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The Best Tape Runner For Scrapbooking

After evaluating and analyzing in detail more than 8,462 customer satisfaction about Best Tape Runner For Scrapbooking in May 2022, we have come up with the top 10 items you may be interested in Tape Runner For Scrapbooking. We have ranked the best brands from Artificial Intelligent and Big Data.

The Best Tape Runner For Scrapbooking of May 2022 – Reviews and Comparison

Rank No. #1
Scrapbook Adhesives E-Z Runner Permanent Adhesive Dispenser, 33 Feet-Set of 6 - 01644-MP
  • E-Z Permanent Strips are designed for scrapbooks, card making, mixed media and DIY projects; Great for lines, curves, circles and short spaces
  • Easy to create custom embellishments using adhesives with pigment powder, foil or glitter
  • Unbreakable release liner provides a consistent, quick and smooth adhesive application to cards, scrapbooks, etc.
  • Heat embossing the adhesive strips will help to add interesting texture to your project
  • Includes 1 E-Z Runner Dispenser with 33-Feet permanent pre-cut white adhesives
SaleRank No. #2
Tombow 62207 MONO Permanent Adhesive Refills, 3-Pack. Easy to Use Refills for a Strong, Instant Bond
  • Value 3-Pack of Refills for the Tombow 62106 MONO Adhesive Permanent Applicator
  • Permanent for strong bond
  • (PAT) Photographic Activity Test approved
  • Acid-free, photo safe
  • 1/3 in x 472 in
Rank No. #3
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L 01250-6 Double-Sided E-Z Runner Grand Adhesive Dispenser, 150-feet
  • E-Z permanent refillable adhesive strips are designed for scrapbooks, card making, framing, mounting and DIY projects; Great for long/shirt lines, curves, and circles
  • Easily customizable adhesive with foils or glitter
  • Unbreakable release liner provides a consistent, quick and smooth adhesive application to scrapbooks, crafts, etc
  • Available in 150-Feet of permanent double-sided white adhesive strips
Rank No. #4
AdTech 05674 Permanent Crafter's Tape Refills, single unit
  • PERFECT FOR PAPER CRAFTS: AdTech Double-Sided Tape is ideal for Crafting, Scrapbooking, and Gift Wrapping. Unlike regular tape, AdTech’s adhesive won’t eat away at your photos. It’s Acid-Free and Photo-Safe to preserve your most cherished photos and crafts.
  • STRONG BONDS: Bonds virtually to all materials including paper, ribbon, photos, cardstock, and many other materials. This permanent bond ensures your photos and projects stay in place without warping or wrinkling your photos.
  • EASY TO USE: AdTech Crafter's Tape is easy to Control and Flexible to apply, even in curves. Just press and pull the tape towards you for a clean, permanent, and strong double sided tape bond.
  • EASY TO REFILL: To refill the cartridge with AdTech double sided mounting tape, just open the case, remove the used cartridge, and pop in a fresh tape refill. Each roll is . 31” wide X 8. 75 yds/8mm X 8m Long. Fits all Crafter’s Tape Cartridges.
  • GREAT VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY: AdTech Crafter’s Tape 4 Pack gives you more bang for your buck compared to other double-sided tape brands. A perfect addition to your scrapbooking supplies.
Rank No. #5
AdTech Glue Runner For Scrapbooking Supplies, case pack, Clear 12 4pk cartridges,05603-CASE
  • This case contains 12 (twelve) 4-pack boxes of adtech permanent crafter's tape. There are 48 individual glue runners in this case
  • Best bang for your buck - adtech glue runners are more economical than most competing glue runners
  • Strong and reliable - strong, reliable double-sided adhesive for creative projects and use in the office
  • Permanent bond - sets to a permanent bond so your projects stay put
  • Safe for your photos - acid-free for scrapbooks that will stand the test of time
Rank No. #6
Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L E-Z Runner Grand Permanent Refill
  • E-Z permanent refillable adhesive strips are designed for paper, documents, photos and crafts; Great for long/short lines, curves, short spaces, and circles
  • Easily customizable adhesive with foils or glitter
  • Unbreakable release liner provides a consistent, quick and smooth adhesive application to scrapbooks, crafts, etc
  • Available in 150-Feet of permanent double-sided white adhesive strips; Fits other 3L dispensers
Rank No. #7
Scotch Tape Runner Extra Strength, .31 in x 11 yd (055-ES-CFT) , Green
  • Strong Instant Hold
  • Less Mess
  • Photo Safe
  • Ideal for a range of projects
  • Permanent
SaleRank No. #8
XFasten Double Sided Adhesive Scrapbook Runner Tape Roller, 0.3-inch by 360-Inch, 8-Pack, Permanent Adhesive Dots Roller Applicator, Acid-Free and Archival Safe Scrapbooking Tape
  • Acid free and archival safe double-sided adhesive tape roller that is ideal for scrapbooks, photos, and school projects.
  • Equipped with a smooth and jam-free Adhesive Dot Roller Applicator that dispenses quickly without getting stuck, saving you time.
  • Permanent and instant bonding. Ideal for school, gift wrapping, scrapbooking and home projects that require a clean and mess-free scrapbooking tape application.
  • EMPOWERS average users to craft PROFESSIONAL-GRADE PROJECTS thanks to its clear surface and mess-free installation.
  • The portable roller applicator operates smoothly without any jamming, cutting the time and effort required so that you can FOCUS MORE ON YOUR PROJECTS. Photo-safe and has a long storage and shelf life.
Rank No. #9
Glue Runner Permanent, Double Sided Adhesive Scrapbook Runner Tape Roller, 0.3-inch by 360-Inch, Permanent Adhesive Roller Applicator, 12 Pack - Red
  • Multipurpose:Acid free and archival safe double-sided adhesive tape roller that is ideal for scrapbooks, photos, office and creative projects.
  • Permanent Applicator:Sets to a permanent bond so your projects stay put.Equipped with a smooth and jam-free Adhesive Dot Roller Applicator that dispenses quickly without getting stuck, saving you time.
  • Photo Safe:Acid-free for scrapbooks that will stand the test of time.
  • Strong and Reliable:The portable roller applicator operates smoothly without any jamming, cutting the time and effort required so that you can focus more on your projects.
  • Value Combination:Extra-long, tear-resistant Tape, 8mm x 10M - rolls out to the last millimetre
Rank No. #10
Xyron Mega Runner, Permanent Adhesive Tape Dispenser, Refillable, 1/2" x 100', Tape Runner, Perfect for Scrapbooking & DIY Craft Supplies, Home School Projects & Home Office (0701-05-00),Multicolor
  • Great for scrapbooking, school, home office and DIY projects, the Xyron Mega Runner applies double-sided adhesive to photos, documents, cards, labels and more
  • Provides a strong aggressive hold without the sling found with solid tape runners
  • Lightweight and portable, it is ergonomically designed for better comfort and accurate application
  • The unique cap protects the adhesive when not in use. It comes with 1/2" wide x 100' of acid-free dot-matrix permanent adhesive.
  • With 100' of adhesive, you can work longer without the hassle of changing the cartridge. Easy drop-in style refill available (sold separately).

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What is your favorite scrapbook adhesive

I wanted to jump on tonight and just show you well. I had it handy and I thought about it: what’s your favorite tape runner, so I wanted to come on because as a scrapbooker, we all have them all. We have so many adhesives. I have whole drawer diffic of hid adhesives. So I recently came across this tape. Gun and I’ve been using a little while now – and I learned something about it, so I wanted to share it with you, so I do use the scrapbook adhesive squares and I like how they stick that great, I think for like card projects. They are very handy that great, you know it’s a great adhesive. Could you use tombow it’s quick and easy, but I do find it gets stuck.

You know it sticks up in there and but you know we all have been used enough ever this was a freebie. I got it’s probably like a dollar store, one. It’S actually been running. It’S actually been working pretty good, but they you know they all run out so quickly, Creative Memories. I do have that vellum one. I had the thin one but they’re very expensive. They stick incredibly but they’re very expensive. They don’t last long. Oh I’ve come across this tape gun and I am loving it. It sticks well. I have the permanent and I do like the little drips, what they call that permanent white strips.

I think if those strips so this is my favorite, they do have a gummed one kind of like that, like a tombow that gummy just sink, I don’t recommend that but says when I had that I did find he got all gummed up in there and they Do have the tabs, but this is my favorite and my original one. Was this one right here and I actually got it from Hobby Lobby. So it was home hobby brand and you can see you just open them up right here and the refill goes right inside here and actually it’s not just from Hobby Lobby, some of the craft small craft. So, let’s have it, but it’s home hobby is the refill that was in it. Then I was going on a scrapbook cruise and I needed to make sure I had enough.

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So I went to Michael’s and they didn’t have home hobby brand. They had recollections back brand. So I wasn’t sure if collections refills would fit in my home hobby gun. So I brought myself a brand new gun and I admit it’s a really cool color and it just so happened to match my carry-on bag and I was going on a cruise and flying so I was limited to how much it could take. So it was actually really funny that it matched perfectly. I had no idea when I bought it, so I really look trendy, but I bought it just because I didn’t know it was gon na fit, so I bought a new gun and got two refills with it and then just recently I just ordered, and they were The only one they had he didn’t have any refills.

They had nothing with the whole pandemic. I got how to get what I could get and all they had was the gun with the adhesive in it and they have the easy run, a grand scrapbook, adhesive brand. So this is this brand, so I wanted to jump on because I said I bought this one first and I got this one just because it wasn’t sure the refill would be so. I have found out since for those of you that may be wondering the same question they do fit. The same. Adhesive fits in each of the guns, so it doesn’t matter. If you have the recollections, the home hobby or the either easy run a brand, they fit into them all the even this little space right here, which tells you which one you have it fits right through here, grab a scrap here and you can see, works perfectly. It’S great, I really love this adhesive. It works really really well and it lasts forever.

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It’S 150 feet of adhesive, so it doesn’t matter what handle you have. You can purchase the refill for your handle. So that’s why I wanted to jump on, because how exciting is that it doesn’t matter the tree. People you get so if so sale or you know, you can only get a certain one, you don’t have to buy a whole new gun because of it. You can just buy whatever we feel they have and it will fit into the gun that you have so again, just put it in this one, and I run it and again it’s perfect in here. Another thing I really like about this adhesive is how many times we have a runner and it breaks, and how frustrating is that you just refilled your adhesive, you go to use it, and maybe it’s your fault. Maybe you held it at too much of an angle, but it broke and you’re now stuck with your normally at least a half of a tape. Runner, and you can’t use it this one I have found you can repair it because it is a single strand.

So it winds around it comes down here comes up and around, and it goes onto this cog right here now. You can actually take this call off with brand new one here that I’m gon na take part, but you can take this cog off right here and yeah I’ll just do it it’s a brand new one, but I don’t care see how it’s just stuck to this Cog, so if you are having problems, you can literally cut it where your problem is, stick it you know roll a little bit more off. Stick it onto your COG again, and then you just put it right back on to here. Then you just have to make sure it’s underneath, because it has, you know Carl existence you wan na make sure it’s under and you’re good to go again. I just want to make sure I wind that on so it’s nice and tight and put it right back in cuz. You know that’s so frustrating when they get all stuck and you can’t move use them anymore and they’re not cheap.

So then you can even use it and we good to go so I just took it apart and now it’s perfect, so I love that. So not only can you put it in any of your handle when it has a technical issue which requires you to go in and fix it, which I only happen how’d it happen once and I have or I’ve used, probably about ten of these. Now I had one that what happens is it’s very adhesive. I was using this particular paper that was it’s kind of like a kid’s paper, anything on the name of the paper that used in the schools now that card stuck they used. So it was kind of tearing and it was all getting rolled up inside, so it was getting stuck to the adhesive revenue at he’s, coming up a gun and it was all getting rolled up in there.

So I had all this adhesive on the inside. I was paid for on the inside. That was all getting rolled up in here, so the inside was full and that’s what happened so it was, it was actually the paper I was using that caused the problem. That’S the only time I’ve ever had that happen. This is a craft paper, but yes, so I really really truly highly recommend this particular handle type. So I do again like the tabs, and I find that scrapbook adhesive is a really great brand.

The recollections really great brand, the home hobby adhesive stuck really well, but I do go with the permanent. I don’t go with a repositionable. I find that if I lift it right away, even with the permanence, if I stick it, I’d still need to move it as long as I do it right away. I can so I use the permanence and I’ve been really happy with it. So that’s why I wanted to jump on and just tell you that I really truly highly recommend these and that the answer is yes, you can use your refill in any of the handles, so that is fabulous.

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