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The Best Stone Repair Kit

Stone repair kit – Low-cost solution for your cracked stone furniture

If you are worried about the cracks and chips in the tile floor or marble tabletop, our below suggestion of the top stone repair kits available on the market will better assist you. 

Human mishandling is a fundamental cause of cracks and fissures within a slab on your stone countertop. Children sitting on top of the stones and bumping into the rock with a hard object may be enough to cause visible cracks and fissures. However, with the development of DIY supplies to repair almost anything inside your home, you can rely on the stone repair kit product as a “quick bandage” to seal back the cracked surface in no time. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best choices on the market. 

The Best Stone Repair Kit of June 2022 – Reviews and Top Rated

SaleRank No. #1
CalFlor TileFix, FL49133
  • Custom DIY/Professional repairs; for tile, stone, marble & more
  • Unlike other solutions TileFix offers limitless color matching possibilities; formulas for popular shades of white, beige, gray, blue, green & more
  • The only kit with subtle tones & grain-matching included
  • Opportunity for a gloss finish using the included lacquer
  • Save money by using this kit for multiple repairs on all hard surfaces in your home
Rank No. #2
Granite, Marble, Quartz Countertops and Tiles Repair Kit - Fix Chips & Defects| Restore Tiles & Countertops with Ease | for Quartz Corian Marble or Stone | Flawless Results Every Time
  • 【REPAIR KIT】Fast and permanent repairs on Natural and engineered stones like Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Slate, Sandstone, Quartzite.Defects like chips, nicks, pits, deep scratches and surface defects.Transparent material, and provide various color matches.
  • 【ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY】Non-hazardous and no unpleasant smell, waterproof formula is washable. You can rest assured to use our products.
  • 【PERFECT RESULT】This kit is simple enough for anyone to use at home. Just follow the instructions and you can repair your surface in minutes for a fraction of the cost. No prior DIY experience required.
  • 【AFTER-SALE SERVICE】 Our Granite, Marble, Quartz Countertops and Tiles Repair Kit saves you expensive bucks from repair shops. After sanding and polishing the repaired area, it will be almost entirely Long-lasting repair result. If you have any problem, we also offer 5 years after-sales service.
  • 【AFTER-SALE SERVICE】 Our Granite, Marble, Quartz Countertops and Tiles Repair Kit saves you expensive bucks from repair shops. After sanding and polishing the repaired area, it will be almost entirely Long-lasting repair result. If you have any problem, we also offer 5 years after-sales service.If the repair result cannot meet your needs,send us a photo and we will work with you on a solution
Rank No. #3
Tile Repair Kit Stone Repair Kit - Porcelain Repair Kit for Cracked Stone, Crack Chip Ceramic Floor - Tile Gap Filler & Repair Tile Paint - Granite Filler Repair Kit & Laminate Floor Scratch Remover
  • Porcelain Repair Kit - Use our tile repair kit and restore cracked stone, marble, and ceramic wall and floor surfaces in your home. Rejuvenate the ugly chips and scratches in your countertop, sink, shower and bathroom floor. Unlike other ceramic and stone repair kit, this high-quality marble chip repair kit is easy to apply, adheres well, and can resurface any shallow gap.
  • Floor Chip Porcelain Tile Repair Kit - Save time and effort with our tile chip repair kit. Many homeowners who used our granite chip repair kit filler got promising results. The ceramic tile touch up paint can rejuvenate any chipped white floor, or stone surface. Our granite repair kit for chips and cracked tile repair kit works like magic--minus the expensive fees from restoration shops.
  • Crack & Tile Paint Fix - Fix a floor and rehabilitate tile paint, damaged shower, bathroom floor, and bathtub, granite wall, quartz kitchen counter, granite crack repair and ceramic tile with our ceramic tile repair kits. Our agent is engineered for finishing and polishing porcelain chip repair while boasting versatility. Mix and match the putty to achieve best results.
  • Ceramic Tile Crack Repair - Got any broken wall tile, bathroom vanity, or porcelain vases that need repairing? Our chipped tile repair is a must-have for any home. Use our tile gap filler to fix paint chips and remove scratches from marble, granite, acrylic, and vinyl surfaces. Unlike other ceramic repair kit, our porcelain chip repair kit lasts longer and has everything you need.
  • Granite Filler Repair Kit - Our marble crack repair kit offers unrivaled performance in concealing and repairing cracked stone and ceramic surfaces. You can adjust the porcelain sink repair kit white's gloss levels to cover scratch and fill any shallow gap. This marble repair kit works on any ceramic tile paint while leaving them good as new.
Rank No. #4
Epox-Sci's Instant Install 29~20 oz. Knife Grade epoxy. Granite, Stone, Tile, Crack and Chip Repair/Joint or Installation Adhesive. Tintable with Our EZ-Tint 4 Color Pack
  • QUICK-SET EPOXY: The #1 install and rapid-repair epoxy used by the pros! This knife-grade epoxy is non-toxic, food-safe, and simple to use. Featuring a longer workable period and a quick cure time, Instant Install 29 is ideal for repairing stone surfaces, rebuilding tile, and installing countertops. Kit includes self leveling epoxy resin and hardener.
  • TINTABLE: Match your stone's color! Easily tint this knife-grade epoxy resin for use on any color countertop or tile. With our UV stable, EZ-TINT pigments (Sold Separately), you can seamlessly blend Instant Install 29 and stone for a nearly invisible joint or repair.
  • PERMANENT DURABILITY: More than just a quick fix! Unlike other stone, tile, and counter top repair fillers that only last for a few years, Instant Install 29 creates a permanent, unbreakable bond. Once dry, repaired surfaces are an impenetrable shield that won't need replacing.
  • VERSATILE: Instant Install can do it all! This ultra-durable epoxy resin can fix chips, cracks, pits, or gouges in stone, marble, granite, or quartz for smooth, rapid repairs. Featuring powerful adhesive properties, use as a glue to reattach broken tile pieces or install countertops like a pro.
  • EASY TO USE: Formulated for the DIY'er. This self-leveling epoxy resin features an extended 15 minute workable time, then dries glossy in 14 minutes for a quick, cure time in under a half hour! Thin layers dry clear and thicker layers dry opaque. For a matte finish, razor off dried excess at the surface.
Rank No. #5
MagicEzy Stone RepairEzy (Black): Stone Fix - Repair Chipped and Cracked Granite Tiles and Countertops Fast - Marble, Granite and Travertine Repair Kit - Super Strong
  • EASY TO USE Travertine Repair Kit; It's a super strong epoxy filler, sealant, adhesive and colorant in one tube; no mixing or prepwork needed; Just clean, squirt, level and wipe; Perform virtually invisible travertine crack repairs fast ; or use it on granite, marble, limestone, or any natural stone surface.
  • PERMANENT COUNTERTOP OR TILE REPAIRS - VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE REPAIRS; This Travertine Filler Kit features an advanced nanotechnology crack repair formula that penetrates deeply into the pores of the crack or chip for industrial grade adhesion; We are so confident of its durability we offer a Lifetime Protection Guarantee.
  • MIX AND MATCH TRAVERTINE COLORS; It's easy to match your exact color and the grain of the stone; Use one of our Stone Repair Kits . The Beige MagicEzy Color System shows you how to achieve a perfect color matchfor your travertine crack repair.
  • GLOSSY VERSATILE CRACK FILLER; Use it for travertine crack repair plus all other types of stone including granite, marble, and natural stone. Use it as a tile repair kit too and fix holes in ceramic and porcelain. Dries with a gloss finish which is adjustable to matte.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE; Repair virtually all cracks, chips, scratches and holes on surfaces in your home including countertops, wall and floor tiles; sinks, showers, bathtubs, appliances, and more.
Rank No. #6
MagicEzy Stone Repairezy (Beige Repair Kit): Stone Fix - Repair Chipped and Cracked Granite Tiles and Countertops Fast - Marble, Granite and Travertine Repair Kit - Super Strong
  • FIXES ALL TYPES OF STONE DAMAGE: Use it for chipped marble, cracked granite and for flaws in all stone surface. Works on marble, granite, corian, caesarstone, travertine, quartz, and all natural or man-made stone surfaces. It can also be used on ceramic and porcelain tiles.
  • SUPER EASY REPAIRS: No messy prepwork or sanding required. Just clean, apply, level and wipe away smears. The product dries with a smooth glossy finish so there’s no need to polish it.
  • LONG-LASTING STONE COUNTERTOP REPAIRS: Nanotechnology penetrates deeply into the pores of the stone to create strong, permanent repairs; backed by Lifetime Durability Protection.
  • MARBLE OR GRANITE SEAM FILLER: use either the clear or matching color as a seam filler for your stone countertop or worktop.
  • MIX AND MATCH COLORS: Choose from white, black, brown, beige, burgundy to match most marble, granite, travertine, quartz and limestone. Buy a single tube or a multi-tube repair kit and blend colors to match the grain of the stone. Full instructions provided.
SaleRank No. #7
GraniTile 360~8 oz. epoxy Knife-Grade kit. Specifically formulated for Granite, Tile, and All Stone Repair/Easily and Quickly Repairs Chipped, Broken and Missing Pieces/Covers 350 sq. inches
  • Marble edges are non-porous and will need to be lightly drilled or really roughed-up to provide a bonding surface for the epoxy. GT 360 is an impenetrable solid shield that is an unbreakable bond. Non-toxic, food-safe and simple to use. For years. The #1 install and rapid-repair epoxy used by the pro's. The extended 15 minute application time allows for proper alignment and application for repairing or installing without needing to rush...then instantly dries after the application time is up
  • Use our EZ-TINT pigments, (not included) to match your stones color. Tight seams with even breaks do not require tint to be added.
  • Remember, DISCOVER WHICH OF OUR PRODUCTS YOU NEED: It's easy...Chips, large cracks, missing pieces to rebuild missing pieces, or fill craters you need the paste like body of GT 360 .
  • The dried excess easily razors off finished surfaces so no taping required.
  • Paste consistency makes using this product a breeze and tintable with our EZ Tints or even food coloring!
Rank No. #8
LCA(TM) Clear, Light Cure Acrylic DIY Surface Repair Kit for Granite, Marble and Porcelain
  • High quality repairs in minutes
  • Recommended for damages no larger than a penny
  • Non-toxic and approved for use in food prep areas
  • Works great on granite, marble and quartz
  • Made in the USA
Rank No. #9
Bonstone Natural Stone Repair Kit
  • UV stable for interior & exterior applications
  • Fast setting: 20 minutes or less
  • Patch holds up through severe climate changes
  • Floor and tile restoration
Rank No. #10
Hard Surface Black Repair Tool Kit to fix Granite, Cultured Marble, Stone, Ceramic, Porcelain, Corian countertops, Tile, Floor, Shower and Sink Cracks, Chips and Nicks. A Perfect Touch up.
  • High quality nick, chip and crack filler, repairs in minutes.
  • Recommended for damages no larger than a penny
  • Non-toxic and approved for use in food prep areas
  • Works great on granite, cultured marble, quartz, solid surface material including Avonite, Corian, and Swanstone.
  • Made in the USA

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 CalFlor FL49133 TileFix

Our first product option comes from CalFlor is the Mix2Match Tile Fix Stone Repair Kit. There are several reasons we consider it to be our top choice. First, the kit allows you to fix virtually any cracked surface at home or in the workplace, including marble, tile, etc. Second, in contrast to other solutions which only offer limited color blending, the kit provides full-range color matching possibilities, about 28 shades in total specified in the formula chart for you to experiment. The manufacturer even shares some tips for grain-matching. Therefore, you can easily customize the best color for your needs. The tint color is acclaimed for its concentration so that you can achieve great results with economical use. Third, the Title Fix kit includes lacquer so that you can apply it in the final step to achieve a glossy look. Overall, packed with all necessary supporting supplies, the product is a powerful, adhesive sealant penetrating deeply into the cracks with long-lasting effect. With only three steps: clean the surface, mix the color and apply the putty, you have finished the fixing task efficiently. However, it is noted by some customers that the product may not perform its best with more significant cracks. 


Able to make the cracks invisible

Easy color adjustment

Lasting effect

Easy to use


It may not work best for wide cracks.

 Verdict: Overall, this product provides you with an initial start to repair the chips and cracks effortlessly.

Granite, Marble, Quartz Countertops, and Tiles Repair Kit

Our second place goes to one of Ankita’s products featuring robust bonding texture and ease of use. The product is highly acclaimed for its wide application on natural and engineered stones such as granite, marble, sandstone, slate, etc. Although made transparent, it blends perfectly well with the surface colors, disappearing defects like chips, deep scratches. Moreover, if you are environment-concerned, this product suits you well since it is claimed to be non-hazardous without an unpleasant smell. You can rest assured that the product requires no initial DIY experience in terms of ease of use. You only need to mix the two types of adhesive in a prescribed ratio and apply them onto the cracks and smooth the surface with sandpaper in the final step. The instruction is attached for further reading. One notable feature of the product is that it comes with excellent after-sale service. Hence if you have any concern related to the lasting of the product, you will be offered a 5-year after-sale service. If the repair result can’t meet your expectation, please contact the manufacturer for further assistance. 


Almost invisible look 


Easy to use

Wide-ranges of application



Verdict: Simple but effective, this kit will save you a lot of time since you don’t need to worry about mixing colors. Other than that, it only takes 3 hours in maximum for the adhesive to dry, compared to other products’ 24-hour repair. 

 Stone Repair Kit from Fortivo Home Shop  

Our third place goes to Fortivo Home Shop’s Porcelain Repair Kit product. This high-quality product stands out as a lifesaver for most cracked surfaces, including the ceramic wall, countertop, bathroom floors. The kit is easy to apply, adheres well, efficient in sealing the gap. Many homeowners who used the kit filler got the expected result: chipped floor or stone surface getting rejuvenated within a desirable fee. The innovative agent is contained inside the kit to achieve the right consistency and color depending on the surface needing repair.

Moreover, it is out of concern when it comes to health safety for your family. The kit is claimed to contain no hazardous substances and be easy to clean by using the water to tidy up the surrounding areas when the putty is wet. Some detail-oriented customers may have problems with color mixing since they found that the colors did not match the kit’s color chart. However, this problem can be solved if you create a sample beforehand and learn how to blend colors by trial and error. 


Easy of use

Effective attachment  

Ease of cleaning

  • Customizable coloring 
  • User-safety


  • It can be hard to mix colors.

 Verdict: This stone repair kit will smooth the path to a beautiful, well-fixed finish look at a minimum cost instead of hiring a professional team to replace the broken stone. 

MagicEzy Stone RepairEzy

Ranking in our fourth place is a simple repair kit from MagicEzy. Shaped like a well-designed tube, the equipment is available in 6 colors (white, black, clear, beige, chocolate, burgundy), which can be bought separately or in combination. It is clear that different types of stones (granite, marble, travertine, limestone, etc.) require a specific color matching, and you will get the desired look by following the guide carefully. Applying this to damages over 1mm, you will be hassle-free in no time. One of the unique features is the customer-oriented look of the tube with three distinct parts: 

  • penetration tip designed to help the product penetrate deep into the crack
  • Slender grip for accurate maneuvers and application 
  • leveling tool best for a seamless finish 

The filler is made by nanotechnology, guaranteeing you durability and flexibility to absorb shock, preventing further damage to the crack in a long time. One shortcoming is that the product is harmful if inhaled, causing irritations to the body. Therefore, you must follow the safety instruction. 


  • Strong nanotechnology 
  • Lifetime durability 
  • Ease to use
  • Various colors 
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Need attention to the harmful effects

Verdict: Though it requires attention in the application, this stone repair kit proves itself to be one of the most straightforward solutions to your cracked surface due to its well-made design and durable strength. 

When it comes to home repair, choosing the right supplies is of the utmost importance. This is especially true for stone repair kits since various brands are offering multiple options on the market. It is important that you find the product with ultra-bondage character and ease of use. We hope that some product suggested above shall invisiblize the damages and rejuvenate your stone surface. 

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