPER SENSITIVE AND QUICK RESPONSE: High-precision solid-state semiconductor sensor with adjustable gas sensitivity will quickly detect and locate even a small gas leak. We can increase or decrease the dial to find different density gases leak, and the gas detection range from 50 to 10, 000 ppm.
  • SIMPLE TO USE: This portable gas detector sniffer powered by 3 AAA batteries (Not included). With a maximum length of 12.6-Inch gooseneck sensor probe, you will be reaching anywhere even in hard-to-reach areas. Quickly and accurately pinpoint potential combustible gases LPG propane gas leak in your RV, trailer, camper, kitchen, basement, gas stove, water heater and other household devices at home.
  • AUDIBLE & VISUAL ALARM: Visual 6 LEDs with 85dB tonal alarm and audible alarm to indicate gas leak of relative concentrations of natural gas & Methane propane, the gas detector will alarm continuously with tone and flashing light simultaneously when detecting gas leak. refer to "Calibration video of PANBUDOR Propane and Natural Gas Leak Detector"
  • PATENT-PROTECTION: PANBUDOR already applied for patent and qualification in US and Europe, you will get a trustable and reliable portable natural gas leak detector. Meanwhile, we will provide Worry-Free 24-month Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support to our valuable customers. Any question or concern, don't hesitate to CONTACT US, you will get a satisfying solution as well.
Rank No. #9
Comstar 90-203 Leak Seek Gas Leak Detector, 8 oz. Bottle, Fluorescent Yellow
  • Comstar’s gas leak detector set the standard for high quality and fast acting leak detectors in the market today! simply spray and watch fast even bubbles appear
  • Leak seek Produces large bubbles, leaves a long-lasting coating wherever a leak is detected and its fluorescent Yellow color makes the leak easy to see under a fluorescent light
  • Leak seek will NOT freeze and is perfectly formulated for both high and low temperature applications, for all types and sizes of leaks even micro leaks
  • Detects leaks in natural gas, refrigeration gas, nitrogen, air and C02
  • It is environmentally safe, non-toxic and non-corrosive
SaleRank No. #10
PANGAEA Gas Detector Portable Natural Gas Tester Detector, Combustible Propane Methane Gas Sensor Sniffer (Batteries Included)
  • Portable natural gas detector for detecting all combustible gas leak, LPG, LNG, fuel, hydrocarbons (methane, natural gas, gas, ethane, propane, benzene, Acetylene, propane, Pentane, hexane, gas oil, toluene), halogenated hydrocarbons(methylchloride, methylene chloride, three chloride, vinyl chloride), alcohols(methanol, ethanol), sewer gas etc. You can use it in your house or your RV.
  • Use 3xAA batteries. Compact size, light weight, easy to carry and operate. Long flexible stainless probe reaches all areas.
  • Audible semiconductor probe and auto fast warm-up.
  • Instant response, pinpoint leak position, whether in your home or in your RV. Audio & visible leakage alarm indication and adjustable sensitivity. Minimum 50 PPM (methane)
  • Video tutorial for your preparation. Please scroll down to "Related Video Shorts" on this page to find out. Also, you can download the latest version of Instruction Manual in the section of Technical Specification, on the same page as product description.

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Nu-Calgon 4182-24 Gas Leak Detector

The first product we will introduce today is the Nu-Calgon 4182-24 Gas Leak Detector. The bottle is the liquid spray bottle type. According to some customer reviews on this product, you can either spray the chemical on the leaks directly to keep your hands clean or use it with an additional brush to help apply the liquid wider, avoiding wasting too much. The chemical is non-corrosive and oxygen-safe, so it will not cause any damage to your home appliances nor your health. You can perfectly use this product where it is cold, as it can resist down to 5 Fahrenheit degrees. The product is suitable to detect gas leaks in HVAC systems, stoves, pipes, etc. The manufacturer advertises this as “the complete gas leak detector,” but we found it could be even more. You can also use this gas leak detector on other leaks like holes on the tires. Just apply it on where you suspect there is a leak, and the product will detect the leakage by spawning big bubbles in under 3 minutes.


  • Easy to use
  • Harmless to health and home appliances
  • It can be used on any leaks


  • None

Rectorseal 65554 8-Ounce Bottle Better Bubble Leak Locator

The next item that we will review is the Rectorseal Better Bubble Leak Locator. This product comes in an 8oz bottle with a soft cotton dauber to help you apply the liquid more efficiently and avoid wasting it. It also has a 32oz sprayer version with a trigger for more straightforward liquids application. This product’s most notable feature is the thick formula that can withstand a wide range of pressure and temperature. When detecting a leak, the chemical will produce large and resilient bubbles that can even resist winds, and the spawning process is also speedy so that you can spot gas leaks swiftly and clearly. The chemical is safe to home appliances as it is non-corrosion and will not harm plastic and rubber material. You can use this on HVAC systems, refrigerators, pipes, tubes, etc. It is also biodegradable so that you do not have to worry about the environment. However, some users feedback that the liquid will not dry or evaporate by itself, so remember to wipe it off after doing your work.


  • Thick formula
  • Safe to home appliances
  • Biodegradable, environment-friendly


  • Will not dry or evaporate by itself

 Oatey Hercules Mega Bubble Leak Detector

Next is the Hercules Mega Bubble Leak Detector from Oatey, version 45802. This product comes in a 32oz spray trigger bottle so that you can conveniently spray it while keeping your hands clean. This Hercules detector is said to have been used by many professionals, so don’t worry about its quality. The chemical’s color is blue, and the bubbles it produces are also blue (and big as well), making them more simple to spot. This detector can find the narrowest leaks quickly. The liquid will stick to vertical areas, so you don’t have to worry about the blue liquids spilling on your floor. It is made to be non-toxic to human health and will not cause corrosion to appliances’ materials, safe to use. You can apply this bubble leak detector on your HVAC system, refrigerator, tubes, etc. Just spray them and notice if any blue bubbles are coming up, then you will be able to find your troubling leakage.


  • Used by many professionals
  • The blue color makes it easier to be spotted
  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive


  • None

ComStar 90-204 Fluorescent Yellow Gas Leak Detector, 1 Quart Spray

The last product we are introducing today is the 90-204 Fluorescent Yellow Gas Leak Detector from ComStar. The product comes in a 1-quart spray bottle, but you can also buy it in an 8oz bottle with no spray trigger. This product’s unique fluorescent yellow color will produce bubbles of the same color. You can easily spot them in darkness thanks to the fluorescent pigment. Those bubbles are spawned quickly, allowing a fast leak detecting process. ComStar claims that the product can withstand high and low temperatures well. However, there is some evidence pointed out that the chemical evaporates fast under hot conditions. Consider this if you live in an area with a high temperature. Not only can it detect even the smallest gas leaks, but the product also works well with nitrogen and CO2, making it perfect for HVAC systems and other household appliances. The chemical is not toxic and will not cause corrosion to metals, and it is also environment-friendly.


  • Unique fluorescent yellow color that may glow in the dark
  • Safe and easy to use
  • It can be applied in many circumstances


  • The product may evaporate under hot conditions

That is all for today. We hope that after reading this article, you understand more about different types of Mega Bubble Leak Detector available on the market and how useful they are when it comes to finding gas leaks. Thank you for reading!

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