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The Best PS2 HDMI Upscalers

What is the most reputable PS2 HDMI Upscaler on the market today?

You are a big fan of classic games and are looking for a quality PS2 HDMI Upscaler? Some options offered below may be well worth your time reading.  

Nowadays, the demand for entertainment is increasing day by day. That explains why game machines are becoming increasingly popular, especially the Playstation series. However, the latest versions of the playstation usually have a high price, and not everyone can afford it.

The PS1, PS2 machines become an alternative for gaming enthusiasts. But a disadvantage of this choice is that the old PS when connected to modern TVs often have low picture quality. PS2 HDMI Upscaler was born to solve this problem.

PS2 HDMI Upscaler is a set of HDMI cables that extract data from PS2 and transmit audio and image information to the TV screen with high quality, guaranteed sharpness. The product promises to bring users a comfortable and quality gaming experience.

The Best PS2 HDMI Upscaler of February 2024 – Reviews and Top Rated

POUND HDMI HD Link Cable – Great Choice For Those Looking For A Higher Experience

POUND HDMI HD Link Cable - Compatible with PS1 and PS2 - HDMI Cable with RGB Display, 720p Resolution, Plus Micro USB Cable for Power

The first product on the list is produced by POUND, initially launched in 2018.

Although developed for the purpose of connecting TVs to PS2, the HD Link Cable is also compatible with classic Playstations such as PSX and PS One, which will save you part of the cost of wiring equipment.

Consumers will experience legendary old games on their new TV with superb high definition video quality. POUND cable delivers brighter images, higher texture sharpness, and greater color accuracy thanks to the Playstation 2’s native RGB signal use, which is significantly more efficient than AV cables. 

What is even more remarkable is that not only does the manufacturer bring the true quality of the PS2 version, the manufacturer also offers a higher visual experience with Upscaller Solution, raising the screen with 240p and 480i resolution. Original Playstation series from PS2 to 720p, increasing compatibility with TVHDs to the maximum.

The ease of use of the product is also appreciated. You only need to connect your PS2 to TV via HDMI cable without an adapter or power supply.


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  • Compact, portable, and durable.
  • Compatible with classic PS series
  • Upscaller solution
  • Ease of use
  • Completely affordable  


  • Not compatible with PS3.


Customers are supposed to be satisfied with the product. Enjoy your Playstation games with crisp graphics but make sure your device is not post-PS2. 

Component to HDMI Converter with Scaler Function, EASYCEL 1080P Aluminum RGB to HDMI Converter, 5RCA YPbPr to HDMI Converter for Denon Legacy DVD, Bose 3-2-1

Component to HDMI Converter with Scaler Function, EASYCEL 1080P Aluminum RGB to HDMI Converter, 5RCA YPbPr to HDMI Converter for Denon Legacy DVD, Bose 3-2-1

This product is manufactured by EASYCEL, launched in the market in 2019. 

It converts YPbPr signal to HDMI signal, so not only is it compatible with PS2, but it also can connect to devices with similar components like PSP, Xbox 360 or DVD, etc. ) with TVHDs or projectors. However, the maximum input resolution that the product can accept at 1920 x 1080P does not support 4K signals.

The brand claims that this product is an upgraded version of the HDMI Upscaler series aimed at solving compatibility issues with devices such as image loss, distortion, instability, etc.

The outstanding point is that the EASYCEL converter supports different levels of HDMI output resolution. Consumers can actively choose resolution using the switch buttons integrated into the product.

The product is easy to use and install; you only need to follow the instruction manual to connect the audio and video signal connector correctly.

Package includes a component to HDMI converter, a 1 x 5V DC power supply, and a user manual.


  • Portable and durable
  • The output resolution can be adjusted
  • Addresses incompatibility issues with previous products
  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable price


  • Compatible only with products with YPbPr components


  • This version has improvements that are more suited to greater needs for users. 

TNP RCA Composite AV CVBS to HDMI Converter – Audio Video Mini Converter Adapter Box Connector Upscaler to Full HD 720P 1080P Format Ouput for TV, Wii, PS2, Nintendo NES

TNP RCA Composite AV CVBS to HDMI Converter - Audio Video Mini Converter Adapter Box Connector Upscaler to Full HD 720P 1080P Format Ouput for TV, Wii, PS2,...

The next item you might consider for your need is a product launched in 2016 by TNP Products.

Just like the products we have introduced above, this TNP converter offers the same functionality. The product offers enhanced signal processing with high accuracy in color resolution and image configuration. The RCA input port allows for high compatibility of the product with game devices such as PS2, Wii or Nintendo, etc., on the projector screen or even TVHD screen. There is no need to worry when installing the product because you only need to plug the correct end of the cable; the signals will be automatically converted and synthesized into 720p or 1080p output. (This output resolution is completely dependent on the Your choice).

The product promises to bring authentic and vivid visual and audio experiences for you to comfortably enjoy games on game devices without being disturbed by poor picture and sound quality. 


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  • Compact, portable and durable
  • Provides resolution up to 1080p
  • Reasonable price 


  • None 


  • It is an economical solution for those looking for a low-price product with quality assurance. 

HDMI Cable for Playstation 2 & Playstation 1 Console (PS2 & PS1)


HDMI Cable for Playstation 2 & Playstation 1 Console (PS2 & PS1)

This is a separate product designed for PS1 and PS2 series, so the ability to extract data from this device to HDMI output is even more optimized with the best upgraded signal processing. The color of the picture and the sharpness of the sound can be achieved. Moreover, gamers can enjoy playing negligible lag. The product also provides a scaling function according to your usage needs. Product compatibility reaches a maximum when it is compatible with TVs, computers, and projectors with high resolutions (720p).

The difference of the product is in its detachable design, which allows you to use the high-end and more extended HDMI cable.



  • Portable and durable
  • Ability to convert rates
  • Image and sound are highly accurate
  • Maximum compatibility with popular screens
  • Reasonable price

Cons: none 


  • It’s an affordable and convenient option for a compact device while still retaining great video quality.

With the rapidly growing demand from video game enthusiasts, tens of thousands of products are released each year on the market. Hopefully, the article’s information can help you find an ideal product that suits both your needs and budget.

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