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The Best Sodastream Tank Adapter


Could not find a trustworthy SodaStream Tank Adapter? Check out our recommendations. 

Carbonated water seems to have a strong appeal for people of all ages. Soda can be used as a substitute for soft drinks or mixed with syrup and alcohol to create the perfect cocktail. It reduces the feeling of oil and tastes great with many of your favorite dishes; it can be flavored with fruit or combined with alcohol to create the perfect cocktails; it feels refreshed even when taken alone. That is why more and more people are paying attention to these healthier beverages.

Those who are avid fans of carbonated water may be considering or have already been shopping for a soda maker for themselves, which is more economical in the long run, eco-friendly, and most importantly, gives you full control over your inputs. Soda machines create carbonated water instantly by injecting CO2 from a replaceable tank directly into plain water. The most popular is the SodaStream models as it has dominated the market from the beginning. However, the downside to this is that the tanks need to be regularly replaced because the amount of CO2 is actually consumed very quickly when making drinks. That can be a significant expense if it comes to the long term. The solution is you can fill fresh, clean CO2 into the storage tank by yourself for regular use and ensure the quality of the output water. To do that, you need a real quality adapter that is compatible with your SodaStream at home.

If you’re new to this tool and confused by a myriad of similar designs of a long silver pipe, that’s okay. We’re here to help with our selection of the best SodaStream Tank Adapters on the market to deal with your troubles and leave you alone with your homemade bubble drink in hand soon.

The Best Sodastream Tank Adapter of September 2021 – Reviews and Top Rated

SaleRank No. #1
Upgraded Soda Stream Adapter Hose Kit, 60in CGA320 to TR21-4 G1/2 Soda Maker Co2 Tank Direct Adapter, with External High-Pressure Stainless Steel Braided Hose, 4500psi
  • Universal Adaptability: The standard CGA-320 external hose can be used in large CO2 storage tanks(including CGA-320 in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, the Philippines, etc.), and it is suitable for most sodastream soda machines and works without continuous changes.
  • Upgrade Design: The upgraded soda stream adapter hose kit improved air tightness, ensured safety, and had wider adaptability, it can be connected to more models CO2 tank, such as 5lb, 20lb or 50lb CO2 storage tank.
  • Durable Material: The 60in cga320 to tr21-4 soda stream adapter hose is made of stainless steel & solid brass, High-pressure resistance, high-temperature resistance, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, not easy to deform. Thicker and durable, working pressure 4500 psi.
  • Save Costs: This soda stream CO2 adapter kit is easy to install and remove. It connects a large CO2 tank and SodaStream machine for instant savings in refills. Allows using a standard CGA-320 CO2 tank cylinder in most soda machines.
  • Attentive Service: Amazon delivery, fast arrival. No matter what question you have, no matter at any time, as long as you are not satisfied, contact me by email. I will always give you the most satisfactory answer. You do not have to bear any losses.
Rank No. #2
Soda Stream CO2 Tank Cartridges CGA320 Adapter Hose with Accessories Direct Connect to Soda stream Make Machine
  • Allows to use a standard CGA-320 large CO2 tank in most soda stream machines. Works with most soda stream Soda Machines and allows normal operation without any permanent changes.
  • Save money on the refill. This system allows you to connect your soda stream machine to CG320 co2 tank.Outlet Valve, like 5lb, 20LB or 50lb commercial CO2 tanks.
  • DN3 6mm Microbore Hose length 5ft(1.5 meter), high pressure hose.very soft,not easy to fold break.
  • CGA320 Valve of CO2 Tank (USA, CAN, Brazil, Colombia, Philippines...)
  • Light weight only about 0.33kg.Compare to other heavy ones,it is easier to install.
Rank No. #3
CGA-320 CO2 Cylinder Refill Adapter Bottle Connector CO2 Tank Soda Maker Accessories with Hose for Filling Soda Tank (36Inch)
  • The refill adapter can be used to refill small CO2 tanks from larger CO2 tank, with 2 turn on/off valves, convenient to use.
  • The refill adapter is US CGA-320(G1/2), working pressure: 3000psi, please make sure your CO2 tank is the same size. And this adapter can't be used for paintball.
  • If the small bottle thimble is very thick and cannot be inflated, please replace the thin thimble bottle, otherwise it will not be inflated.
  • The big CO2 bottle should have enough pressure, if it is liquid CO2 in the big bottle, invert the big CO2 bottle to inflate.
  • The big CO2 bottle should have enough pressure, if it is liquid CO2 in the big bottle, invert the big CO2 bottle to inflate.
Rank No. #4
Soda Stream Refill Bottle Co2 Cylinder Cartridges, CGA320 Adapter Cartridge Refills Connector Kit to TR21.4, Thread Set Replacement Accessories for Sodastream Machine Tank
  • 【Specifics】CO2 Refill Adapter with 4 pcs Big Gasket and 4 pcs Small Gasket(no pin), no gas leakage when connected to the cylinder, good sealing performance. This adapter cylinder will enable you to fill CO2 from your larger bulk cylinder into smaller soda cylinders.
  • 【Material】We used brass material to ensure a long product lifetime and as well as strong durability under constant usage. After thousands of experiments, we designed this co2 tank refill adapter.
  • 【Easy Operation】CO2 refill adapter kit is easy to screw the empty CO2 gas cylinder (not included) into the adapter. Will not wear down and/or fall apart using Gas One's propane refill adapter is a Heavy-Duty, reliable, and rust-free operation.
  • 【Widely Applicable】This CO2 refill adapter can be used with large co2 tanks with CGA320 connector (US CGA-320/0.825-14NGO/G1/2-1), most commonly used for kegerators/homebrew beer. NOTE pin not included. if your donor tank has a residual pressure valve (if so, pin/wench is require)
  • 【Quality Guarantee】Money Back or Replacement if there is any problem with the soda connector. Please upside down your CO2 tank if you can not refill when the CO2 tank standing because some of the tank have not the dip tube (syphon tube)inside.
Rank No. #5
Sellution CO2 Tank Paintball Canister Refill Adapter C02 Conversion - Polished Brass
  • CO2 tank adapter for SodaStream machines
  • Allows use of standard CO2 paintball tanks
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Polished Brass Finish
  • Low Lead Content (0.4%) Meets all Local/State/Federal/EU Guidelines
SaleRank No. #6
Soda Stream Refill Adapter Kit - CO2 Refill Adapter Cylinder Fill Station Connector Kit,Soda Maker Filling for Tank Bottle,CGA320 G1/2 36 Inch Hose Dual Valve with Gauge
  • 🔧[Application]This soda stream refill adapter can be used to refill small CO2 tanks from larger CO2 tank, with 2 turn on/off valves and 1pressure gauge, easy to use.
  • 🔧[Specification] The refill adapter is US CGA-320(G1/2),36 inch stainless steel braided hose, 3000PSI working pressure, thread for large CO2 tank
  • 🔧[SAFETY ENOUGH]Double valve for safe and convenient to use,with a pressure gauge to ensure the pressure will not exceed the pressure specification of the recipient tank
  • 🔧[Precautions】If the vial thimble is very thick and short and cannot be inflated, Hose will expand, please replace the thin thimble bottle.The atmospheric cylinder should have sufficient pressure, If there is no siphon or liquid CO2 in the atmosphere bottle, Need to invert the CO2 atmospheric tank for inflation, Please read the instructions carefully
  • 🔧[No-Worries After-Sale] This refill adapter is made of high quality material,we provide one year quality guarantee,if have any problem when use our product, you can contact us 24 hours,we will provide you a satisfied solution.
SaleRank No. #7
Fdit 2 Colors Brass CO2 Adapter Replace Tank Canister Conversion for Soda Stream(Gold)
  • 【PREMIUM MATERIAL】Made of brass material, rustproof and durable to use.
  • 【SAVE MONEY】Save your money from spending on the expensive Sodastream tank.
  • 【COMPATIBILITY】Compatible with any standard paintball tank for your Sodastream machine.
  • 【INSTRUCTIONS】Including the L wrench key for adjusting the center pin if needed.
  • 【SCOPE OF APPLICATION】Soda machine, bubble water machine, inflation conversion, etc.
SaleRank No. #8
Upgraded 36Inch CGA320 to TR21-4 G1/2 Soda maker Co2 Tank Cylinder Direct Adapter with External High Pressure Stainless Steel Hose, Soda Adapter Kit for sodastream, Soda Club,4800PSI
  • 【Good quality】The external hose is braided from high-quality stainless steel, It has the advantages of anti-rust, anti-corrosion, wear resistance, anti-aging, not easy to deform, etc, Working pressure is 4800PSI
  • 【Beautiful Design】Standard size, Perfectly compatible, The external hose adapter kit is made of 100% solid brass, Polished surface coating, Not only beautiful, But also safe and hygienic, thick and very durable
  • 【Wide Applications】Stainless steel braided hose has a length of 36 inches, Can be applied to most scenarios, This external hose connect a large CO2 tank and SodaStream machine, Suitable for standard CGA-320 CO2 gas tank, Please check the interface type before buying
  • 【Easy to install】The Tr21-4 interface has a detachable adapter, Quick connect interface, Very simple and convenient to use, Please read the instructions carefully before use and install the two washers correctly
  • 【Quality after-sales】We are very confident in this product, So we provide one year quality guarantee, For whatever reason, You are not satisfied, Please feel free to contact us, You will get a satisfactory answer
Rank No. #9
QWORK 23" CGA320 CO2 Cylinder Refill Adapter with Hose and Gauge for Filling Sodastream Tank
  • Double Valve - With 2 turn on/off valves, you can refill the CO2 precisely from a larger CO2 tank to small CO2 tanks.
  • How to Refill - You should open the on/off valves very slowly, and the gas will gently flowing right by the check-valve into your SodaStream bottle. Pls Note: The check-valve that SodaStream builds into their bottles' valves to thwart users refilling their bottles on their own is succeeding.
  • Specification - The adapter is CGA320, and the working pressure is 300psi. Pls confirm the tank size before purchase.
  • Usage - It can be used to refill the Sodastream tank with CO2 by yourself, and stop waste your money.
  • 100% Satisfied Service - Enjoy a smooth & frustration-free experience with our 100% Satisfied Service in one Month!
SaleRank No. #10
G1/2 - CO 2 Tank Refill Adapter - 36 inch with Guage & Reinforced Rubber - Save Hundreds - Connect your CO 2 Tank to Refill your Soda stream Machine - Designed & Quality Tested by a Handyman
  • ⚒ DURABLE: Our G1/2 CO 2 Tank - Refill Adapter was made to refill bottles from your Soda Maker Appliance using your CO 2 tank. Our Adapter comes with a pressure gauge to let you control how quickly you refill your tank.
  • ⚒ SAVE YOUR $$: Soda Makers make their money on refills.They don’t want you to use an adapter, as it is much cheaper than buying the bottles from the Soda Maker Companies. Their bottles come with a “check-valve” to prevent you from refilling yourself. If you want to refill yourself, see our description/video link below.
  • ⚒ THE SOLUTION: Your CO 2 Tank must be US CGA-320 (G1/2), (This is the standard size). Connect our adapter to your CO 2 tank, and your Soda Maker Bottle. Turn the hose on very slightly. You’ll hear the CO 2 refilling, and feel the bottle getting colder. Do this bit by bit until the bottle is full. Check the Pressure guage throughout the process. (More details in description below)
  • ⚒ TESTED FOR QUALITY: Every one of our Refill Adapters is tested before it gets to you. Our quality brass & reinforced rubber was designed to make it consistent, easy, and affordable to refill your Soda Maker.
  • ⚒ THE SAFE CHOICE: We stand by our original, quality products.

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Farwin External CGA320 CO2 Tank Direct Adapter

The first product we present to you is a standard option for anyone in need. The direct-to-CO2 adapter kit provided by Farwin successfully persuades us of its functionality and is standardized in every detail right from the start.

The high-pressure braid, made of 36/60-inch stainless steel, is thick and durable because it has been carefully and precisely machined. The hose is designed to work vigorously under high pressure up to 4500psi when it connects the CO2 cylinders to the SodaStream built-in tank. The CGA320 CO2 cylinder valve is said to work properly and can be connected very securely to the soda machine. 

Visually, the polished hose offers an eye-catching silver color and feels solid, professional, and humble. The adapter can work discreetly without disturbing the surroundings, thanks to its small diameter. In terms of compatibility, the product is only suitable for the TR21-4 SodaStream thread, which you should keep in mind, not to turn this into a wasteful purchase.

The package will include a fittings bag and user manual next to the main star. At the first use, remember to soak the adapter in baking soda water, rinse it well, and dry before using.

MonkeMon Upgraded Soda Stream Adapter 

The MonkeMon adapter caught our attention for the upgrade in many minor details, resulting in an efficient and pleasing result.

But first, we go to the materials that make the product for an initial assessment of durability. The adapter is made of solid stainless steel and brass, giving it resistance to high pressure, temperature, corrosion, and reactivity to anti-deformation stressors.

The airtightness is the first component to be improved in Monkemon’s freshwater adapter kit, intending to prevent leakage for safety and broader compatibility. The adapter can be connected to a wider range of CO2 cylinders and is suitable for the vast majority of SodaStreams models and other soda makers. That could be a small saving if you want to change the soda makers, as the adapter remains the same. To make sure your fresh soda has an irresistible taste, evaluate the freshness of the CO2 by checking if it is discharged normally after installing the connector.

You will receive email support for any questions or problems that arise during use.

LXLOTUS G1/2 – CO2 Tank Refill Adapter 

LXLOTUS offers an adapter with simple operation for amateurs to quickly and safely refill the CO2 tank of the SodaStream machine.

The adapter’s braided hose is made of pure brass and reinforced rubber for durable and consistent operation. The adapter comes with a pressure gauge to allow you to control the speed of your tank refilling and avoid wastage. Endurance tests performed in the US on the product showed a service life of up to 8 years.

Instead of learning how to use it through the manual, the producer allows you to imitate their detailed instructional videos available on YouTube. The principle of operation is clearly described. The valve handle needs to be turned slowly to pass through the “check valve” of the machine, then you continue to rotate it at the same speed to start filling steadily. The maximum waiting time for a single filling is 2 minutes.

Besides, there are a few useful tips that make your installation even easier. Specifically, you should leave your SodaStream storage tank in the refrigerator for 2 hours before starting the refilling process. Your CO2 tank is also recommended by the manufacturer to be stored and refilled outdoors for safety reasons.

GAROSA G1/2 CO2 Cylinder Refill Adapter 

The final product that we urge you to take a look at is the G1 / 2 CO2 Cylinder Refill Adapter from the manufacturer GAROSA.

The adapter uses a release valve and two on/off valves which require you to have the patience to turn it gradually so that the filling takes place safely and adequately.

The hose is made of 24/36 inches stainless steel with an internal diameter of 5mm for added durability and pressure resistance. You can rest assured there won’t be any flavor problems as the intake CO2 is chemically relatively inert; it may not react sufficiently to produce any odor. The average working pressure of the hose is 1500psi. This number can increase to a maximum of 4000psi, but it is not recommended for the hose to operate stably and safely.

The charging adapter is a standard US CGA-320 (G1 / 2) type, so it will be essential to make sure your CO2 tank is compatible, but don’t worry too much as this standard valve is suitable for the majority of tanks, except the Paintball ones. The CO2 tank needs a pressure large enough for the adapter to work; you can check whether it contains liquid CO2 and turn it upside down to inflate.

Buying a CO2 bottle and a SodaStream tank adapter can be a substantial initial investment, but if you and your family are really into this sparkling drink, it’s worth it. Hopefully, we’ve provided the right amount of information, tips, and choices so you can make a wise decision. Whatever product you choose, please keep in mind that the factor of safety is paramount, and make sure it is by thoroughly reviewing the directions for use and recommendations before using. Cheers!

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