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The Best Vibration Speaker

Top 4 Worth-Buying Vibration Speakers 

How can a tiny speaker produce so much beautiful noise? Well, the Vibration Speaker is here to give you a satisfying response. 

One major problem with most smart devices: phones, tablets, or even laptops these days is that their speakers are not loud enough. It seems like nothing, especially these days, since you might already have earbuds with you. But sometimes, you will expect music to buzz all over the space to lift everyone’s spirit, for example, when you host a party. 

 You can think of portable speakers, of course, but many times the sound quality of those speakers can be dim and weak or lack the lively, powerful bass sound you loved. 

 That’s when we remind you of another option, and the optimal one, Vibration Speakers. Vibration Speakers work by taking advantage of a particular object’s smooth surface, playing music, and spreading it across the surface on which the speaker is mounted. Cool, huh?

 But with the variety of Vibration Speakers today, groping around for the right speaker can lead you to a bomb pit. No need to worry; we have compiled in this article the best Vibration Speakers on the market for your reference before you can find one yourself.

The Best Vibration Speaker of August 2022 – Reviews and Top Rated

Rank No. #1
Vibe-Tribe Mamba Black: 18Watt Bluetooth Vibration Speaker - Touch Panel - Hands Free Calls - Daisy Chain
  • Power, sound definition and excitement in your pocket. - Mamba is a perfect balance of power with an oversized 18W vibration core speaker in just 7.5 x 6.5 cm ! - Its strong vibration-core spreads the sound through any surface that Mamba stands on to provide you the next level of Vibe-Tribe's famous 360 degree sound diffusion. - And for the very first time, thanks to its new Daisy Chain Connection System you will be able to connect many Mamba each other.
  • Born for everyday music enjoyment, yet perfect for your office space - Mamba will allow you to make your conf call by using your own desk as a loudspeaker! No need of clunky and awful traditional speakers on your office desk any more. No cables around your PC or your phone while Skyping or calling with your mobile. - Mamba is equipped with a new generation echo-cancellation and noise reduction microphone and a touch panel to let you manage your phone calls directly from its top.
  • Cutting edge technology for ultimate connectivity. - Mamba integrates all the latest version of the most widespread and advanced connectivity protocols summing up Bluetooth 4.0 technology and NFC (Near Field Communication) to connect your device with just one touch. The Bluetooth protocols A2DP, AVRCP and HFP will grant you complete remote control and connection stability and reliability. The integrated Lithium iOns battery will than provide you with many hours of non stop entertainment.
  • Designed to be unique. - Mamba is an elegant and sophisticated piece of design art, seducing eyes with its clean lines and solid construction. The elegant and curve shape, its full aluminum body with fine surface carvings, the Touch-Panel and its wide range of exclusive colours make Mamba something you will love. - Available in 9 exclusive colors, to perfectly adapt to your furniture design; it comes with an exclusive package that makes it even more precious to become the perfect gift
Rank No. #2
Mighty Dwarf 26W Vibration Speaker - Black
  • Turns Any Surface Into A Speaker
  • Connects to All Your Devices
  • No Batteries to Charge! Connects to the Wall Outlet.
  • For iPhone, iPad, Android, Anything...even an 8 Track!
Rank No. #3
JENSEN SMPS-600 Digital Audio Speaker with Surface Fusion Technology
  • Auxiliary input for connecting your iPad, iPhone, tablet, cell phone, laptop, or other digital audio players
  • Micro SD memory card slot (card not included), FM scan radio
  • Volume control, Play/stop button, Forward/reverse control, Power on/off button
  • Remote control
  • Output: 3W, Power: Built-in rechargeable battery
Rank No. #4
Nano Beat 10W Bluetooth Portable Vibration Speaker - Red
  • Rechargable
  • Bluetooth
  • Include suction cup
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty
  • Retail box
Rank No. #5
Vibe-Tribe Troll Plus Lime Green: 12 Watt Wireless Vibration Speaker with Hands Free
  • 12W high-fidelity power ( a normal speaker of equal size reaches 3-5W ) , thanks to its " vibrating core " ultra powerful ... but absolutely portable with its small size in just 6.5 x 7.5 cm ! His extraordinary and patented "core" project sound to the surfaces on which Troll Plus lays, transforming it into effective and sound sources .
  • Optimal and secure support with the unique patented suction cup that adheres to smooth surfaces turning in exceptional source for the popular Vibe - Tribe " 3D sound" .
  • Fully Wireless with also NFC (Near Field Communication ), which lets you connect with a simple touch. Troll Plus gives you complete hands-free control.
  • Conf-call function turns your desk into a single large conference auditorium! Troll Plus is equipped with a last generation echo-canceling microphone.
  • Unique design , with elegant and sinuous lines , characterized by a structure in aluminum and chrome details ... in a range of 9 exclusive exclusive shades.
Rank No. #6
Mighty Dwarf Portable Wireless Bluetooth Vibration Speaker Turns Any Surface Into A Loud Speaker
  • HIGH-END PORTABLE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER SYSTEM: Beef up your phone’s / tablet’s weak sound output with a next-generation, portable, Bluetooth speaker system. Experience the unrivaled quality, robust construction and unparalleled practicality of Mighty Dwarf in a compact and attractive design!
  • OUTSTANDING SOUND QUALITY: You will get blown away by its ability to fill a room with sound and turn any surface into a high fidelity speaker. Or simply take advantage of the built in microphone and use it as a speakerphone. Answer and make calls easily using Mighty Dwarf’s control buttons!
  • ENGINEERED FOR UNRIVALED CONVENIENCE: Incredibly lightweight (just 10 ounces) and easy to carry with you everywhere you go. Effortless to use – Mighty Dwarf boasts a battery that lasts. Shockingly easy to re-charge via USB. You can also use it when charging. Never miss a moment – enjoy your favorite music 24/7!
  • BRINGS MUSIC ALIVE: An impressive way to enjoy your favorite music anytime, anywhere. Simply use its Bluetooth wireless connection and pair it with your phone or tablet to enjoy bass rich tones indoors or outdoors!
  • EXQUISITE QUALITY: Constructed upon the highest quality standards to ensure its superior quality and unmatched performance. Designed to exceed your highest expectations. Click add to cart and get yours now!
Rank No. #7
Vibe-Tribe OVO: Compact Vibration Speaker & MP3 Player with SD-Card MP3 Reader, FM Radio and IR Remote Control
  • Most innovative speaker, spreads sound from surface it stands on for an amazing acustic experience!
  • integrated lithium battery , MP3 TF card (microSD) reader, FM radio, remote control.
  • OvO is a true design item thanks to it's funny and nice shape and it's aluminium body.
  • OvO's precious packaging renders it a perfect gift… original and surprising.
Rank No. #8
Power Pod 360 Vibration Speaker - Black
  • Power Pod 360 Vibration Speaker - Black
Rank No. #9
Bass Egg Verb Bluetooth Vibration Speaker - Black
  • Portable Bluetooth vibration speaker in Black - turn your world into a speaker!
  • Bluetooth and 3.5mm audio jack connectivity for pairing with mobile phones, computers, tablets, iPods or any other Bluetooth device
  • Wirelessly stream music, movies, games and any other audio output from your device
  • 4-10+ hours of playback time (depending on volume) from a single 90 minute charge
  • One year warranty from Bass Egg
Rank No. #10
Vibration Speaker - Delaman Speaker Vibration Strong Bass Speaker All Frequency Resonance 50mm 2Inchl (Wattage : 4Ω 25W+8Ω 20W)
  • ▶[INCLUDE A SPEAKER] - 4Ω 25W and 8Ω 20W
  • ▶[FULL RANGE EFFECT] - The bass is very strong, equivalent to the 8-inch bass effect of a traditional speaker
  • ▶[360° FREQUENCY TRANSMISSION] - The latest innovative speaker, breaking the traditional boundaries, 360° frequency transmission
  • ▶[PROVIDE TOP SOUND QUALITY] - Provide top sound quality for different audio ranges
  • ▶[WIDELY APPLICABLE] - Suitable for PC, notebook, MP3, MP4, CD, mobile phone, PSP and other equipment sound playback and sound expansion

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Vibe-Tribe Mamba Ruby Vibration Speaker 

From the reputable manufacturer Vibe-Tribe, today’s first product is fascinatingly named after the Mamba snake and shortly called by that name to distinguish it from other product lines of Vibe-Tribe. The product possesses an eye-catching exterior with a vibrant aluminum ruby ​​red finish, dimensions only 7.5 x 6.5 cm for effortless carrying and storing, and even looks like a sophisticated ornament in your house, giving the stylish curved design. 

The Mamba Speaker’s 18W audio core radiates sound through every hard surface it is placed on, promising to give you the Vibe-Tribe’s renowned 360-degree diffusion level. The debut feature Daisy Chain Connection System allows multiple “Mamba” to be connected for an immersive audio experience without precedents, which is even more impressive.

This Mamba is a real multitasker since it proves to be useful even in the office – allowing you to make calls with ease using your desk as a speaker. It also comes with modern echo-canceling and noise-reducing microphones and a touch panel for convenient operation.

Mamba integrates all the latest versions of the most extensive and advanced connectivity protocols that combine Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC technologies to connect your devices in just one go and then the stable distanced control.

Vibe-Tribe – Troll Mini Black Ultra-compact Vibration Speaker

It is another Vibe-Tribe speaker. Like Mamba Ruby, “Troll” is named for classification, a striking contrast between its size and name. Troll dimensions of 4 × 4cm, only about the size of a paper clip. You can have it beautifully fit in the palm of your hand or in your bag to take anywhere. The manufacturer claims that it is “the world’s smallest wireless resonance speaker.”

Also, Troll should be reserved for more personal usage, compared to its cousin Mamba. Nevertheless, it still ensures all the advanced features and technology that makes up Vibe-Tribe’s name, integrated into the product, namely: hands-free and conf-call supported, echo-cancellation microphone, up-to-date Bluetooth protocols, etc.

The vibrating core in the Troll Mini has a voltage of 3W, giving you two hours of continuous music before it needs to be plugged in. It consumes the ubiquitous Lithium battery that can be found anywhere, for your convenience. 

You can rest assured to place the product in many different positions in your apartment, as long as the contact surface is smooth, thanks to the super-stable “vacuum” base structure. The additional surface textures will add a lot of fun to your music.

Delaman Vibration Strong Bass Speaker

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Visually, the Delaman Vibration Speaker isn’t eye-catching compared to the other products listed in the article. However, be patient and see why it deserves mentioning. The product is steel gray, fully packed, and does not come with any components.

It seems that the bass booster is a strong point that the manufacturer has mainly focused on for this product. The powerful bass sound builds depth, penetration, and diffusion in your music, equivalent to the traditional 8-inch bass-speaker effect.

Detailed published specifications included: Frequency response: 20HZ – 20KHZ (kHz), Sensitivity of 95 (dB/W), Noise ratio of 90 dB, Harmonic distortion of 5 TMD% promises to deliver a great experience with the clear sound frequency range and original vocal quality.

You can choose between two options of impedance power to suit your needs. It is also said to be compatible with a wide variety of devices: PCs, laptops, music players, phones, CDs, and various other audio expansions.

Damson Cisor Wireless Vibration Speaker

Damson’s Cisor Vibration Speaker has a minimalistic black design that is no larger than a soda can, giving it an elegant and modern feel. Thanks to the sturdy construction with solid aluminum housing, you can casually keep it in your pocket with other belongings. Utterly perfect on the move!

Damson Cisor provides you with 6 hours of continuous playback time on a 2-3 hour charge with a supplied Type-C cable. The types of surfaces that can be used with speakers vary widely. The larger the surface size will produce a louder sound, you can experiment on multiple surfaces to discover different timbres from the same music sheet. You can also place the speaker on a stand, connecting it to a vertical surface, such as a window, for an extraordinary experience where audio is played from both sides.

Products using Incisor sound diffusion technology shaped “teeth” replace the traditional “cone”, transmitting sound straight down its foot and the contact surface. And just in case the volume from one Cisor is not powerful enough to please you, Damson recommended that two Cisor can be connected to create an exciting wireless stereo effect. 

It is clear that with such a very innovative operating principle, the convenience of the Vibration Speakers eclipses the majority of the conventional loudspeakers. Vibration Speakers can turn any surface (as long as it is stable and flat) into a giant membrane and give you an impressive music experience. Hopefully, after this article, you have all the information you need to make a wise choice and have yourself the perfect speaker.


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