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The Best Red Dot With Magnifiers

Best Red Dot Magnifier on a BUDGET

Choosing the right magnifiers for red dots is not an easy task. I’ll just real quick get this out of the way for those not familiar a magnifier. If you’ve ever seen somebody using a red dot or a holographic sight and there is yet another optic behind. Let’s see our ranking below.

The Best Red Dot With Magnifier of February 2024 – Reviews and Comparison

SaleRank No. #1
HOLOSUN - HM3X Flip to Side 3x Red Dot Magnifier QD Mount
  • SEAMLESS TRANSITION: Holosun's HM3X ambidextrous flip to side design will allow operators to seamlessly transition from unmagnified to 3x magnification for improved sight downrange
  • ADJUSTABLE FOCUS: The HM3X features an adjustable diopter to dial in the desired focus.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: An integrated QD mount with an optional spacer for Absolute Co-Witness and Lower 1/3 Co-Witness is included.
  • DURABLE AND RELIABLE: The HM3X comes in a durable aluminum housing and is IP67 certified water resistant.
  • MULTI-COATED LENS: Holosun’s optics are manufactured using optical glass with multilayer coatings applied to facilitate maximum light transmission and wear resistance while reducing glare.
Rank No. #2
Falcon V1 3X Red Dot Magnifier with Flip to Side Mount for Picatinny Rail and 2.5 inches of Eye Relief
  • ✔ TACTICON IS A COMBAT VETERAN OWNED COMPANY ✔ STURDIEST AND MOST DEPENDABLE RED DOT MAGNIFIER ON AMAZON - Incredibly fast target acquisition with 2.5 inches of eye relief. Incredibly easy to center the dot in the lens.
  • ✔ INCLUDED FLIP-TO-SIDE MOUNT WITH OPTIONAL SHIM - We've engineered this flip-to-side picatinny rail mount to allow you to shoot either 1X or 3X magnification by simply pushing the magnifier to the side. A 3mm shim is included to increase the vertical height of the magnifier to match the elevation of almost any red dot optic.
  • ✔ 3X CRYSTAL CLEAR MAGNIFICATION - We offer 2.5 inches of eye relief with a focus adjustment on every red dot magnifier. Each lens is coated for anti-glare and the glass is sourced from Germany.
  • ✔ WORKS WITH ALL RED DOT SIGHTS! This magnifier was engineered to be cross-compatible with all brands of red dot optics such as EO Tech, Sight Mark, Aimpoint, Holosun, etc. However, we engineered this to work absolutely perfectly with all of our Tacticon branded optics.
  • ✔ LIFETIME WARRANTY AND 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! A no hassle 100% satisfaction guarantee with every magnifier and a lifetime warranty included with your purchase. We're a real USA company with real humans answering phones to answer your questions and honor warranty claims!
SaleRank No. #3
Feyachi M36 1.5X - 5X Red Dot Sight Optics Magnifier with Flip to Side Mount
  • Simple, fast, and effective. The flip-to-side picatinny rail mount to allow you to shoot either 1X or other 1.5-5X magnification by simply pushing the magnifier to the side.
  • Designed to work with absolute co-witness red dot sights (Doesn't fit lower 1/3 co-witness height).The rugged steel mount prevent your optic from losing zero, even with rough handling and adverse conditions.
  • Adjustable magnification from 1.5x to 5x. Quickly transition between short-range and long-range shooting scenarios.
  • Easy upgrade to extend the range of any red dot sight with magnification. Offering 2.2-3.6 inches Eye Relief on every red dot magnifier. Windage/elevation adjustability for optimum biew centering.
  • Crystal-clear multi-coated optics for sharp sight picture. Maximizing resolution, light gathering capability, and color fidelity.
Rank No. #4
Vortex Optics VMX-3T Magnifier with Built-in Flip Mount , Black, Size 37-40
  • The VMX-3T Magnifier and Flip Mount combo adds a 3x magnification to your rifle's red dot sight. Simple, fast, and effective, the push button design engages and disengages the flip mount allowing the magnifier to lock in at your desired position.
  • The lens are fully multi-coated maximizing resolution, light gathering capability, and color fidelity. Eye Relief-2.2 inches. Field of View-38.2 feet/100 yards
  • The VMX-3T does not require any special sight-in. The dot centering screws can be used to help center your red dot image in the VMX-3T's field of view.
  • The magnifier is nitrogen purged for reliable waterproof and fogproof performance in the field.Use lens cleaning fluid and optical tissue or cloth to clean lenses
  • Allows for lower 1/3 or absolute co-witness mounting heights and is ideal for shooters who want to increase the effective range of their red dot sight. Field of View: 38.2 feet/100 yards
SaleRank No. #5
UTG 3X Magnifier with Flip-to-side QD Mount, W/E Adjustable , Black
  • Broadband Multi-coated Lens to Provide Crystal Clear 3X Image, Wide Field of View - 30% Bigger Than Comparable Models from Other Brands.Compatible Rail-Picatinny/Weaver.
  • Windage/Elevation Adjustability for Optimum View Centering. Refer user manual for list of compatible manuals
  • 42mm Center Height for Most Common Dot Sight Combination, Innovative Flip-to-Side Mechanism for Quick Transition between 1X and 3X Image.Objective Diameter:25mm;Field of View @ 100 yards:45'
  • Adjustable Eyepiece for Easy Dioptric Correction, Patented Quick-detach Lever Lock Mounting Base
  • Precision Machining and Anodizing for Maximum Strength and Wear Resistance, Completely Sealed and Nitrogen Filled for Fog/Weather Proof.Eye Relief: 2 inch
SaleRank No. #6
Feyachi M37 1.5X - 5X Red Dot Magnifier with Flip to Side Mount Focus Adjustment
  • This optics magnifier adds 1.5X - 5X variable magnification to your standard red dot sight and maintains an expansive field of view with a comfortable 2.2-3.6 inches eye relief.
  • Focus adjustment on the eyepiece provides fast focus ability that helps keep the image sharp clear ,with adjustable windage and elevation features for optimum view centering.
  • Fully multicoated lenses ensure good resolution, enhanced light gathering capabilities, and provide solid color fidelity.
  • Included flip to side mount is designed for Absolute co-witness and. Simply press a button to flip the magnifier to the side when not required.
  • Tough & shockproof, the hard-coat-anodized machined-aluminum construction ensures durability.
Rank No. #7
Sig Sauer Romeo - MSR Combo KIT - 1X20MM Compact RED DOT W/Micro Magnifier, Black
  • Dependable IPX-7 Waterproof and Fogproof Performance
  • Lens Caps Included - MAGNIFICATION: 1X / 3X
Rank No. #8
Bushnell Optics, 3X Magnifier, Matte Black
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Fully multi-coated optics - waterproof, fog proof, shockproof
  • Fast-focus Eyepiece
  • Length: 4.6 inch - weight: 13.2 oz. - magnification: 3
Rank No. #9
Vortex Optics Micro 3X Red Dot Sight Magnifier with Quick-Release Mount, Black
  • The Micro 3x Magnifier adds next level 3x magnification to your rifle's red dot or holographic sight in an ultra compact, lightweight, and optically crisp package. The V3XM weighs in at only 6. 9 oz and only 9. 55 oz when including the mount.
  • Anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces provide increased light transmission for greater clarity and low-light performance. The V3XM offers a wider field of view, better eye relief, a brighter image, and a more true color tone.
  • Integrated quick-release mount allows fast attach/detach from your rail and a patented camlock desing quickly engages/disengages magnifier with direct pressure. Adjustable flip mount allows for right or left-handed use.
  • The magnifier is shockproof and has been nitrogen purged for reliable water and fogproof performance in the field.
  • Allows for lower 1/3 or absolute co-witness mounting heights and is ideal for shooters who want to increase the effective range of their red dot sight.
Rank No. #10
Beileshi 4X Optics Sight Magnifier with Flip to Side Mount W/E Adjustable
  • Multi-Coated Lens: Provide crystal clear 4x image. Maximizing resolution, light gathering capability, and color fidelity. Compatible Rail-Picatinny/Weaver.
  • W/E Adjustable: Windage/Elevation Adjustability for Optimum View Centering.
  • Widely Used: 42mm Center Height for Most Common Dot Sight Combination. The Beileshi Magnifier adds a 4x magnification to your rifle's red dot sight. Simple, fast, and effective, the design engages and disengages the flip mount allowing the magnifier to lock in position.
  • Adjustable Eyepiece: Adjustable Eyepiece for Easy Dioptric Correction, Patented Quick-detach Lever Lock Mounting Base.
  • Precision Machining and Anodizing for Maximum Strength and Wear Resistance, Completely Sealed and Nitrogen Filled for Fog/Weather Proof and shockproof.

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It could be flipped off to the side, could be flipped up directly behind that optic. That is usually unless you’re using something else. Interesting, a magnifier, which is essentially magnifying the image that you’re seeing through the red dot or the holographic site by three X, four X, five X, whatever it might be. It magnifies essentially everything, the reticle image, all that stuff. And you would use it in the case. Obviously, if you need a little bit more than just what your natural I can give you, which I guess you could call one power and that’s kind of the use of it. It’s something small I can flip to the side. You can use just the can flip up and then you can use the magnification. So we’re going to talk all about these things. Rob, can you explain to us just some of the engineering behind what these are is, and it kind of basically just like a prison site on a Mount essentially.

It’s, it’s pretty similar to that. Principle difference, I guess, between this and a prison site is that there’s no radical in the magnifier, so, but yeah, otherwise largely constructed similarly. You might not be able to turn a magnifier into a prison site, but you could turn a prison site into a magnifier and that’s just based on the construction and kind of where you decide to put the radical and things like that. So fun fact for you there, but yeah, that’s a fact fact effectively that it’s also, you could think about it as it’s like half of a binocular if it’s this using a roof prison design, so you can also think of it that way, just in a much more compact form factor. So that’s pretty cool.

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Wait, now the actual unit itself is pretty simple. I mean, you can take this thing in this case right now, what’s in front of us and we’ll talk about it in a bit. Here is the new micro three X. Pretty cool. You can take it. It’s got a quick release base on it, slap it on the rail, right behind your dot and in theory, you know, boom, what more is there to talk about for techs? Well, a few things that people ask sometimes is why does it actually have turrets on it? If it doesn’t have a radicle in it, what’s the deal with those? What are those actually do?

Good question. So it’s, you’re really kind of adjusting the optical system to be centered with whatever optic you have in front of it, whether it’s a red dot or holographic site. So think of it as more of a centering system than anything else.

Oh, it doesn’t just automatically do that necessarily.

It’s an interesting product idea, but I think it, it might be a little bit cumbersome and expensive to have an auto centering system. But yeah. Good, good idea. But yeah, it’s really just so you know, you look through it, let’s say you have a front of it and your dots kind of off to the top right. Of the field of view, as you’re looking through the magnifier, it’s really just to kind of center the image that you’re magnifying center it up, if it wasn’t centered, would that have any

Issues on your point of impact?

No, it really wouldn’t. I mean, what you could end up having happen is if there’s any sort of aberrations that are going on with the optical system and the prison, which this is actually pretty pretty good optical system all things considered for the price and what else is in the market, that’s a lot more expensive than it. You might have some point of aim shift that could be that you could be seen that could be seen with it, but really it’s not a huge deal if it’s not perfectly centered.

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Okay. Generally speaking, a good idea to center things up though in optics. Yeah.

Yeah. It just, it has a weird effect with your brain where it’s just a little bit more pleasing when everything’s centered there. At least for me, I guess. Yeah.

Yeah. Now Mark, I forgot to mention earlier, this is something that traditionally goes on an AR 15, you know, you’re familiar with ours now. I heard of it. Yeah. Right. Cause you have one. Yes. Do you remember that? I haven’t talked about it in a while. I think you’re still working with Ryan to get it set up, but

We’re sorted out. She’s going to be a Butte though clerk,

But that’s what we’re talking about here.

It’s all coming together. All right. I do have a question. Are there any unique challenges because you know, you look at a binocular binocular, look at a rifle, scopes that rifle scope. Now we’re pairing essentially two entirely separate optics together. Are there unique challenges to make that work or is that what the Turks are overcoming on the magnifier? Yeah. I mean, you’re, you’re basically taking the whole optical system and an, and you’re building in some adjustability to it. So it’s really largely the same optical design. There’ll be a carriage that interfaces with these turrets that kind of allows everything to get centered up, but it’s, it’s really not too complicated from a, from an engineering standpoint. So

Can work behind, obviously, like you said, red dots and holographic sites now they don’t really work very well behind other prisons sites. You’re essentially doubling up, Oh, he’s giving me the look now as though maybe they do work, what are they? What’s the deal there?

The, the verbiage that we had with the old magnifier and not being compatible with red dots are certain red dots. I think that was from more of a usability standpoint. We didn’t want to give people a false misconception of that. It w you know, we, we, we wanted to set them up to have a really good experience from that standpoint.

And so really with the red dots, what you’re seeing when you put a magnifier behind it, and if you remember the parallax discussion that we had, I don’t know, a month ago or whatever it was that 10 minute talk with a magnifier, not really introducing any additional parallax, you’re just magnifying the parallax it’s already present. So depending on the, the red dot that you’d put in front of it, if that is designed in a way that you have a lot of parallax you’re magnifying that. So it’s becoming more apparent to you. You’re not you’re not creating three times more parallax, but your eye looks at it and sees, well, everything’s magnified three times more, so it’s a little bit easier to free for you to pick up on it. So, okay. So that’s kind of a, I guess was kind of a misconception and, and with some of the optical designs maybe that we had in the past, there was a touch more, but anyways, so you’re really not introducing anything new. You’re just magnifying what’s there. And as that relates to prison site, I, we say that these aren’t compatible with prison sites. We have an interesting setup down in product development right now, where we’ve got a Spitfire AR and then this behind it. And I haven’t had a chance to go out and shoot it yet. But it’s kind of a cool setup in that you’ve got a really crisp etched radicle in the Spitfire AR and it appears to just kind of magnify everything, just like it would with a, with a red dot,

But the only problem would be that you’d have to set your Spitfire AR forward on the rails. So then if you flip this out of the way to just use the one power, it’s far enough forward, you’re not in the eye really for it anymore.

And so I thought that too, I was like, this can’t possibly work. And it does. It’s super weird. And I don’t have a great way of explaining it right now, which is why we haven’t marketed it as such or said that it’s compatible, but it’s kind of a fun, little Easter egg that I found is you know, as we were playing around with it. And yeah, cause you would think, well with the Spitfire AR having a fixed eye relief, this has to be in the, in the sweet spot for it, but it’s not quite quite the case. I have some ideas, but I don’t want to get into it in case they’re not true. And I don’t want to, you know, be putting misinformation out there.

So with two minutes and 40 seconds, what do you think about this new micro three X what’s the, what’s so special about this particular magnifier here?

I think, well, first and foremost, we heard you loud and clear on the, on the mound and having the button and, and flipping in the direction out of the box with the VMX three T of it not being super friendly for right-handed shooters. So made sure to address that this new Mount is awesome with just gross basically gross motor function. You can just push it out of the way. There’s no button and bring it back and improve quick release system there. And then as far as the optics go, the field of view is wider. The resolutions better color tones, better, and everything is smaller. So we really looked at a way of making, making the system, just basically making everything better. And, you know, with typical engineering, trade-offs, you’d kind of think of it as like a rubber sheet. If you pull it in two directions this way, it kind of gets more narrow this way.

So so kind of the trade-off that we made when we did that with improving the optics and the size and the form factor in the S this better Mount is just, it costs a little bit more cause you can’t always get performance for free, but you know, for the, for the extra money over the VMX three T you really get a, a stellar optical optically performing magnifier, really flat, really wide field of view and a, in a short form factor in about the same eye relief as you have in the VMX three T. So yeah,

Even a little bit longer, I think it actually has some pretty decent. Yeah.

Yeah. I mean, it’s really comfortable to get behind and in the way we design the optical system, the, the black bezel kind of around the outside, as you look through it and call that parent field of view,

We’re able to really minimize that as well. And it’s just a really nice it’s just really nice and comfortable to get behind. Yeah. I’m just holding my phone up to it. Cause I have like the big fat iPhone 10 or whatever, and it’s less than half the length of my phone and it’s not even like height wise. It’s not even as tall as the width of the phone or though it’s pretty much right there. Oh, okay. Way better. 6.9 ounces and 2.9 inches long that’s mighty, mighty tiny compact. Yep. I’ll say this, Jim, when we were running this thing a couple of weeks ago down at the range, I mean, my groups did tighten up fairly considerably with the magnifier versus without, I mean, all the impacts were on target and you know, we’re probably going to do whatever they needed to do, but it was, it was interesting to watch them tighten up.

Just being able to see everything a little bit, a little bit better. So totally now with 15 seconds, here’s one thing I see all the time people say, they say, why would I put a magnifier three X magnifier behind my red dot that has say even a four MOA dot, like the Strikefire too. That’ll make that dot 12 MOA. Actually, no, it won’t. You’re magnifying everything three times. So if the image gets three times bigger and the dot gets three times bigger, the net effect is zero. And that also goes into the parallax thing, the net effect of, you know, what, it looks like a growth in parallax is zero. Right. Anyway. But I had to throw that out there because you see it a lot. That’s zero. And there we go at 10 minutes. Thanks Ron. For joining us. That’s magnifiers everybody. If you have any other questions, hit us up. Thanks for listening. We’ll catch you next time. Thanks. Thanks. Ma’am thank you. Sweet

Dog probably went into a little bit too much detail in that one second. No, but that was excellent. Yeah. Kind of like the interesting little, Oh, it was, I thought it was really interesting to you. The other thing that I think, you know, people say, well, why don’t you just buy us a little power variable, right? It’s like I’m spending 300 bucks on a red dot and I’m spending 300 bucks. I might as well spend 600 bucks on a, on a low par variable, like a PST on a six. Right. and so definitely that’s a valid point. I would say the one thing that’s that you can maybe get out of a low power variable is you really get that, that daylight bright illumination from a red dot and then the magnification along with it. So like with a strike Eagle, the trade-off that you’re making is to twofold there.

One second focal plane. So it’s only the sub tensions are only accurate at six power or eight power. And then just the illumination isn’t super bright. So that’s kind of, I guess another thing that you pick up with this is you have a really bright dot regardless. And then, then the ability to just adding some extra magnification. So one power with a just undeniably different than one power on any low power variable. Even the razor, the razor one to six has one of the best one power experiences. So to speak of any low power variable out there. But if you get behind a red dot, there’s just something undeniable.


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