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Marlowe API

Intelligent talent recommendations integrated into your ATS

Just like Netflix makes movie recommendations based on your preferences, Marlowe recommends people to jobs.

Marlowe uses machine learning to understand the match between people and jobs, helping recruiters save time when pre-qualifying candidates. 

Analysing millions of candidates in similar positions, Marlowe identifies industry trends that go beyond a traditional CV. It assembles this information into a high-level summary of their fit, based on industry trends and transferability of skills. 

Marlowe automatically harvests feedback and trains itself to deliver more accurate results. No additional user input is required; Marlowe is always learning and never sleeps.

All integrated directly into your ATS. 

Marlowe FAQ

Goodwin API

Ever found yourself hiring for a position you don't really understand? We have, so we built Goodwin. 

Through big data analysis, Goodwin provides key hiring insights for any position.

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