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The Best Solar Charge Controller 60 Amp

Some Popular Solar Charge Controllers 60 Amp Available On The Market

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the Solar Charge Controllers 60 Amp available on the market. 

A solar charge controller is an intermediate device that manages the energy from solar panels going into the battery storage system. It prevents overcharging and ensures that the power does not run back to the solar panels on the night table, depleting the battery. Some high-end 60 Amp Solar Charge Controls have extra features like light and load control, but overall its primary task is power management. When selecting and evaluating which brand of 60 Amp Solar Charge Controllers to buy, you need to know their function and features. So, the content below will give you detailed information about four different 60 Amp Solar Charge Controllers.

The Best Solar Charge Controller 60 Amp of June 2021 – Reviews and Top Rated

Rank No. #1
EPEVER MPPT Solar Charge Controller 60A 150V PV Negative Grounding, Suitable for 12/24/36/48V Battery System with Remote Monitoring Display MT50
  • Negative Ground 150V PV Input, Compatible with 12/24/36/48V Batteries (Lead Acid) Charging. Lithium Battery :LiFePO4/ Li(NiCoMn)O2,Only Solar Panel and Battery Connector Available
  • 60 ampere Charging Current Max with big heat sink, Max. PV input power: 750W/12V battery, 1500W/24V battery , 2250W/36V battery, 3000W/48V battery system
  • Dual RS485 Port (RJ45 Connector), it can be paralleled up to 8 units together linked by 8pin ethernet cable to make the data monitoring easy and accurate.
  • Battery Type Compatibility, Lead Acid: Sealed, Gel, Flooded and User define, Lithium Battery: LiFePO4/ Li(NiCoMn)O2 / User, Battery temperature compensation will make the charging progress efficiently.
  • Standard Modbus communication protocol with RS485 interface , to monitor or set the parameters by using the phone Apps, MT50 Meter and PC software
Rank No. #2
SUNYIMA 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller with LCD Display Dual USB Multiple Load Control Modes,New Mppt Technical Maximum Charging Current (60A)
  • ❶【Dual USB 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller】 Using innovative MPPT technology high tracking efficiency up to 99%;Please refer to the information if you are not familiar with Mppt technology:There are many kinds of MPPT technology,Our Solar Controller Mppt technology is to detect the maximum charging current,not the boost type or the automatic charging of the solar panel voltage.
  • ❷【Multi-function LCD Displays】This controller is 12V/24V 12V/24V automatically adapt,first connect the battery,then connect the solar panels,when you first use it, make sure the battery has enough voltage,so that the controller can recognize the correct battery type.
  • ❸【Reliable Protection】overvoltage, short circuit, overload, overcharge, over discharge protection function;Automatic focusing MPPT tracking charging, high charging efficiency,Non-stop detection during charging, bidirectional focusing tracking.
  • ❹【Reliable Protection】overvoltage, short circuit, overload, overcharge, over discharge protection function;Automatic focusing MPPT tracking charging, high charging efficiency,Non-stop detection during charging, bidirectional focusing tracking.
  • ❺【Please Attention】Pls note the connection ways,Connect the battery first,then connect the solar panel(You can't reverse the order).The place that don't understand pls contact us,Thanks!
Rank No. #3
PowMr 60a Charge Controller - Solar Panel Charge Controller 12V 24V, Max 48V 1560W Input Adjustable Parameter LCD Display Current/Capacity and Timer Setting ON/Off with 5V Dual USB
  • 🙌 This 60a charge controller compatibility with 12V and 24V system. Fully 4-Stage PWM charge (Boost, ABS, Equalization,Float), 12V(780W) / 24V(1560W) input, Dual USB can give your electronic product max 5V 2A.
  • 🙌 Backlight LCD display PV/ Battery/ Load charge and discharge parameter. Adjustable Floating voltage/ LVD/ LVR/ Load Timer according needs for this charge controller. ADD Feature: Charge and Discharge Current, Charge and Discharge energy recording function.
  • 🙌 This solar charge controller fit for Lead-acid batteries (OPEN,AGM,GEL) with mutiple load timer. Load should be DC. For protecting the lifespan of your battery, once the voltage of the battery drop below 8V, the solar controller will turn off automatically.
  • 🙌 PWM charge controller Protection - Dual MOSFET Reverse current/ over heat /Under-voltage discharge discharge / short-circuit / open-circuit / over-load/ over-charging protection. More safe using for home, industrial, commercial etc.
Rank No. #4
60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 60amp Panel Battery Charger Controller 48V 36V 24V 12V Auto Max 150VDC Input mppt Charge Controllers Sealed Gel AGM Flooded Lithium Battery
  • Solar Panel: Fit for 900W(12V);1700W(24V);3400W(48V);Max input Voltage:150V PV
  • LCD Display---clear to see operating data and working condition, Real-time energy statistics function with Multiple load control modes,Mppt solar charge controller Display the daily power generation curve and current curve.
  • Support 4 charging options: Sealed, Gel, Flooded and User-defined, 12V 24V 48V Auto
  • The tracking rate of maximum power is ≥99% and the maximum conversion rate is >98%
  • Multiple protection against overcharge, over discharge, over load, short circuit, reverse polarity, over heat and battery under voltage.
SaleRank No. #5
AMPINVT 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V 24V 36V 48V Auto,Max 150VDC Input 3400 Watts Solar Regulator
  • Solar Panel: Fit for 900W(12V);1700W(24V);3400W(48V);Max input Voltage:150V PV
  • LCD Display---clear to see operating data and working condition, Real-time energy statistics function with Multiple load control modes,Mppt solar charge controller Display the daily power generation curve and current curve.
  • The tracking rate of maximum power is ≥99% and the maximum conversion rate is >98%
  • Multiple protection against overcharge, over discharge, over load, short circuit, reverse polarity, over heat and battery under voltage.
  • Support 4 charging options: Sealed Gel AGM Flooded Lithium Battery,User-defined, 12V 24V 48V Auto
SaleRank No. #6
PowMr MPPT Charge Controller 60 amp 48V 36V 24V 12V Auto - Max 160VDC Input LCD Backlight Solar Charge for Vented Sealed Gel NiCd Lithium Battery【Software Update Version】(MPPT-60A)
  • ❶【Software Update Version】100% MPPT 60A solar charge controller Intelligent, Max efficiency ≥98.1%, PV utilization ≥99%.Built-in DSP controller with high performance Automatic battery voltage detection 12V/24V/36V/48V, Make sure batteries' voltage more than 12V to boost controller and make sure battery has enough power to Self-detection when connected to the controller.
  • ❷Fit for USER(can be set Lithium, Lifepo4, Li(NiCoMn)O2)/Vented/Flooded/Sealed/Gel/NiCd battery.User programmable for absorption voltage/Floating voltage/Low voltage disconnect./Load Timer. Real-time energy recording.
  • ❸Blacklight LCD Dispaly PV voltage/output power/Battery voltage/charging current/working mode/Temperature, ☀ TROUBLESHOOTING function and LCD display and can help users not only check the whole system operating data and statuses but also quickly identify system faults and modify parameters.
  • ❹Intelligence Fan-on temperature >45℃ and off < 40℃,Porous heat dissipation.and fan use BEARING technologies increase life UP TO 5000hrs in normal use.
Rank No. #7
EPEVER 60A Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V, 60 amp Solar Charge Regulator with Load Timer, 12V/720W, 24V/1440W with LCD Display and Dual USB 5V Input, fit for Lead-Acid Batteries
  • 60 amp Solar Charge Controller: 12V/24V DC (Automatically detects systems voltage). Max.PV input voltage is 50V. Compatible with various Deep Cycle battery options: Sealed, Gel, Flooded
  • Positive Ground Charge Controller 60A: 3-Stage intelligent PWM charging: Bulk, Boost/Equalize, Float; Multiple Load mode: Light control, Light Time control,Dual Time control
  • Solar Charge Regulator Built in LCD display design, dynamically displaying all operating datas and working condition; humanized button for more comfortable and convenient operation
  • Multiple protection against overcharge, over discharge, over load, short circuit, reverse polarity, over heat and battery under voltage;
  • Professional after-sales customer service, Heat sink design for achieving higher heat dissipation. Extensive electronic protection and battery temperature compensation function.
Rank No. #8
MakeSkyBlue 60A MPPT Charge Controller LCD Display Max Input 2800W Solar Panel for 48V System V119 WiFi APP Connection Auto for 12V/24V/36V/48V Solar System (60A-V119-WiFi)
  • [60A-V119-WiFi] MPPT Solar Charge Controller 60A-V119-WiFi
  • The WiFi is Between MPPT Controller and Android Phones only. Not Internet or Cloud Connection.
  • MakeSkyBlue Application Smart Phone Android System
  • Automatic Battery Voltage Detection 12V/24V/36V/48V
  • Intelligent Long Distance Control Solar Charging Parameters
Rank No. #9
EPEVER 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12/24/36/48VDC Automatically Identifying System Voltage with MT50 Remote Meter & Temperature Sensor RTS & Communication Cable RS485
  • ✦Tracer-AN series controller, based on multiphase synchronous rectification technology (MSRT) and advanced MPPT control algorithm, with dual-core processor architecture and common negative design, has the features of high response speed, high reliability and high industrial standard.
  • ✦Tracer6415AN MPPT charge controller automatically identifying 12/24/36/48VDC system voltage.Rated charging/discharging current 60A. Maximum PV input power 750W/12V 1500W/24V 2250W/36V 3000W/48V. Maximum PV open circuit voltage 150V. Common negative ground design.
  • ✦The isolated RS485 interface with standard MODBUS communication protocol and 5V power supply makes it easy for customer to expand the application.
  • ✦The remote temperature sensor RTS and the voltage sensor design will collect accurate data of battery temperature and voltage.
  • ✦EPEVER Tracer-AN series support PC software, APP and MT-50 to monitor or set the parameters. Compatible with various battery options: Sealed, Gel, Flooded and Lithium.
Rank No. #10
EPEVER 60amp MPPT Charge Controller 48V/36V/24V/12V Negative Ground Max 150V 4500W Input fit Litium/AGM/Gel/Flooded/User Backlight LCD Display Large-Amp(60A-MPPT)
  • ❶ 【Upgraded Version】Negative Ground Tracer AN series MPPT Controller with tracking efficiency no less than 99.5% (MSRT) and 12V/24V/36V/48V auto identifying system voltage. Accurately recognizing and tracking of multiple power point to ensure DC/DC transfer efficiency is up to 98.6%. Real-time energy recording and statistical with Multiple load control modes.
  • ❷ Max Input Current: 60 amp; Max Input Solar Power: 1225W(12V); 2250W(24V); 3375W(36V); 4500W(48V); Max input Voltage: 150V; Auto control system to limit the charging power & current go over the rated value.Common NEGATIVE Ground and TROUBLESHOOTING function( fault LED indicator).
  • ❸ Solar controller mppt 60a with high quality & low failure rate components of ST and Infineon and Battery temperature compensation function to ensure the controller’s life.Real-time energy recording and statistical.
  • ❹ 60A mppt controller Fit 5 charging options: Lithium(need set by PC cable), Sealed, Gel, Flooded and User. 4 type load Timer:ON/OFF mode,PV&Time control mode,PV voltage control mode,Dual Time control mode.

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EPEVER 60A Solar Charge Controller 

It is 17.36 x 12.56 x 8.43 inches in length and weighs 12.6 pounds. This Solar Charge Controller is based on multiphase synchronous amplifier technologies and improved control algorithms with a dual-core hardware platform. As such, high efficiency, consistency, and industry standards are highlighted. The product will easily control the maximum point capacity of the PV array in any situation to attain the highest power of the board. Along with the fully automatic power reduction feature, the charging current and power limit function maintain flexibility when dealing with overweight PV modules and operating in high-temperature environments. The device voltage is generated automatically by the charge controller. The frequent current of charge and discharge is 60A. 150V is the highest PV open-circuit voltage. The interface is distinct from the framework for standard communication. Besides, the 5V power supply makes improving applications convenient for customers. This machine can gather accurate battery temperature and voltage data thanks to the remote temperature and voltage sensor design. 8 simultaneous units for system expansion are supported. The MPPT solar charge controller enables customers to track and set parameters on a cell phone or PC using APP software. It is compatible with several options for different batteries. It includes a Solar Charge Controller, a User Manual, a MT50 Remote Meter, a Temperature Sensor RTS, and a Communication Cable RS4855.


– high-quality material

– Easy to install and use

– Nice remote panel

– Wide battery compatibility

– Tech support

Cons: none

Renogy 60 Amp Solar Charge Controller

This device is a smart active ground controller. It is 11.22 x 8.07 x 3.66 inches in length and measures 8.98 pounds. Up to 99 percent high tracking performance and 98 percent maximum conversion efficiency are provided by this advanced MPPT technology. Electronic security protects against undesirable conditions such as reverse polarity, overcharging, over-discharge, overload, short circuit, and reverse current. The design of the LCD screen and various LED indicators help display machine operating statistics, adjustable parameters, and codes of error. The durable structure protects against daily wear and tear, and an aluminum heat sink supports heat dissipation. There is also the ability to charge expired lithium batteries with this solar charge controller. Users can use the BT-1 Bluetooth module, which needs to be purchased separately, or the Renogy DC Home smartphone app to connect. Many users noticed that it seemed to charge the battery so well with this controller that it never went below 11.8v.


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– Easy to install and use

– Durable

– Tech support

Cons: For installation, the manual should have additional guidance.

Verdict: Many people are pleased with this controller’s performance and recommend this machine to others to use.

PowMr 60a Solar Panel Charge Controller

This product’s size is 7.6 x 3.94 x 2.01 inches, and it weighs 12.4 ounces. This solar regulator is secure with a moisture-tight coating that minimizes harm from moisture and breeding insects. For easier use, the LCD backlight shows parameters. Voltage, floating voltage, battery type, and any adjustments you make to the factory settings will be seen on the display. Besides, this machine also offers an on-demand load timer. Its features include the current charging and discharging mode, the recording function for charging and discharging power. This solar charge controller is ideal for batteries containing lead-acid such as Open, Agm, and Gel. The load ought to be DC. When you set the timer to Light and Time mode with automatic induction, it will automatically open or close the load. The solar controller will automatically switch off to maintain the battery life when the battery voltage falls below 8V. The Dual USB will provide up to 5V 2A for your electronic product. The charge controller controls reverse current, over-temperature, short circuit, open circuit, overload. For home, industrial, and commercial use, it is safer. One product packaging includes a 60 amp Charge Controller and an English Instruction Manual. An important note is to keep children away from storage batteries and controllers.


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– Weatherproof

– Easy to read

– Accurate LCD display

– Overheat quickly

Verdict: Besides being easy to set up, this device also has a digital reader that makes users more satisfied.

Onesolar 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

This product is 12.32 x 9.06 x 3.58 inches and weighs 8.04 pounds. The maximum input voltage is 150V PV. The LCD display for viewing operational data and working conditions is clear. With several load control modes, its purpose is real-time energy statistics. The solar charge controller displays the average power generation curve and the current curve through the display screen. 4 charging features are offered by this product: Sealed, Gel, Flooded, and User Specified. There are some protections, including overload, short circuit, overheating, under-voltage battery, etc. A favorite feature of this product is that it provides the user with data on energy production daily. The device also has a PV control setting that turns on the voltage output at night after the panels lose daylight. The manufacturer notes the user that there is an usual phenomenon when some data logs are on the product screen because it is left over by their installation and quality control.


– Easy to install

– Thick

– Clear manual

Cons: none

Verdict: For the solar system, this product is perfectly acceptable. It charges easily and transforms the input of electricity into the battery’s right voltage.

To sum up, the most basic of the charge controller’s task is to adjust the PV panel output voltage to the proper voltage for charging the batteries. After reading about 4 different brands providing Solar Charge Controllers 60 Amp, we hope that you will find a suitable product for yourself. 

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