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Best N58 Smartwatch

If you are looking for the Best N58 Smart Watch of 2021, you are in the right place! Check out our article to find your answer.

Nowadays, when the quality of life is improved, smart products with many features are becoming more popular. Here n58 smartwatch products will bring users extreme convenience, bringing more benefits than traditional watches. To help you find a suitable smartwatch, we will share a list of the best smartwatch for you to consider. Let’s check it out.

TOP 4 BEST N58 SMARTWATCH in 2021 – Reviews by Eardex


1. Rundoing Smart Watch

RUNDOING 1.54 inch Full Touch Screen Smart Watch for Android iOS Phones IP68 Waterproof,Fitness Tracker with Sleep/Heart Rate Monitor,Step/Calorie Counter,Smartwatch for Women Men Girls


The first product we mention is an N58 smartwatch from Rundoing (a company specializing in making smartwatch products)product designed for those in need of sports practice.

Automatically tracks your steps all day, calories, heart rate, sleep. Use 10 exercise modes to record exercises and connect with GPS on your smartphone for more accurate real-time speeds and distances. Users can track the number of calories they consume to exercise strategies and eat suitable for their needs.

Compatible with both popular smartphone operating systems today, iOS and Android. When can you easily connect to smartphones iOS 8.2 & Android 4.4 and above?

They were charging time quickly when they only need 2 hours to charge a full battery. Uptime is about seven days, enough for one week of working and training use.

With the design of a large screen sized 1.54 ich with useful and quite complete user-support features. UNDOING promises to be a product used by trainees.


  • Accurate Activity Tracker
  • Yes IP68 Waterproof suitable for swimming
  • Has heart rate monitoring and sleep
  • Extended use time (1 week)
  • Easy to connect to your phone
  • Read text messages, social media notifications, or calls all the time.
  • Large Screen (1.54 Inches)


  • There is no conversation function.
  • There is no texting function.
  • No weather feature


It is the most useful N58 Smart Watch for your consideration. You can get one RUNDOING Smart Watch to more accurately and efficiently training exercises and activity tracking.


Smart Watch Bluetooth Smartwatch Touch Screen Wrist Watch Sports Fitness Tracker with Camera SIM SD Card Slot Pedometer Bluetooth Watch Compatible with Android iOS for Men Women Gifts


The next product is N58 SmartWatch comes from the Agkey brand. An advanced multifunctional smartwatch. It has a significant improvement that anyone can use instead of just the leading practice when Agkey watch supports Sim Card Inserted: Works with sim card, GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Turn the eye like a miniature phone. AGKEY Smartwatch can easily listen to call, send and read the text. You can replace your phone with AGKEY Smartwatch with basic features. Besides, if you do not have a sim to use for the watch, the AGKEY Smartwatch will still connect normally.

Besides, AGKEY Smartwatch supports SMS (Short Message Service), MP3, MP4 for easy music playback. Two-way anti-stray reminder (this is a handy feature to help those who are always traveling and forget their way home there), Take a photo, Alarm clock. The watch still has all the essential functions and is necessary for users who need to exercise, such as Pedometer, Sedentary Reminder, Sleep Tracking.


  • With SIM SD Card (with a call, read, and text message)
  • Has heart rate monitoring and sleep
  • It easily connects to an android phone.
  • It contains a two-way anti-stray reminder.
  • Product finishing quality is good.


  • Not compatible for iPhone (IOS operating system)
  • There is no waterproof standard.


A perfect product for the commute or on the go. AGKEY Smartwatch equipped with a two-way anti-lost reminder feature, extremely useful for people who forget the road. And if only for primary use and practice, smartwatches from Agkey can respond reliably.

3. MBHB Youth Smart Watch

MBHB Youth Smart Watch, Indoor Sport Fitness Tracker, Dynamic Heart Rate Sleep Monitor Wristband for Men Women, Black


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The third product is N58 Smart Watch from the MBHB brand (a brand specializing in Smart Watch items for women), a product for all classes and ages. When there are all necessary features for a regular user, this smartwatch’s only minus point is no built-in call-listening feature.

Although there is no conversation, in return, the product still has the function to notify about calls, messages from Facebook, Skype, Twitter, etc., and read them on the screen, helping users not to miss any activity. When not using the phone.

There are still sports modes such as Climbing, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Running, and Swimming. Connect with GPS on your smartphone to get 24-hour real-time training data, track miles traveled, measure calories burned. Users can make a fitness route and a suitable diet for themselves from there. Not only that, MBHB Youth Smart Watch automatically goes to sleep at night and records your sleeping and waking hours. All data synced with a smartphone via Bluetooth.

A big plus for MBHB Youth SmartWatch is that it uses a color screen with a 1.3-inch IPS HD panel, making the beautiful screen very flattering, with wide viewing angles that do not leak light at corners. The product has four customizable light levels to help users customize it for indoor use or go out on the street.

The watch’s strap is skin-friendly—adjustable strap length, fit for 5.5 inches to 8-inch wrist size.

Compatible with both popular smartphone operating systems today, iOS and Android. When can you easily connect with smartphones iOS 8.0 & Android 4.0 and above?

With a 180MA lithium battery, charging time quickly when only need 2 hours to charge the full battery, activity time is about 4 to 7 days, enough for work, practice, and business travel.   


  • Display quality is excellent (using an IPS color panel)
  • IP68 waterproof standard
  • Have notifications and read messages and calls.
  • A GPS connection captures 24-hour real-time training data.
  • Has heart rate monitoring and sleep
  • Easy to connect to your phone.


  • There is no conversation function.

Verdict: It is the perfect Smart Watch with all the features needed for a technology product. Suitable for the majority of watch users. Suitable for the majority of watch users. The product supports essential functions such as viewing notifications, weather, recording users’ exercise activities, and sleep. Screen quality is imposing.


The final product is N58 SmartWatch; we are introducing the SmartWatch from the A-TGTGA brand.

Smart Watch with Call,Health and Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate Blood Pressure SpO2 Monitor Sleep Tracker,App Message Reminder,Music Control,Waterproof Smart Watch for Android iOS Phone (Brown)


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 The screen uses an HD panel that provides a stable viewing experience for the eyes.

Although there is only an HD screen compared to the IPS screen of MBHB Youth Smart Watch, A-TGTGA Smart Watch again has the full functionality of a SmartWatch. It can receive or make calls. Using Bluetooth 5.0 makes the connection between the watch and phone stable and uninterrupted. There are heart rate measurements, blood pressure, blood oxygen, step count, calories, and a stopwatch to assess the user’s exercise level. Add to that 11 types of track fitness regimes like walking, running, soccer/basketball, climbing, cycling, swimming, yoga/gymnastics, etc. Smartwatch has a health monitoring function and track movement and can signal 0+ reminding you after you sit for a long time or do not drink water for a long time.

The A-TGTGA SmartWatch also has additional functions such as controlling music, taking pictures, pressing the computer, or viewing the calendar.

Compatible with both popular smartphone operating systems today, iOS and Android. When easily connects to smartphones iOS 8.4 & Android 4.4 and above. Use the “V band” application to synchronize smartwatch displays such as incoming calls, messages, or notifications from other applications.


  • Display quality is good (using HD color panels)
  • Have notifications and read messages and calls
  • There is conversation
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Has heart rate monitoring, blood pressure, blood oxygen, steps count, calories, stopwatch
  • Easy to connect to your phone.
  • Multiple exercise modes (11 modes)


  • Not used for swimming, shower/bath, or sauna (although it has waterproof IP67 standard)


A relatively complete product with all the necessary functions for the user as workouts, keeping track of your fitness, listening to calls, texting, and viewing notifications, are harmonious and converged enough in A-TGTGA Smart Watch.


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Final Thoughts

Here are our four best N58 Smart Watch products. Each type has different advantages and disadvantages, targeting many classes and ages, but all 4 have functions that serve those who need to practice sports and exercise health.

According to the above comparison, I highly recommend 2 Smart Watch products from MBHB and A-TGTGA brands. Both have most of the functionality needed for a SmartWatch, using a good-looking display panel. The big difference between these two watches is that the A-TGTGA Smart Watch has a call-and-call function but doesn’t have good water resistance, but the MBHB Youth Smart Watch is the opposite.

Depending on your needs, you can choose the product that best suits you. Will 1 of our four products above convince you?

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