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Best Water Filled Kettlebells

If you are in search of the best Water Filled Kettlebells of 2021, you are in the right place! Check out our article to find your answer.

Kettlebells are known as the King of losing weight – increasing muscle exercises. Nowadays, people tend to use Water Filled Kettlebells because not only do traditional kettlebells’ benefits increase strength, build muscle overall, optimal fat burning, increase flexibility and balance, but it also is more convenient to carry out or work at home, easy to change the weight without buying enough sets. It is said that the water-filled kettlebells have the benefits of traditional ones but more effectiveness. 

Today, we will share some best Water Filled Kettlebells below, which are highly appreciated by many customers. Let’s start!

Top 4 Best Water Filled Kettlebells in 2021 – Reviews by Eardex

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1 – Carlig Water Filled Kettlebell 

Firstly, we want to introduce you to one of the best water filled kettlebells in 2020 named Carl. They are made of one-piece molding products with PVC that are friendly to the environment. However, the specific feature is the ability to adjust the weight. It is easy to add or reduce water depending on your strength with the weight scale display 4lbs/ 6lbs/ 8lbs/ 10lbs/ 12lbs. It means that it is suitable for both newbies and experienced.


With the plastic material and two U-shaped holds on both sides when the user can choose the weight they want, it can control the movement of water in the ball and then improve this exercise’s power movement of users. Non- slip design is making sure the easiness for the users.

The net weight is 900g (2 lbs) and the size is 40*21cm (15.7″*8.3″), it is easy to take out to travel or work out at home and you do not spend too much space to place it.


  • Easy to carry
  • Compact
  • Great Sealing Execution


  • No many color choices without blue and pink


We believe that you will not be dissatisfied with this option if you are comfortable with this basic design and the blue or pink color.

2. Portable Water Filled Kettlebells Fitness Tool

The second one we suggest for you is a product with the Dumbbells Fitness Tool Portable Non-Slip Double Ear Handle Yoga KettleBell. With the adjustment by adding a water feature, the users can take it anywhere and work it out anytime such as home, work office in their free time. It is suitable for yoga, pilates, fitness and also the gym. It is easy to add from 4lbs to 12 lbs, which has a clear demarcation on the outside. 


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Non-slip two ear handles is the specific feature of this one. It makes you sure about safety during training. Hence, it is highly recommended for those who have a sweaty hand. Besides, the handle diameter is 2.5cm, 40cm of the length, and the high is 21cm allowing many exercises with the highest safety and effectiveness, especially suitable for women.


  • 5 colors for your interest: Blue/ Gray/ Yellow/ Pink/ Purple/ Rose red
  • Non-slip for your safe
  • Easy to use and be convenient

Cons: The odor problem has not been solved

Verdict: I believe you will be pleased with the improvements in design and functionality if you do not mind about the smell.

3. Water Filled Kettlebell Dumbbells Adjustable Weights

The third Water Filled Kettlebells product I advertise to you is the Training Non-Slip Double Ear Handle Dumbbells. With the simplicity of adding water from 4 to 12 lbs, you can change this kettlebell’s weight to fit with your level training, so if you are a beginner or want to do advanced exercises, it also supports you well.  After filling water to kettlebells, a sealing rubber ring was designed to prevent the water leak during training time.


The 15cm of the handle will help use more safety and do one-side-exercises and it also is suitable for short people. The net weight is 900g without water, and you can do training even traveling or not being in the gym office. There are proficient wellness forming instruments for yoga, weight fitness, pilates, and any training sports.

The high-quality PVC material, which is friendly to the environment and will not rust after long-term use, keeps you safe and keeps long-term use of products. It saves your money, at least in the long-term, then buys a set of traditional equipment.


  • Variety of styles and colors for both male and female
  • Tasteless
  • Use material which protect environment
  • Save money

Cons: none

4. Gabriely Water Filled Kettlebells Adjustable Weight for Women

The last one is the simple support tool for users who want the basic but effective. The material is PVC integrated with compression resistance, making the products not deformed during use and increasing their life cycle. As another water-filled kettlebell, adjusting weight is a highly recommended point for users.


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It’s great if you want a break and do a little less or days when you want to have a challenge, and you only need to fill the amount of water you want in this ball. This product keeps 3 facts you need: convenient when taking it out, easier to change the weight by adding or moving water than traditional one, have multipurpose like squatting, grabbing and various fitness exercises. Besides, a non-slip bi-ear handle allows doing multiple extended exercises and movement.



  • Simple and basic design
  • Convenient 

Cons: Strong development, and the handles expand wide, so on the off chance that you’re swinging and you’re brief, it can blast the floor

Final Thoughts

That’s all what we want to share today. We hope this article is helpful for you to find the best Water Filled Kettlebells. Hope you find the suitable products based on our suggestion.

In conclusion, thank you for sharing your time to read!

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