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The Best Stencil Vinyl Roll

Nowadays, with the tendency to like to make homemade items as gifts, they need to use Stencil Vinyl Roll is becoming more and more popular.

You will teach there are many products in the market, but you do not know which product is suitable for your needs. This article will provide you with useful information about the most reputable Stencil Vinyl Roll products on the market.

The Best Stencil Vinyl Roll in 2021 – Reviews by Eardex

1. Oracle Ora Mask 813 

The first product on our list of Vinyl Stencil Roll Products that we would like to recommend is Oracle’s Oracal Oramask 813 Stencil Film. The item has a light blue tone and PVC material. The size of the article is 12 “x 20 ‘.

Oracal Oramask 813 Stencil Film Roll


This item makes for use in pencil applications, especially for painting and shower methods, such as writing on vehicles, drawing with stencils, advertising letters, and reinforcement.

This stencil film can be reasonable to splash and paint onto a smooth surface because of the generally high hardness.


  • The product can uses on any surface, from wood to glass, vehicle surface.
  • Its light blue finish makes it easy to customize any craft or art project.
  • The product is compatible with any vinyl cutter or cutter.


  • When using, it is necessary to read the instructions carefully, and the product side can use in case of not achieving the expected results.


Oracle Ora Mask 813 is more of plastic-type stencil material. It goes on much more quickly. You have to use a carrier sheet to apply it, so it is quicker to apply. However, Oracle Ora Mask 813 does not necessarily come off in one piece. It likes to tear, rip, and it is a little bit more brittle. So it does take longer to remove.


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2. VViViD Blue Low 

To meet that demand, the VViViD brand has released the Low-Tack Stencil Vinyl, which is the second product that we need to introduce in this article. The item has a blue tone depending on the Acrylic material.

VViViD Blue Low-Tack Adhesive Vinyl Stencil Masking Film Roll


Since the sponsored thing is less sticky so sticking and removing is not complicated; it applies to all named surfaces, impervious to, for example, wood, glass, tile, and finished metal. You can fully use this item for physical art creations, containers, signs, display decorations, and various special schemes.

Its tissue paper form will make it easier for users to crop and apply. What is more, the item is viable with all business vinyl cutters and plotters.


  • It allows for more precise cutting, cropping, and application, making it easy to create text, drawings, signs, and custom graphics with the product.
  • The product has high compatibility with all kinds of machines, making it easy to use.


  • When using it, you should be careful to avoid tearing the product.
  • Since the product is also slightly thicker than standard vinyl stencil because it doesn’t seem to cut off, pay attention when sand is on.

3. Stencil Film Roll Vinyl

Are you looking for a sturdy stencil material to make your homemade or fine craftsmanship? Is it correct to say that you are exhausted by simple parchment scrolls that make you miserable at your job?

Stencil Film Roll Vinyl - 12.125 in X 50 ft for Cricut / Silhouette / Cameo Vinyl Stencil Film, DIY Crafting, Craft Cutters


The third Stencil Film Roll Vinyl product we would recommend is to assist you with that. This parchment film will make it comfortable to use DIY or specialist projects in your home, saving you a lot of time and energy.

Manufactured for use in stencil applications, especially for paint and shower cases on smooth, flat, inflexible surfaces. Unsuitable for wet applications, three mils thick.


  • Great quality – Blue art plastic simple to cut, blue PVC, ensured not to bubble 
  • Work for Cricut, Silhouette, Xyron, Craft ROBO, Graphtec, Quickutz, Inspirations, and Pazzles brand machines, and so forth


  • Compared with the same products, the product cost is higher than the general ground.
  • Do not use the product on the leaking wall, wet from the inside. Vinyl paperboard, but the paper’s front and back, the part glued to the wall, is susceptible to moisture and water ingress, affecting the paper’s life.
  • Do not use the product in direct sunlight, which will discolor the paper sample over time.

4. ORACAL 651 

Finally, on the Stencil Vinyl Roll list, we would like to recommend the ORACAL 651. A white color product with a blue silicone liner makes it customizable to provide outstanding contrast for weeding.

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ORACAL 651 White Permanent Vinyl


The product is more decadent than conventional products, making the material easy to use and handle while providing excellent resistance to scratches and scratches. The product can completely use for Crafter, Scrapbook Artist, and DIY. Moreover, you can completely cut 12 * 12 squares for easy use.

The product is highly compatible with Cricut Explore Machines & Silhouette Cameo. Users can use the product for 1-5 years. Suitable for floor plans, separating art creations and outside presentation.


  • Shiny completion is scratch, scrape, and water safety, including an exceptionally tough, dissolvable based glue. 
  • The Industry standard has shiny calendared vinyl. 
  • Redone blue silicone paper liner that gives more significant difference than weeding 
  • Effectively trim into 12″ * 12″ squares to appropriately fit your machine cutting mat. 
  • Offers magnificent dimensional strength, cutting, and application qualities


  • When using, carefully read the instructions, and the product surface can not achieve the expected results.
  • When using, users should be careful to avoid tearing the paper.


ORACAL 651 is suitable for many projects. It is an excellent vinyl for many different things on several projects. You can use it on cars, pretty much any surface in any cutting machine, so it is an excellent product to use.


Final Thought 

Above are all the products in the Stencil Vinyl Roll category that we would like to introduce to you. I hope that the article has provided the necessary information and helped you decide.

Suppose you are wondering which product to choose. In that case, we will help you make suggestions, for example, ORACAL 651 – the product is the most appreciated by the customer, and the price is affordable.

Any questions that need answers, please contact us immediately. Thanks for reading! 

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