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The Best PCP Hand Pump

PCP stands for a pre-charged pneumatic gun, and it means any device like Airgun, Air Rifle, Paintball Gun, High-Pressure Tires and Pre-charged Pneumatic Gun, etc. It contains gas tanks that need to recharge periodically.

The PCP Hand Pump will fill them all at once. PCP Hand Pump is becoming popular among customers, and you can choose from different decisions. Today we are sharing our best PCP Hand Pump for your consideration. 


TOP 4 Best PCP Hand Pump 2021 – Reviews by Eardex

Last update on 2021-07-28 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

1. 3-stage pcp hand pump

 PCP Hand Pump 3 Stage for Filling High Pressure air 40MPA, 300BAR, 4500PSI into Hunting Airguns, Air Rifles, and Paintball


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The first product is PCP Hand Pump 3 Stage brand PCP Sports. This PCP Hand Siphon – PCP Hand Pump has a smooth, hardened steel construction, making its movement too soft. The copper female connector that comes with it gives it an all-around life. What’s more, the product is compatible with most pre-charged pneumatic guns, rifles, pneumatic guns, and paint booths. It has a detachable pedal that makes it easy to store or transport. It’s great to carry it around your car for sudden use on your next chase ride.



  • 400 MPA, 300 BAR, 4500 PSI
  • Compatible with most pre-charged pneumatic guns, rifles, pneumatic handguns, and paint booths
  • Simple to store or transport

2. Jufeng pcp hand pump

JUFENG PCP Pump 4500psi High Pressure Hand Pump 3 Stage Air Gun Pump for High Pressure Tires and Pre-Charged Pneumatic Airguns


The second product we want to mention is the JUFENG PCP Hand Pump. It is the third generation, and high-pressure hand pumps inflation. The JUFENG PCP hand pump had equipped with a rubber Trp Anti-slip handle, pressure hand pump, oil-water separator, high-pressure pipe, and pressure gauge. The product’s inner core makes of precision-polished stainless steel durable and prolongs the service life. The product works efficiently and quickly and is anti-slip. After 100% test before sending, the display is more accurate: 40 MPA is the most critical parameter.



  • High-pressure pumps
  • High efficiency
  • Security
  • Trp Rubber Anti-slip hand grip
  • Stainless steel and aluminum


  • No lubricants, no glycerin.


  • High-pressure pump, breathing faster and easier.

3. Hatsan pcp hand pump

Hatsan PCP Hand Pump


The third product is the Hatsan PCP Hand Pump. Inherent molecular channels and moisture traps protect your siphon – Your pump and pneumatic gun. The product has a comfortable elastic handle, convenient and straightforward transport, has a maximum push of 200bar, an extensive stand for more stable suction.

The Hatsan PCP hand pump creates an extraordinary answer for PCP air gun players. Including an inline dehumidifying channel, the PCP Hand Pump makes you keep destructive moisture where it should be outside of your air gun!


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  • Simple transportation


  • 200 bar

4. Hiram pcp hand pump


The final product we want to introduce is the Hiram Pcp. The product features a smooth movement system, smooth hardened steel development that provides smooth up and down movement; a copper 8mm metal wire connector allows this siphon tube to withstand more than 10,000 times of tearing and wear. 

HIRAM High Pressure Hand Pump Air Rifle Filling Stirrup Pump 40MPA, Stainless Steel, CE Listed


High pressure with safety, high-pressure coefficient up to 4500psi; female copper connectors fix with polyfluorene; 21.7 “usable miniature drill pipe can withstand critical factors up to 80MPA, protecting your health with unrivaled quality. The Hiram pcp hand pump has a wide range of applications possible with most PCP guns, rifles, and pneumatic guns. The Hiram pcp hand pump has an easy-to-use design, bottom oil, and water separator for proper operation. The TPR cushion keeps hands free from fatigue. Minimum size and foldable for easy storage, 4mm foldable and detachable pedal for simple storage and transport, it’s great for lifting it Get onto your car for surprising use.



  • High pressure with safety



Hiram pcp hand pump is the perfect product, so many customers trust a product with its pump capacity and benefits, and it becomes the Best Seller in Paintball Fill Stations.


Final through


That’s all we want to share today. We hope this article helped you find the best PCP Hand Pump. Are you going to buy any products? If so, we hope that you will be satisfied with it. If not, you might consider the last option – the HIRAM PCP Hand Pump as it is in the top 1 Best Seller in Paintball Fill Stations. We believe it will not disappoint you. By the way, thank you for reading!

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