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The Best Octopus Outlet

What is the best Octopus Outlet for your home in 2021?

The electricity demand would be different for each person. The four recommended Octopus Outlets below are sure to improve your home’s safety. You will no longer see the cramped power plugs but in a more organized order.

Today, modern life has resulted in more devices being used. With such a lot of devices, there is a stronger need for people to use more outlets. However, electricity is not something that can be easily overlooked. Any common bad habits can lead to fire, electrical shock, and other potentially dangerous threats. With Octopus Outlets, you can conveniently and safely access your far-away desk or bedside table. This is an innovative and smart solution for inconvenient wall outlets in your home and office. Stay tuned for details on the following four highly regarded Octopus Outlets.

The Best Octopus Outlet of October 2021 – Reviews and Top Rated

Rank No. #1
Stanley 31503 PowerSquid 5 Outlet Flexible Outlet Multiplier, Black
  • 5 grounded outlets
  • Flexible arms to easily accommodate bulky adapter plugs
  • On/off circuit breaker
  • 3 foot cord
  • Gauge: AWG 14/3 SJTW
SaleRank No. #2
Go Green Power GG-5OCT GoGreen Power 5 Outlet Surge Protector, Black
  • Protects Electronics against power outage
  • 15 amp circuit breaker (1875 watts)
  • 250 joules of protection
  • Indicator light confirms operation
  • 3-foot cord
SaleRank No. #3
Accell Flexible Surge Protector - 5 Outlets, 6-Foot Cord, 600 Joules, ETL Listed - White Grounded Extension Cord Power Strip
  • Plug into all 5 outlets, even with bulky adapters & Transformers
  • Flexible, adapter-friendly outlets protect your power Cords from wear and tear
  • Product safety tested and Certified by ETL
  • 600 Joules of surge protection, 6-foot heavy duty power cord
  • Durability and performance Backed by Accell 5-year connected equipment $100, 000 Limited warranty
Rank No. #4
Top Brass Large Octopus/Kraken Electrical Cover Wall Plate Bronze/Verdigris Finish - Single Switch, Double, Rocker, Outlet (Outlet)
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - made from high quality, durable poly-resin material. Beautiful bronze / verdigris finish.
  • RUSTIC CHARM - add some nautical / beach flair to your favorite room. Amazingly detailed covers.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - mounting screws included.
  • COMPATIBLE with standard light switches and outlets.
  • PROTECTIVE PACKAGING - each cover is individually boxed and bubble wrapped.
Rank No. #5
ECHOGEAR Rotating Surge Protector with Flat Plug, Long Cord, & Mounting Holes - 8 Outlet Power Strip with Heavy Duty Surge Supression Plus Built-in Cable Management
  • No more wasting covered up outlets. This power strip includes 6 flexible rotating outlets that keep power adapters out of the way and two fixed side outlets for good measure.
  • Cable management hooks keep cords aligned and easily manageable. No more untangling and fussing with any chaotic cord situations.
  • Don't let outside electrical interference damage your devices. This surge protector filters outside interference to fuel your electronics with clean power while keeping your outlets safe.
  • Protect your devices from electrical surges with 2160 joules of surge protection. A 2160 joule rating is top of the line and is the best option for handling multiple electronics and larger appliances.
  • Tested and Proven to be a trusted partner. UL safety certified with a 5 year, 25k connected equipment warranty. Your electronics won't be "hertz" with ECHOGEAR.
Rank No. #6
Multi Plug Outlet, Surge Protector, ANHAORUI Outlet Splitter with 6 Outlet Extender and 3 USB Ports (White)
  • 【Multi-Function Wall Outlet Extender】 - 6 AC outlets(15A/125V/1875W) and 3 USB port power for cell phones, laptops, cameras and many other devices. With built-in surge protector (1680 Joules), it can ensure your precious devices are under protection. 2 hanging hole for all types of Standard Electrical Outlets, like duplex outlet, GFCI outlet, Decor outlet, USB receptacle. Can use screws to secure it onto standard Electrical Outlets.
  • 【6 AC Adapter Outlets】- the extended 6 outlets fit 6 standard plugs simultaneously, with built-in 1680J surge protection components.The “Protected” indicator LED light turns on to show your devices are protected against electrical spikes at the maximum.
  • 【3 Smart USB Ports】- 5V 3.4A shared rating; high-speed USB ports automatically detect charging devices and deliver optimal charging speed, up to 2.4A per port. Also, your cell phone could be put on the top phone holder conveniently when charging.
  • 【Professional Surge Protector】- The 6 AC outlets provide surge protector against electrical spikes. Three complementary Surge Protection Circuits, TVS+MOV(metal oxide varistor)+GDT(gas discharge tube), with response speed less than 1Ns, and minimum energy-absorbing capacity of 1680 Joules, its response time is much shorter than the traditional MOV surge protector circuit, It truly provides great protection of your precious plugged-in devices
  • Our After Sale Service】- ETL Certified,Our friendly and reliable customer service will respond to you within 24 hours. You can purchase with confidence, with our 30-day return and 12-month replacement .
Rank No. #7
Cable Matters 5 Outlet Power Cord Splitter (Power Squid Outlet Multiplier) with Extra Long 10 Foot Power Cord and Color Coded Receptacles
  • Power splitter cord creates 5 additional grounded outlets for connecting electrical devices when only 1 outlet is available; The electrical splitter cord offers a reliable solution for holiday lights or charging multiple devices
  • Heavy duty 14 AWG gauge extension cord has five flexible receptacle cords in varying lengths to connect large wall warts and power bricks; Power strip alternative allows access to all 5 outlets; compatible with both 3 prong grounded cords and 2 prong electrical cords
  • 10 foot cord on power squid outlet multiplier plugs in conveniently under the desk or in a garage; Power saving ON/OFF switch provides a quick way to turn off equipment when not in use; 15 amp circuit breaker cuts the power when an overcurrent is detected
  • Safe & reliable construction with a standard NEMA 5-15P grounded power plug split into five NEMA 5-15R Heavy duty receptacles; 15A/125V/1875 watt rating easily support most power needs
  • Surface mountable with integrated keyholes on the bottom of the octopus power strip; A lifetime warranty and product support are included with this multi plug outlet
Rank No. #8
DoubleCW Octopus Single Duplex Outlet Wall Plate Switch Plate Decorative Wall Plates Cover
  • Double Gang Toggle Wall Plate - Size: 4.6" x 4.52".Single Gang Toggle Wall Plate - Size: 4.5" x 2.83".Single Gang duplex outlet cover Wall Plate - Size: Size: 4.5" x 2.83"
  • Durability and flexibility: Stainless steel resists hard shock and gravity, daily wear and long-term use.
  • Heat and anti-aging: heat resistant and non-fading, durable.
  • Easy to install: Easy to install, just a screwdriver to complete the installation. Easily replace any configuration siding.screws are included
  • Suitable for any residential, commercial or industrial application, single-sided switch for the same configuration, ideal for home refurbishment, electricians, contractors
Rank No. #9
Top Brass Large Octopus/Kraken Electrical Cover Wall Plate Bronze/Verdigris Finish Style 2 - Single Switch, Double, Rocker, Outlet (Single Switch)
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - made from high quality, durable poly-resin material. Beautiful bronze / verdigris finish.
  • RUSTIC CHARM - add some nautical / beach flair to your favorite room. Amazingly detailed covers.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - mounting screws included.
  • COMPATIBLE with standard light switches and outlets.
  • PROTECTIVE PACKAGING - each cover is individually boxed and bubble wrapped.
SaleRank No. #10
Cable Matters 2-Pack 4 Outlet Power Splitter Cord (Power Cord Splitter) 1.5 Feet
  • AC plug splitter cord creates 3 additional grounded outlets for connecting electrical devices when only 1 outlet is available; The 4 outlet extension cord splitter offers a reliable solution for holiday lights, a gaming get together, or a DJ party setup
  • Heavy duty 16 AWG gauge power cable has four flexible 6 inch cords to connect large wall warts and power bricks unlike a power strip; compatible with both 3 prong grounded cords and 2 prong electrical cords
  • Cost-effective 2-pack of power squid outlet multiplier cables provides a spare to keep in your tool kit or garage; A lifetime warranty and product support are included with these power splitter cords
  • Safe & reliable construction with a standard NEMA 5-15P grounded power plug connected into four NEMA 5-15R Heavy duty receptacles; 13A rating easily supports your power needs
  • UPS compatible electrical splitter cord connects electronic equipment AC transformers to a power back-up in a data center, test lab, or home office

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Cable Matters 5 Outlet Power Cord Splitter

Users can get 5 more grounded sockets to connect various electrical appliances with just one outlet. This product provides a convenient solution when the users want to charge multiple devices simultaneously. For easy attachment on wide walls, five flexible socket cords of differing lengths are available. This item is compatible with both 3-prong ground wire and 2-prong power cords. In heavy power distribution, the device is handy. For the outlet, the maximum amperage is 8.3 amps. With a sophisticated structure, the product allows consumers to unplug more safely. What’s more, various color-coded sockets can be conveniently kept on the stand. This product offers non-blocking options to plug in many devices while still fast and conveniently connected to power. As a replacement for the crowded strip, it is widely utilized. The multiplier is easily wired under the desk or in the garage with a ten-foot cable on the power outlet. The on or off power saving switch offers a simple way to switch the system off while not in operation. With a 15 amp circuit breaker that cuts off the power when overcurrent is found, the device is intelligently designed. With the regular grounded power plug separated into five separate sockets, the construction is stable and reliable. Most power needs are supported by this product. When using indoors, most people who have used this product appreciate its efficiency. As this unit does not have built-in surge protection, it is possible to plug this power cord splitter into a surge protective device or directly into the wall.


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– Safe and Reliable

– Quality Material

– Durable

– Generous length

– Multi-colored plugs

Cons: none

Verdict: To maintain reliability, the manufacturer advises that consumers verify the device’s voltage and amp rating.

Accell 5 Outlet Powersquid Adjustable Surge Protector

The secure and simple way to provide your fragile devices with 600 joules of surge protection is the PowerSquid Surge Protector and Power Conditioner. Up to 5 bulky transformer plugs can be conveniently carried by PowerSquid, providing more flexibility than a typical surge protection product. Also, after the joule rating has been attained, simple surge protective systems will begin to conduct electricity, leaving the connected device insecure. It stops conducting electricity when the PowerSquid exceeds the maximum joule rating, meaning that the attached equipment is not subjected to dangerous currents. Unlike power strips, power outlet buttons can help prevent destroying the attached device’s plug. In the case of sudden pressure on the attached device’s power cord, the flexible arm will bend in the pulling direction. To tolerate pull from most angles, the flexible socket arms bend. It protects the power cord from the devices against wear and tear with its adjustable, adapter-friendly plug. Small volume fluctuations will impact your device’s efficiency. The PowerSquid Noise Reduction Filter minimizes line static caused by a ‘dirty’ power source. Radiofrequency (RF) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) causing line noise and static electricity can look like snow in your photographs or like a crackling sound in your sound. More specifically, users can be assured of using the product that has been tested and certified by ETL. With the power adapter, all sockets are compatible. A unique design, patented by Accell PowerSquid Outlet Multiplier, also features this product. Accell believes that they are very confident of the product’s durability and performance. This device is perfect for use in households, garages, factories, or construction sites.


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– Adapter-friendly

– Durable

– Versatile

– Thick

– ETL Certified


– Take up more room behind or below a piece of furniture

Huntkey 12 Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector 

This product helps secure your home and office appliances from voltage fluctuations, surges, and spikes with a US standard 12 AC surge protective plug layout. Besides, with smart IC technology sharing 2.4A power, there are 2 USB charging ports. It recognizes your devices automatically and provides your devices with the highest charging speed. Comprehensive protected materials, flame retardant, resistance to overload, integrated copper rod, and heavy-duty extension cord are supported. It has multiple outlets and is positioned to go without blocking any outlets wired with the power adapter. Lights and switches provide additional safety for users. The wire is durable and strong. Two widely spaced surge protection outlets are available for bulky plugs and 10 surge protection sockets for traditional type plugs. The two lock-hole mounting slots at the back, in particular, allow for horizontal mounting to the wall. Users can attach it to the back of the device utilizing blue paint tape, touch the tape to locate gaps, mark the tape, and take off the tape and stick it on the wall where they want the device to be fixed. This is regarded as an effective way to power multiple devices. This product is tested and certified by ETL and FCC.


– Sturdy

– Thick

– Cord length

– Wide space

– 12 outlets

– Available USB charging ports

– ETL Listed & FCC Certified

Cons: none

GoGreen Power 5 Outlet Squid Surge Protector

The 5-output surge protector from GoGreen offers 250 joules of protection with a 15 amp circuit breaker. It means that the most important devices are kept safe from random power shocks, from laptops to audio systems. Five bulky transformer plugs, which are considered more flexible than a traditional surge protection device, can be easily carried by this product. Moreover, there are adjustable arms in this surge arrester for easier use. The 3-pin flexible power cord minimizes confusion and prevents wire tangles. This operation is supported by the built-in warning light so that consumers can be aware of an electrical shock problem. The individual wires allow the adapter to attach all plugs’ sizes without crowding. It is certified by ETL as well. 


– Safe

– Thick

– Versatile

– ETL certified

Cons: Physically, it is bigger than most surge-protective devices.

People tend to attach multiple adapters to separate outlets to distribute the power load instead of putting all the devices together into one common outlet. Using so reduces the risk of fires and protects the equipment’s customers. There are many types of Octopus Outlets that can meet each customer’s needs. We hope that you can find one with the information provided above. 

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